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  1. Just browsing the forum and caught this conversation/thread. I can literally agree with ALL points above. From the proposal to the reasons to not approve the proposal. What I can say is from what I hear and see from troopers with the gear. (I don't have this suit personally but know a bunch of troopers with it locally) Is that the yoke section tends to crack in time and has to be fixed more often then not. Of course we OT troopers have to fix the wear and tear on the OT suits as well but the suits are actually made with points that are made for movement. A CRL for say a disney parks version is a good idea imo. 1. It helps the current troopers with the new kits get completed with better functionality movement is that area that will also help the wear and tear in the end. 2. For the troopers who have the current saga versions can have the option to change the sections (mainly that yoke section) to allow them to be more flexible AND to possibly extend the life of that section of the suit so it doesn't have to keep being repaired over and over. 3. If I think of a third reason, I'll let you know lol In the end it's about troopers helping troopers. Maybe a happy medium can be reached here. Even if a new CRL would have to be made.
  2. Hello Cameron! Welcome to the FISD!
  3. Hello Chris! Welcome to the FISD!
  4. Troop 22 11/30/13 Festival of Trees LI, NY -------
  5. Troop #21 10/12/13 NYCC 2013 -----------
  6. Troop #19 10/10/13 NYCC 2013 ------------
  7. Troop #18 10/5/13 Star Wars Read Day B&N - Carl Place, NY -----------
  8. Troop #17 9/21/13 Legoland - Yonkers ----------
  9. Troop #16 9/14/13 Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair Fairfield, NJ ----------
  10. Troop #15 8/30/13 West Point Army (Black Knights) Football Game -----------
  11. Troop #14 8/29/13 Petco Promotion - Union Square NYC ------------
  12. Troop #13 8/24/13 The Sandy Ground Project: (Ribbon Cutting for Rachel D'Avino's Playground) Asbury Park, NJ -------
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