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  1. Hi Patrick and welcome to the funzone Greetings from northern Germany
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  11. Okay, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to be the first one, but here is how my story continues: [edited for spelling errors] Rhene considered a strategy feverishly together with Captain Wordo, the commander of their Stormtrooper division. After a moment Wordo said: "We ally with those rebels." Agent Rhene, looking at him with big eyes, was stunned. Was she surrounded by traitors? But then she realized... it would be better first to obliterate the traitors and afterwards to apprehend the probably not as well-trained rebels than vice versa. In this way they might get even information of the arrested rebels about their base which would be obviously situated nearby. That would certainly bring her and her Stormtroopers an honor by Lord Vader. At that thought a brief smile flashed on her lips. Rhene approvingly nodded to Captain Wordo who then gave hand signals to his men so they would know what to do. Shortly afterwards, the Stormtrooper from their coverage opened the fire on Tritan and his men. Aigo Tel, the leader of the small rebel group, did not realize who he had to thank for the new support. He supposed that some of his men had advanced into the base and put from their new position the Stormtrooper under fire. So, the blaster fire of the rebels only turned against the traitors. The traitors who now had to fight against two sides lost more and more people in the gun battle. "Damn, kill them, kill them ALL", roared Tritan more and more desperate. Red blaster bolts flashed wildly through the smokefilled hall. Finally Tritan tried to steal away cowardly. But Captain Wordo recognized the situation and ran with some of his men bravely in a crouched stance to the end of the hall, where the traitors had entrenched. The Elite Stormtrooper disarmed the remaining traitors curtly, while Captain Wordo followed the renegade leader. The rebels had surprisingly, inserted a ceasefire when suddenly the Stormtrooper ran from the supposed secure side through the hall. Too late, Aigo Tel saw, that something strange was going on. Before he or one of the other rebels could open the fire again, Rhene's men have captured them. Agent Rhene said: "Sergeant Angor, ask for reinforcement and keep an eye on this scum" She threw to both - the rebels and the surviving traitors - a contemptuous look. "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am", replied Angor. Rhene nodded and then ran into the direction, in which Tritan and Wordo disappeared a few moments ago. Captain Wordo followed Tritan through several corridors, until he came to a large, dark hall. Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him ... he spun around ... and looked into the face of Agent Rhene. "Surprise", she whispered and smiled briefly before her eyes became serious again: "Where is Tritan?" Wordo answered: "I followed him up here.” Carefully, both advanced further into the darkness of the hall. As they were about in the middle of the hall, a red lightsaber flashed on just before them... a short chop and a headless Overseer Tritan fell at their feet ... Lord Vader and the reinforcement were already there.
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