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  1. Hi Stuart, welcome to the FISD!! Where abouts in Sydney are you? I'm at Sutherland. Are you planning on heading in to Oz Comic Con in Sydney on the weekend? If you do, make sure you visit the Southern Cross Garrison table and introduce yourself
  2. I had the same sort of issues with them. They have a couple of mouthpieces that post on Facebook for them. I commented negatively on a couple of these posts, and 10 days later, my baton turned up. A mate of mine did the same thing, and a miracle happened and his baton turned up in about 10 days. Another fellow in my area ordered one, and it has turned up a couple of weeks late. They don't seem to know how to run a business.
  3. The bumps and lumps are beautiful. Same as all of the misshaped mess that an ANH TK is is beautiful. I can't look at a tidy symmetrical TK without thinking that it looks wrong. I've worn lumpy bumpy helmets for 4 or 5 years, and no one has ever mentioned it, just wanted photos with the awesomeness of having a photo with a TK
  4. Hi Nathan, welcome, mate RS do an awesome kit. I love mine Read lots, and have fun!! Dave.
  5. Good lad!! He was so well behaved at Anaheim, you have trained him well By rights, as he is an Aussie with red hair/fur, he should actually be called Bluey. Aussies are somewhat contrary with our nicknames.
  6. Hi Darren, more Sydney love!! Welcome, and enjoy
  7. Hi Nigel, welcome!!! Yeah, it is Southern Cross. Check out Andy's link above.
  8. Fantastic communications from Francois. It may be because we are close to the same time zone, but I've been getting return emails within half an hour or so. Very happy so far
  9. Hi Henry, welcome to the white armour passion. Once you start, there is no going back!!
  10. Hi James, welcome to the madness! Your journey in to armour has started. May I suggest that you join up on your local 501st Garrisons ( Southern Cross Garrison) forum. Canberra is a thriving center of 501st activity. http://www.501scg.com/scg/index.php Cheers, Dave.
  11. Hi Shane, welcome!! You can't go wrong with a TK Have you joined up on your local Garrisons forum yet? http://forum.501tag.com/index.php? TAG are a great bunch of people
  12. Gods, how long ago was that photo? I changed out the FX kit for a TM kit about 7 years ago.
  13. Hi Hmmm, started off with ANH Stunt. I got my hands on a TE ANH Hero bucket for pretty cheap. From there, it isn't hard to do up another belt and holster combo. Took some photos, and sent them in to my GML. ANH Hero, done!! ANH Stunt by a long shot. I hate bubble lenses. I've worn the Hero set up once at Supanova Brisbane, and that was enough. 2 days of that gave me headaches. I generally wear ESB now, not because I prefer it, just that my kit bag has the ESB setup in it ( belt, holster and handplates), wih ESB bucket sitting on top, and I'm too lazy to change it out to ANH stunt. What are you planning on with your new build?
  14. 671... Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.... Hi, old fellow
  15. Getting back to my last comment, and lets face it, I'm an elitist bastard, I don't expect ANOVOS to produce a great kit. I expect that they will produce a so so kit. I would rather order a kit from Paul, or RS props, and know that I'm buying a quality kit, not crowdfunding an unknown something.
  16. WTF? I can type TM or ATA, but I can't type in ANOVOS?
  17. Paul, I think they are looking to deal with generic folk. They will sell a lot of kits to people who are after basic approval. It is a licensed product, and that is he end of the discusion. CWFBSORNTACP are not high end, and never will be. They are the modern FX. The kit will look great. We have all heard that magical phrase from FX kit owners, " the kids don't know the difference, a Stormtrooper is a Stormtrooper". It is still a vast improvement on what the standards were 8 years ago when I joined.
  18. SoCross has no special access to Troop Planning for other clubs. We have a lot of dual members ( hang on, that isn't right, we have 3 clubs represented. What is the term for being in 3 clubs?), so that if an invite can include the other clubs, it is cross posted on the other clubs forum. If it isn't cross posted, then it is only the invited club involved.
  19. Hi Andy!! Just get stuck into it mate If you need help, just give me a yell. I'm not far away from you
  20. Devcon Plastiweld is awesome. I used 12+ tubes building my RC, and have not had a crack in it at all. It takes a flogging.
  21. Oh, bugger Yeah, every MM kit I've seen has been unpleasant. Lesson learnt. Don't worry, lots of us have bought a steaming pile before we got the right one. You are not alone.
  22. Hi Joe, welcome to the FISD!! Where about in Oz are you from?
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