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  1. Really mad with photobucket. Used them for so many years, now I can't link any image. Pisses me off to no end. Very disappointed.

  2. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Check out Imperial Boots and good luck on your journey!
  3. ID card run is on!

  4. Going out of town, but I'll be checking in...

  5. Best weekend trooping with my kids :)

  6. Great read, awesome pictures and congrats all on the new awards!
  7. Hello and welcome to the FISD! I've heard AM and AP armor should fit your frame, so definitely check out the getting started section. Good luck on your journey!
  8. No codes I'm aware of, but watch their facebook page. They do post discounts and other specials every now and then.
  9. Very awesome to see how the armor has evolved over the years. Excellent work!
  10. That is very awesome Would defiantly do this walk if we have it here. Gonna look into that.
  11. That's some bravery right there in armor and very awesome cause. I would fall right on my face lol. Great photos and awesome work trooper!!
  12. Changed my profile photo since mine was a prime case. Shot was from my very first troop and we all we doing photos in a bar (all the glasses had water in them) but I agree, alcohol and armor do not mix and does not represent us well.
  13. 3-state troop this weekend!

  14. Very awesome pics! Wish I could have been there with all of you!
  15. TK-76327 Reporting... Notable troops so far this year. More to come this weekend. Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week we have a hospital visit, baseball game and free comic book day which, for our squad, we do a three-state tour troop we call the Goat Gauntlet. Here are photos from recent troops. January 14, 2017...Omaha Children's Museum, Star Wars night, I'm center next to Marshall. March 11, 2017...Omaha St. Patrick's Day Parade. April 22, 2017, Omaha Children's Museum Salute to the 501st Legion Fundraiser. Blast-A-Trooper (I'm in the middle) Imperial 80th Squad With unquestioned loyalty, TK-76327... End Transmission
  16. Very cool! Love the toy solder TK's. Very creative and they look amazing!
  17. Some fun holiday trooping... Salvation Army Bell Ringing in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on November 19th and December 3.
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