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  1. Hey man! Sure can! Feel free to PM me and I can get ya all squared away. at 13 years old he will need to be in the Galactic Academy.
  2. Great job guys! Proud to have yall in the South Texas Squad!
  3. Odd thing was that the kids 2 piece Rubies helmet comes much glossier than the adult version. Have been debating on whether I want to just go out and buy the kids helmet and rework the lenses. Ugh.....this is almost like having another set of armor for myself lol. Any updates?
  4. all these new costumes...i may never be able to decide on another one

    1. Dark CMF

      Dark CMF

      You have the only one you'll ever need. There have always been "other" costumes, but they're not Stormtroopers. :D

  5. so what is the difference between this pyle microphone and the one that voicebooster sells as an alternate mic for the aker? just curious, been looking into upgrading my standard aker mic as well. Or figuring out a way to mount it inside my helmet. The head gear can be a pain when putting my helmet on lol.
  6. Krylon makes spray paint for plastic now. Would still recommend using an automotive primer first, then Krylon paint, then some sort of clear coat to protect the paint. Looking forward to the progress! I built one of these for my son for the TFA premiere last year. Still have some adjustments to make, and am currently modding his Adult Rubies 2 piece helmet to have a real lens. I did not repaint my boys last year, but am highly considering doing so for the upcoming Convention season.
  7. Wow great job on that weathering! Never even thought about washable paint! Kudos! And best of luck!
  8. man that is awesome! is there a link to how that was achieved?
  9. For tapered cones i just found tapered drinking cups at a resale shop that i could fit into each other and looked right. <br><br> My end caps are open on my tube, i had the luxury of having a friends work shop with this amazing saw available. I don't remember what it is called, but i made my cut lines with marker, while the end caps were attached to the tube, then cut the caps off. It was such a clean cut that it looked almost as if the end caps were apart of the tube itself.
  10. How did you adjust the strap on the pauldron? Mine is also overly loose
  11. Just get the cheapest one available. My dollar store did not have any so i went to Ulta and bought this NYC brand for $5. I doubt i will ever use it all lol. Oh and my wife gave me an old blush brush as well.
  12. Gotcha. The kids rubies is glossier than the adult version. I may just spray some gloss clear coat and attempt to color match the helmet itself someday.
  13. Wow thats too cool! Im eventually going to mod my radio to house a speaker set up for the TK loop. Just trying to find a good, cheap bluetooth/aux speaker with a good enough battery. Or i may just bite the bullet and purchase another aker amp to stick back there. Lights would be fun too
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