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  1. I will definitely be there for the photoshoot, I'm bringing the banner over as well! I'm also bringing markers so everybody can sign the banner if they want to!
  2. This might seem a good idea, but I really advise everyone not to use Facebook as an image storage service. Social spyware aside, it compresses all images really heavily, and image quality becomes really bad. Just look at the picture posted earlier in this thread. Sorry, but that just hurts my eyes, especially when you consider awesome amor images being butchered like that. The aforementioned Imgur is a really good alternative to Photobucket. But please, anything but Facebook.
  3. Awesome! And first TKC EIB in the Dutch Garrison, congratulations!
  4. Great build! Looking forward to welcoming another Centurion to our Garrison!
  5. No worries Jon, there isn't really a list. Just make sure to show up on time for the shoot, either in armour or perhaps in a fancy FISD Racing Shirt, and you are good to go! Changing rooms open at 7am, ready in armour at 8am, and the shoot itself begins at 8.30am. Detachment photos follow after the general 501st/RL photos, we are the second Detachment on the list.
  6. Shirts have arrived! You'll have to wait for some action shots till CE though
  7. Can confirm! I got a text message with the shipment number and a code for a website where I could pay the import fees in advance. The Dutch Garrison shipment should arrive here on Monday!
  8. Joseph, does this mean the international orders will receive tracking numbers directly from the manufacturer? And if we don't receive one in a week, then we contact you?
  9. I know, I expected you'd be there too. I actually asked after you there But there were enough other crazy NG people there to fill the hole in my heart
  10. Thanks for all the positive responses guys. It was really a great, great experience! Just keep an eye on the Nordic Garrison forums at the beginning of December. This year it only took a couple of days for the roster to fill
  11. Hello troopers, Last weekend we had a super awesome troop at Legoland Billund. Nordic Garrison was kind enough to invite troopers from several garrisons in Europe (and even some overseas!) to join them in this yearly event. This was the seventh time the event was held, and my first time attending. This is one of those events where it becomes very clear that the 501st is one big, happy family, and I'm really proud to be a part of this awesome club. Over a 100 troopers attended these two days, a lot of them of course our brothers and sisters proudly representing FISD. Here are some photos of TK's in Legoland!
  12. Expect a lot of members from the European garrisons to be present, next to those few crazy people from overseas garrisons that fly all the way to England to attend I don't know if there are any plans yet, but seeing photos form old Celebrations some sort of FISD meetup will definitively be arranged. At least a photo shoot!
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