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  1. Another great newsletter. Congrats Dave on Centurion!
  2. Now THIS is why I joined. What a great story. thanks for sharing. #badguysdoinggood
  3. Another awesome newsletter! Well done everyone, and congrats on DL again Tim. Definitely the right guy for the job Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Another great read! Well done to everyone involved
  5. What an intro! Now that i am all caught up - Welcome aboard Brattie! As you have seen so far we have a lot of helpful people here to get you in that nice white plastic. Have fun building and remember....it's only plastic
  6. Not too sure of any armor parties happening soon. We have been VERY busy with some movie that's being released this week (thanks Alvin). But I'm sure there will be some in the new year, although not many happen in the winter months as its hard to BBQ and be outside (most parties are outdoors). But like Phil said shoot him or myself a PM and we will get you into the FB group. Happy building - remember....it's only plastic
  7. Proudly serving The Empire as TK-30212 in The Canadian Garrison

  8. What a great newsletter to end the year with. Really enjoyed reading about the Sith detachement and hearing about the Star Garrison's encounter with Daniel. Keep up the great work everyone!
  9. My son's birthday - March 2, 2012 (30212)
  10. Another great newsletter - well done everyone! Congrats on 500 EIB
  11. Congrats on the promotion Tony and Andrew!
  12. Welcome aboard! Lots of info here to read and take in but don't let it scare you - remember...it's only plastic and we're all here to help so don't be affraid to ask. Happy building!
  13. That TK getting blasted looks really familar for some reason
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