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  1. That TK21879 seems like a fine fella... Oh wait, that's me!!! [emoji14] It's really my pleasure to be able to help! I was lucky to have Tolo be my guide when I started out here so it only feels natural to give back Once you're done with your suit, it's gonna be your turn Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
  2. Oh and I'm a real dummy when it comes to building stuff too!!!
  3. I built my TK almost exclusively by myself, in my apartment, using only scissors, clamps and magnets. I bought them specifically for this build as I have no tools outside of a basic rachet/screwdriver set. It's really doable, unless you live in one of those tiny home you see on TV... [emoji12]
  4. Sorry about that man! Send me a PM, I might have something for you
  5. Got this beauty a few weeks ago! I got busy with troops and family stuff but I finally got around to post about it here. It's really the coolest, I'm gonna frame it!!! Thanks for doing this man
  6. Such a beautiful sight!!! [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
  7. Thanks man! Hey, with that sweet FOTK you've got, I'm the one who should be envious!!!
  8. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Thanks for this cool contest PM coming!
  9. Let's bake some then! WHAAAT?!?
  10. Damn it, me too!! I about to get dressed up :'( Envoyé de mon LG-D852 en utilisant Tapatalk
  11. Tell it to this guy, he's clearly spreading rebel propaganda!! Envoyé de mon LG-D852 en utilisant Tapatalk
  12. I have armor but no cookies! [emoji17] Easy, right? Get cookies, you say! But if I get cookies, I will HAVE to eat said cookies and then I won't fit my armor anymore!!! [emoji24] [emoji24][emoji24] Sure, I could eat cookies and exercise, but let's be honest for a second, who would willingly chose to exercise when they could be eating cookies!!! I LOVE COOKIES, THERE I SAID IT, OK?!?!? Nice patch BTW Envoyé de mon LG-D852 en utilisant Tapatalk
  13. Hi Marc! Looks like we may troop together at some point! Welcome aboard mon ami!
  14. Hi there! Newly approved TK 21879 requesting 501st access. Profile : http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21950 Thanks!
  15. Fear not next time, there's not much that can't be undone... I even saw a trooper who trimmed 2 inches off the top of his thighs manage to glue them back on! I mean, don't do that, but if you do screw up, you're probably not the first! As for your next kit, you may wanna take a look at AP since you're canadian. It's a little more clean than RS, which has all the bumps and warts of the originals. A lot thicker too! Oh and salute TK23518!
  16. You bought it built? But, but, but... That's the fun part! Nice looking set though Have fun and blast em Rebels!
  17. I know the pain man! I redid that joint at least 6 times, inner and outer strips combined. I ended up using two locking pliers, a ton of magnet and an old wooden chest like this : As crazy as it may sound, the chest allowed the two halves to flatten and keep flush until the glue dried. I could share a pict with you tomorrow, but it's like night and day!
  18. I cut the cloth belt around the rivets, drilled them, then pried the covers off. The cool thing about drilling the rivets is that the heat makes that pink glue softer. I cleaned the button covers with the dremel, going slow and steady. Here's a few tips : 1- Cover the buttons with painter's tape. You don't want to damage them! 2- Use a butter knife to pry off the button covers. You don't want a sharp blade slipping and damaging your plastic belt! 3- If you can't pry them off, better cut your losses and cut a square around the rivet at the back of the belt. Better that than having the plastic tear! Oh, and good luck!
  19. Would you recommend that method for OT TK shins? I have Anovos armor and the back of the shins doesn't quite line up properly with Velcro, even Industrial Strenght...
  20. Woah man, your to-do list is almost word for word the same as mine [emoji14] I need to update my build thread but I'd rather use that time to, you know, actually build the thing!!! Keep up the good work, you seem to be on the right track
  21. Welcome to FISD! I'm in Montreal so see you there for Comiccon maybe? Don't freak out, take it one step at a time and most of all : HAVE FUN!!!
  22. Yeah, you're probably right. This might go like it did for the FOTK helmets...
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