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  1. First Order Adventures! It's been a long time since I've updated anything in this thread, so I figured I should share some of the fantastic First Order adventures that have happened with this kit! Happy to say that the build has held together very well against the test of time. From Good Morning America in 2019 Good Morning America Rise of Skywalker Release 2019 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021 Updates There is only one upgrade to the suit that I've made that is worth mentioning, and that is my switch to the Anovos Premiere Line helmet. It's a heavy piece, but I think it works great with the suit (and I really like the fully lined interior). The paint match was perfect, so it was a worthy upgrade. Moving forward, I'd like to take the suit to EIB/Centurion, so that might be coming up next in this thread. I've got a handful of projects already on the workbench, but I think that would be a worthwhile goal for the near future. More to come!
  2. Most definitely - my cod piece and tops of the thighs have pretty much destroyed the glossy part. It's all hidden beneath the plastic, but it doesn't look great on it's own! Great method with creating the shorts, I might have to copy you there!
  3. You're very welcome! If you have any questions as you dive in, don't hesitate to ask!
  4. Awesome work! Congrats on the approval - well deserved!
  5. You're very welcome, happy to help! That's quite a tall order for your first build, but I hope you have a blast getting it all together!
  6. Of course - always happy to answer any and all questions! That's what we're all here for, after all.
  7. I don't think you need to be as concerned as you think - you're going to be stuffing the liner into a helmet, so the shape and fit will not be nearly as accurate as it would going into an actual motorcycle helmet. Yeah, I would definitely prefer that if you guys don't mind just so we can keep the thread on track.
  8. Hi, Jonah; Those were the liners I originally used on a few of my kits - they are great liners! I actually found the ear caps to be especially useful for getting a firm fit. I don't actually need any right now myself, but if you were to buy the lot I would definitely buy some off of you as I am sure other troopers would! By my math, each liner would come out to $2.85 (total cost divided by 42), but I'd be happy to pay at least $10 per liner which is still significantly less than Amazon. Great find!
  9. Marvelous work! I've always enjoyed the look of the promo trooper - so cool to see it come to life.
  10. Yeah, other than 3D printing, waiting is all you can do I’m afriad. :/
  11. Hi, Luc! I just looked through my posts again and noticed that this information is missing - sorry about that! Here are the belt box measurements that I went with. The plate that is velcroed to the large pouch is 1/2" thick. Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr The three-piece box has a base of 1" thick. Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr The top/faceplate of the three-piece box is 3/8" thick. Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr The smaller, squarer box next to that is 1/2" thick. Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr The front boxes are 1" thick (on the ends, thinner in the middle thanks to the curved backs) in total width including front and back pieces. Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr Finally, the two front/faceplates of the middle two boxes are 1/2". Untitled by Taylor Goodson, on Flickr Sorry I didn't clearly outline that during the posts in the build itself. I will link this reply to the main index thread so it's officially in the mix. Hope that helps!
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