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  1. Final Stock Install: I used a rubber mallet to lightly set the real sterling stock onto the hobbie tubing. Gluing the original caps in place.
  2. Thank you sir... I appreciate the kind words. Especially, coming from one of the FISD masters. To your point, I hope others will find this thread useful in the future. Cheers!
  3. By a stroke of luck, I was able to obtain a real rs prop master pugman cast from the original mould. Here is my version compared to the RS propmaster.
  4. Lens' were made out of a sheet of clear texture plastic.
  5. Cheers! Trying to replicate the super weathered finish on my sterling parts kit. Some areas the paint is completely worn away. Really happy with the result though.
  6. Finished with wrinkle paint. waited 24 hours for the paint to cure. rub off latex masking...
  7. Using sterling parts kit as a guide for latex masking....
  8. Mask out t-tracks, in preparation for the final crackle coat...
  9. Using same painting technique mentioned above... I painted the receiver a medium rust brown and painted the t-tracks black.
  10. The homestretch... Finally getting around to finishing my build. Discovered a vendor on etsy that makes some really nice parts for e-11. 100% cast from original and the plastic is very sturdy and feels solid. I've purchased new parts to replace the ones I had previously 3d printed from a fisd member and will add to this build. The first step was to insert the new sight dovetail block... Glued in place with e6000 and taped. let set for 24 hours. filled gaps with 2 part molding puddy "por-15" and cure in 2 hours. sand.
  11. The parts & greeblies aren't 100% accurate so trying to eyeball the best I can. Thanks for your support Tino!
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