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  1. I saw TLJ Yesterday Afternoon in 3D. It was a mix bag. It was better than TFA. I did not care for a remake of ESB and ROTJ. A Chase, Ice planet with walkers going to destroy the base. An Apprentice killing his master. A Mining Planet. Here are some things I did not agree with about TLJ. 1. How can bb8's dome stays on when Poe is going full force against the Dreadnought while his dome comes off in an explosion in the Star Destroyer? 2. How can you drop bombs in Space? The Tie Bomber shot them out in ESB. 3. How could Leia survive the explosion and outer space? 4. What Jedi training did Leia receive under Luke? Is she a Jedi? 5. Why Kill off Snooke? Build him up and done, 6. How did Snooke not feel Kylo moving the Light Saber? 7. The 2 Code Breakers which one was the real breaker? 8. What happened to the one that betrayed Rose and Finn? 9. Tracking through Hyperspace? Should that have been explained at the end of Rogue One? How did Darth Vader track The Rebel Blockade Runner to Tattoine? 10. Explaining that Rey's parents were dunks was weak for her parents background? 11. How did Phasama escape? Is her character done? 12. How could Fin survive heading into the cannon at the end? 13. bb-9E? I thought that there would be more scenes with him in it? 14. How are they going to write out Leia in IX? 15. Too many subplots. As someone who has seen the Original Star Wars in 1977, Empire in 1980 and Jedi in 1983, It is very disappointing to wait 34 years to see Star Wars and then to see Han, Luke and Leia not together again and die off! I have said this before. George should have taken a page from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings, and filmed VII, VIII and IX at one time and did it they way he wanted it as he told Mark Hammell, In Episode IX he hands his lightsaber to someone else. I hope that George releases VII, VIII and IX as novels so that we can see what he wanted. I was hoping that VII, VIII, IX would have been about tying up what happened from Jedi to now. Add some characters then after IX, Go from there.
  2. Having seen Rogue One for the 1st time yesterday. I had tickets to 7:00 p.m. preview screening and could not go. With Christmas and the season. I finally saw it yesterday. My reaction was It was Better Than I Thought. I enjoyed it way Better than The Force Awakens! It was like Seeing Star Wars for the 1st Time back in 1977 and Empire back in 1980! I was Amazed. What "Rogue One" did that TFA did not was Tie in the movie timeline. It said that it was a stand alone It was not. It was Episode 3.5. Rogue One explained more than TFA did? Engineers, Security sites, More about Yavin IV. TFA problem was too much focus on the Ray, Fin, Poe, Snooke, etc... and not what happened between Jedi and Episode VII. I like how they brought up "Captian Antillies" the one Vader choked on the Blockade Runner in EP IV. I like how Bail Organa mentioned a friend who fought in the Clone Wars, Ben Kenobi. What I wished would they could have done more with, was mention Lea's Role with the Imperial Senate and had Bail mention to Lea to go to Tatioinne and find General Kenobi with the plans. Also, have c3po and r2d2 answer to their previous master Captain Antillies Another way to end the film was to enplane how Vader tracked Lea's Blockade Runner to Tattoine and added the cut scenes with Luke on Tattoine looking up at the Space battle and end the Film with how Star Wars opened with the Blockade Runner being chased by the Star Destroyer. Andy
  3. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2016/10/new-star-wars-inspired-products-coming-to-disney-parks-in-fall-2016/ Andy
  4. What version are you going for? ANH, ESB ROTJ? Andy
  5. Hello, This thread is a good place to Start. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/34166-first-order-stormtrooper-resources/ Andy
  6. Trim the Cover strips on the bottom and the top of the thighs. Replace the Anovos belt with one from Rob here on FISD. Adjust the drop boxes and the knee ammo pack. Other wise looking good! P.S. Did you repaint the frown? Andy
  7. How is he duarbility of the blasters? Will they take a drop. bump, etc..? Andy
  8. Does any one know where "Square S-Trim" can be ordered? I noticed that other armors besides "Anovos" have the " Square S-Type", instead of the "Round S-Type"? Andy
  9. Remove the Knee ammo pack. Trim off the extra plastic above and below the ammo boxes. Round off the bottom 2 corners. Place the top part of the knee ammo pack on the lower ridges of the knee. Andy
  10. Get some white elastic for the shoulders. I would replace the holster. Andy
  11. Shorten up the drop boxes and have them line up at the end of the belt. Also, see if the plastic belt corners at cut at a 45 degree angle. Look at pics for references. Andy
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