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LadyInWhite Phasma Build

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Perks of being in the So Cal garrison and having phenomenal armor I suppose. I bet that must have been an amazing experience


Well I'd say yes to so cal but Clint is from AZ, so just curious as to how people were selected, invited. Awesome experience though

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HI, ALL!!! 


First of all, all your encouragement and advice and so on kept me going. I am working on CRL language, a build doc in Google Docs like my ANH one, but more instructional, and a few part fixes and replacements for submission photos and maybe CRL parts photos, not that mine are the most accurate, I'm sure. I don't care if they get used, but they should exist.


Ralf more than anyone helped me figure out how to make the fitting work. He even came over Sunday night and stayed late to make sure it was 100% ready to go for Monday. In fact, he insisted I do one more fitting, and thank goodness we did. That night was a workout! Exhausting getting dressed!


Second, to debut on the red carpet last night was nerve-racking, exciting, overwhelming, and amazing. I will never be able to trade or replace that experience. Hopefully this comes across as more of a share than a brag, seriously... when I walked up to the stands (i was late) in my armor with the two TKs behind me, and the bleachers full of costumers and fans exploded with cheers, I almost cried in my bucket. I felt like a rock star, so much more than my first troop as a TK, that's for sure. I worked hard to ensure it was appreciated and respected by 501st and RL members, because the celebs and so on can't really see or appreciate the details and work put into it, but other costumers can. Oh and there was some movie thing going on as well, but for me this whole experience was about this costume not falling apart. I had a knee upside down and my pinky finger kept falling off, and the cape kept sliding forward, I need another 6 inches of lift, my thighs wouldn't stay as high as I wanted, and it was freakishly cold for a So Cal afternoon. But I lived, and "Pam" wore just fine, and I was able to mostly enjoy myself.


I'm sure you've all seen the Interpants exploding with photos from the event, but here are a few of my favorite.









My "entrance" ... you can see all the troopers already in the stands in the reflection in my chest piece.








And in this video you can scrub to 13:50 and watch Rob Lowe do a double-take and slap my helmet. LOL


OK so that's that. I will answer questions and keep working on making this possible for others!! Troopers helping troopers!




OOPS ONE MORE - proof it's me I guess...



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