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  1. Congrats. ATA armor is great. I've been trooping in mine since 2013 and it has held up nicely. I also have two helmet kits that I will be assembling too very soon.
  2. I'm putting together an ATA kit also at the moment. Plus I'm working on an Anovos kit too. I personally like the feel of the ATA armor over the Anovos, it feels more 'solid'.
  3. Wow, this is a great opportunity for those wanting a RS.
  4. Meeting fellow 501st members whom you interact with online on forums is the biggest worthwhile experience for me at a Celebration. Over the years I've been fortunate to meet some great people at events from across the country and I look forward to seeing them at Celebrations. The swag trade was intense. So many patches, so many coins, stickers, lanyards, merch, etc. You can pay $100+ dollars to take a picture with the likes of Ray Park, Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch but why bother if you know you can bump into them at a hotel bar the night before Celebration My experience with the photo-ops was annoying. It was not organized. My understanding is that this was TOPPS first experience managing that process. I did not bother with the official Celebration store. The line was ridiculous all days. I did not wait more than two minutes in line to enter the convention center. The long line at the north end of the convention center from what I was told was for people picking up badges or purchasing on site. Plus the lines for people who wanted to que up for the following days main events were out there also. The Bash was ok. Like someone already commented, there were no finger foods, hors d'oeuvres, as how there was at Celebration Anaheim. The lines for drinks was long even with multiple bar stations. I was impressed by the props and decorations. The main DJ was good, IMO. I would have been great to get a chance to see screen used props at Celebration. Gino had several of his costumes on display at one end of the convention center. By the time Sunday came I was already done with Celebration. I did do a final walk through of the convention center. The line to the Celebration store was still too long for me. I personally do not like the current location of the 501st Legion photo at the OCCC, mainly because non 501st and regular convention attendees are seen lurking on the edges of the frame or going up and down the escalators.
  5. I haven't built a vacuum former but I've read this is good. http://www.build-stuff.com/oven-kits/proto-form-oven-kit-220v/
  6. Looks like you need the black elastic strap around the biceps too. Cover strip on the left thigh does not have to run all they way down to the bottom of the thigh.
  7. I'm in the process of putting together another ATA kit rt now. I'm just an inch taller @ 5'7". I have a built ATA kit rt now and I did not trim/shorten any parts. I cut right where the trim lines are formed on the armor. The only modifications I might have made to help it fit better is heating and reshaping some areas to conform to my body more. IMO, the fewer armor gaps the better looking.
  8. My 1st Tk was an ATA back in 2009. I picked up another one recently. The best route for assistance in my opinion is reach out to local garrison/detachment members. Get an opportunity to look at a finished or maybe in process kit up close. Attend a build meeting if possible.
  9. I once trooped with someone who wore rubber gloves. He hands smelt worse than a sweaty foot
  10. Could you post a picture showing the whole side of the helmet instead of just the close up of the bottom of the ear? IMO it looks fine. I have 2 ATA helmets and I'm pretty sure they are like that . . . unless you put an ear on the wrong side of the helmet.
  11. https://www.anovos.com/products/star-wars-imperial-stormtrooper I'm sure there are folks who bought these when they first came out that don't have the time to work on them . . . like myself.
  12. You should email him directly if you don't get a response through here.
  13. I was able to get a baton kit from them. I was able to deal with them person to person though. They are fairly local to my location, 50 miles or so. The location I went to was at a kiosk in one of the malls here in the Bay Area of California. From what I could conclude from online posts they may not be at that location. I sent an email recently inquiring about another 3D project I wanted a quote on and have received no response.
  14. Plenty of people bought several kits because the kits were so "cheap". Including me
  15. I have the cloth gaskets. I haven't worn them yet but I'm sure they're better as far as mobility than the ANOVOS rubber gaskets I received with my kit. They are like rubber car mats . . . stiff. Most of us at Celebration last year could not raise our arms high enough to remove our own helmets.
  16. Are you limited to working on your armor outdoors? 3 days last week the temps in my town in California were over 100 degrees. The heat helped to dry the paint on my armor
  17. Good tip. I have a rubber belt with my Clone Trooper armor and the paint turned yellow. I put on a coat of white plastidip and that worked well.
  18. I've used plastic snap plates on my previous builds but my latest one I have switched to webbing. the E6000 is absorbed within the fibers of the webbing to help make a strong bond with the armor and as what was said above ^^ the webbing can contour to the curves of the armor.
  19. Too much thought into it. I agree > If someone's name appears in their profile then its public.
  20. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27777-static-burst-walkie-takie-talk/ Check this thread. Interesting discussion
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