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  1. Just a quick note to let you all know that trooperbay is now password protected. The password to get into the site is - scruffynerfherder At this time, I only want people in our community to have access to the site. Please feel free to share the password with other members and new recruits that may need stuff. My reasoning for doing this is simply to limit the google bots and...."general public" from seeing all the sites content. I made trooperbay for US and not the random person doing a search on google. By protecting the site, I hope to keep trooperbay going, and continue servicing our group. If you forget the password you can just go to the site and message me directly by clicking on "chat with us" at the bottom right hand side of the screen. I usually respond right away and will give you the password. Thank you for understanding and thank you for the last 16 years of patronage. -Mike TK/TD-4510
  2. Wow, its still bouncing around I made the template so you could just print it out at 100 percent and it would be correct scale. You may need to shingle pages to make it work.
  3. The galaxy's a little quieter nowThe planets colors lost their hueThe porg's are singing softlyAnd the troops are missing youEach time we see a shooting starOr a tie fighter soaring byWe’ll think of you in honorand raise our buckets to the sky....
  4. You guys should try my ARMOR WHITE. Works great to restore the white your armor and can be re applied as needed with no harm to the armor or paint.
  5. No, I am actually not saying that at all. All plastic will yellow and nothing can stop it. You can restore the white with ArmorWhite, but its not permanent. From time to time you will have to re apply the solution to keep your old armor white. Look at the armor in the Lucasfilm archives. Its all yellow. Look at your old computer from back in the day... its yellow. That's why all computers are BLACK now, lol... All ABS plastic turns yellow over time. Does not matter if its in the sun or not, it will still yellow. The sun and heat of any kind will quicken the yellowing however. Sooooo if you troop alot then your armor will turn yellow faster. Warm parts of your body will also cause the armor to turn yellow. A UV additive can be added to the plastic to fight off yellowing, but it doubles the cost pf the plastic. So the armor prices would be much higher as a result. PVC or Kydex would be a better plastic for armor. Kydex is what Lucasfilm used for the SE armor. Its still white. Kydex pricing is insane however... PVC is not glossy nor is Kydex... The struggle continues.....
  6. All plastic will yellow. Basically you have to store it in a cool place, away from light and any source of heat. I wonder what type of bag? Maybe thats it? Could also be the batch of plastic. Armorwhite usually does the trick. Paint it on and let the armor set out in the sun for the day... thats it...Rinse it off and your done. Something else I just thought of.... If you are out trooping then the armor is exposed to the UV's and will yellow faster than a helmet that is just stored at home away from light and heat.
  7. I hate the hooks. If you are by yourself its a hassle to take the shins off.
  8. Congrats! I would only trim the inside of the thighs if you have to...
  9. You have made some great progress buddy!
  10. If ya cant deliver then don't offer it up... This is an old issue with makers everywhere...
  11. I can still make them. What maker is your helmet?
  12. A seller on ebay named cassini_sunset is posting listings for armor using images from other listings and has admitted to me that he does not actually have pictures of his own product. Obviously this person is a scammer and getting ready to rip off an unsuspecting noob. Spread the word! He currently has Stormtrooper armor, bikerscout, First Order armor for sale and its all fraudulent. 2 of the images are from MTK armor listings....ITS NOT MTK ARMOR! BUYER BEWARE!!!!
  13. Back from the dead!!!! Its the ROTJ decal thread!!! No I dont make them specifically for ROTJ anymore. I mean I still have the files and I could make you some but there is not alot of demand for them so I stopped selling them a while back. I DO however sell ESB decals on trooperbay.com that are very close to ROTJ.
  14. Thanks Paul. I had some choices to make and I figured I would shoot this across the bow and see whats what. It seems that even as popular as Anovos has been, troops still prefer the fanmade sets and that is awesome. The improvement posts are off topic but thats generally how it goes, lol. I was just curious what might need to be changed. Thanks for your input everyone.
  15. Ah so its just too thin in areas. I helped trim out some of the 1st Anovos armors ( a few pieces) and it was very brittle then. No way you could score and snap those.
  16. I think it's more of a mileage, communication and tooling thing. It took Anovos forever to get the Chinese to even come close on many parts of the armor. The Chinese are constantly looking for shortcuts. Many parts were changed without consulting Anovos and then there is the communication gap. Anovos probably clocked 2 or 300,000 miles flying back and forth to China. I wasn't personally involved but I did pick this info up from conversations with them. Disney has a process for approval just like any company. I don't think they would care all that much if it was too accurate. There are many props that are licensed now that are spot on in my opinion. Sounds like there is a lower amount of butadiene in the Anovos ABS. Less butadiene will give greater detail and make the armor increasingly brittle like styrene. Increased butadiene will give the armor resilience but less ability to draw into the the bucks and hold shape. Also keep in mind that this stuff is made in batches. The next batch of armor they do may have totally different ABS. Different color, different composition... Regarding MTK specifically, what do you think needs to change? All this being said. You cant mass produce stormtrooper armor. It's impossible. Too many details have to be messed with so that the manufacturing process can be easy. So there will never be any company that can replicate the detail that fan made armorers can. The companies want to make money. The armorers want to make armor.
  17. All very good points. I have a decision to make and your input has been helpful! There are pros and cons to each side for sure.
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