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is it possible that is the ring around the body for the mannequin stand?

Not a dumb thought. However when I look at the Hot Toy's Tie pilot, it seems to indicate that I'm right:



But we're swaying away from the topic. Apologies Ingrid!

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is it possible that is the ring around the body for the mannequin stand?


That's what my husband said. :P




Making progress. Modified right panel into two to add third seam. Put cape on Manny to see how we're doing and because it's a different material, different weight, different nap, naturally it's all wrong! Will try to do some mods to the left panel tomorrow night to adjust for bunching and other issues around the top left shoulder.


I am seriously not convinced this is the right canvas; the Entertainment weekly photo shows a material that looks more like a light nylon canvas or parachute silk. Many of my photos from various sources show differences in the red stripe (besides coloration due to lighting/lenses). Sometimes I think the D23 suit is the "quick, we have some parts, throw something together" suit, not a screen-used one. At least not the screen-used cape. We shall see in 2 weeks.



I just don't think this is the right canvas.


I haven't cut the bottom yet.



Not the best.


Pantless Dummy. Typical in my household!





And finally, the comparison...


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I'm done with this cape. I mean "done" as in "good enough." And I don't mean the cape is good enough, I mean *I* am *done* and I'm going to live with whatever this monstrosity is until the movie comes out and I start with new fabric and better views.


Oh, and there's very quite possibly a strap across the right shoulder above the folds that somehow attaches and hangs down the back.




So LET'S GO, MOVIE!!!  Hopefully the BluRay will magically be released before xmas.


Accessories arrive Monday. Should be done Tuesday. Tomorrow (Saturday) is ALL STRAPPING and DYING. Yay.


Move along, move along.

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Troy came over and took on the tedious job of making snap plates. YAY! Saved me about 5 hours of angst. So I have snap plates in most places (not the cod, since that should arrive tomorrow).


I looked at a lot of people's photos (Javier on facebook, Clamps here) of their strapping and came up with some ideas of my own. Having hips, I don't have to worry about the abs falling down as much as you svelte boys do, but with my ultra keg gut I have other issues. :P Nevertheless I think I have a strategy, so when the E6000 is cured tomorrow I will give her a test run finally!


I put some foam in my helmet and made it cozy. Fans will be a challenge but it has a good breathing beak and a gap below my eyes so I can survive for now. I can even wear my glasses!!! BONUS!


The cape. The cape. The cape. I hate this cape. I have many malfunctions but it is working and will serve its purpose until we see the movie and get real data. The Toronto display, the D23 display, and the one I think was recently in France? I saw a photo from and they are all so very different they are all definitely guaranteed not to be CRL fodder. Movie, don't let me down!


I dyed the cape and it is gray. At first it was blue, so at least gray is not blue... but it did not hold the black and I am beside myself. For my "outer coating medium" I will most likely be going straight for the black spray paint at this point, and fabric spray for the inside. It's okay, I bought 5 packs of $8 snaps I don't need so I will just take those back and exchange it for 5 spray cans of black fabric paint.


Or I'll just buy some darn black fabric of my choosing, whip up a new cape, and say screw you once and for all to this canvas.


Oh and the belt. I got most of the belt done. None of my box tops fit properly on the box bases. I left the far end open so I can measure it first. I think my front-most two boxes might be too far apart - looks not so far in person, but I can adjust them.









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