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  1. Many thanks to @TK-32700 for finding this for me. With Rebels TKs with pauldrons and of course the FOTK ranks it isn't true anymore... but boy does this make me giggle. -Eric
  2. Heyo... does anyone have a copy of this ridiculous mage? It's gone from photosuckit. It's been a long time but I would like to wield it again. Please PM me if you have it squirreled away somewhere. Thanks, -Eric
  3. It is a little goofy but it is consistent with the weathering wording in the requirements for the TKC and INC. -Eric
  4. If FISD doesn't want to Mike to make any changes to the costume.... here is a link to dropbox with the modified photos for photoshopping. The photos plus a zip have been uploaded. -Eric
  5. Right. Duh me. I'll go make myself another cup of coffee ASAP. When the CRL is complete and green she'll need to fill out the application for membership so she's in the database. Then the LMOses will work with the GMLses to get her approved. The trimming of cover strips is totally up to FISD. Another note: The CRL text in the first post probably needs mention of the squared of thigh pack if FISD wants to make that a L1 requirement. -Eric
  6. Thanks Mike. The photos look good enough to me even if some bits are out focus here and there. The cover strip on the one thigh goes over the ridge. I'm ok with it but I'll leave that, and a no/no go on rest of the photos, up to Sarah and team. Below is a wee test. I was a little worried that they'd be too dark but after a little bit of fiddling they're easy enough to brighten up. Someone with better photoshop skills will be able to deal with the red color bleed through hue onto the white parts. I suggest this costume be called The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper in the CRL. Once FISD is happy and the CRL is green we'll tell your (our) GML to approve you. -Eric
  7. Mike, I suggest posting the CRL photos here for LMO and detachment review. It’d be a lot easier than email for both parties to see them at once. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Mike. That's really helpful. I'm sort of a dummy when it comes to video games. It looks like you're right on track weathering wise. Please make sure your photos are as high resolution as possible for each view of the parts. -Eric
  9. The question on my mind is how heavily we should weight the models vs game play. It would be my preference to use as much game play as possible. I downloaded this youtube video and tool some screen shots in final cut. Hopefully I got the right video game Ear paint evident. Flat thermal det panel for upper level? Also evidence of slight weathering and scuff marks. More ear paint. Square thigh pack. Scuffing/weathering. I'm open to this costume being heavily weathered but I'm not sure it looks as grimy in the game. Does anyone have a clue about the provenance of the model views? I really don't know how that stuff works. -Eric
  10. Oh? That's the largest it could print? I'll keep it. It's still really cool. -Eric
  11. I haven't received the poster yet sadly. -Eric
  12. I like it. But the table could be bigger on a XL. The det names are also hard to read. It’s still rad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Spreadshirt.com did our detachment shirts for a good long while. They did all the shipping and stuff you just upload the design. I'm not sure why we stopped but I still wear those shirts 5 years later and they're still holding up. -Eric
  14. So... what is this FizzDee thing? How does it work exactly? It's good to be back, yo. I just saw a ghost! He just likes me because I bought him a beer. -Eric
  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks aren’t getting email. We did change the to way mail is sent. We’ll take a peek soon. Anyone else seeing problems with email notifications? -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Is all still happy? I did some stuff to help the load on the server on the 21st... it doesn't seem to have any untoward effects from a user's standpoint. I hope. Thanks, -Eric
  17. Interesting. That’s exactly the sort of stuff I’m curious about. Lemme know if it happens regularly. Thanks. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Has anyone noticed anything different/weird since last night with forum performance? -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I may be fiddling with the web server tonight EDT trying to improve the performance even more. If you notice a blip or two... that's all me. -Eric
  20. Whew. What’s also nice about the new server is that the legion web team have pretty good monitoring on memory, CPU. database connections etc.... If we find that we are outgrowing the server we can add resources on the fly. Or the next time there is a racing shirt run or some sort of (more) plastic spaceman drama erupts and the forum gets really busy -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yep. It looks like they fixed it. I left the trouble ticket open just in case things go south again. -Eric
  22. I've had some back and forth with support... but I made the dumb mistake of not making the ticket as "site down" I think. That means they're being kinda slow about it. For those that care... the problem is in how we display forum URLs. I don't know how it got F'd during the upgrade but it is indeed F'd up... .and I don't know how to fix it. Hopefully they'll fix it soon. Thanks for your continued patience. -Eric
  23. I couldn't figure it out. I put in a trouble ticket with the forums software support folks. Liking posts seems to work again I think. -Eric
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