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  1. Hi, as the title says what size are the 3 fixings for the stormtrooper ears to the helmet? thanks.
  2. Ive been making resin and fibreglass parts for a long time and always recommend using degreaser.. comes with experience ;-)
  3. Not always! Im looking at the paint finish and to me it looks like theres some agent there stopping the paint laying on the armour, ive always used a degreaser... it does the job perfectly.
  4. Are you using a degreaser to remove the release agent on the armour?
  5. I have and i have in the past, just not sure how to get the correct result and colour these days
  6. I am trying to finish my hero lid, can anyone recommend where i can get the decals from?
  7. Loving this build, this photo screams ANH, fantastic job :-)
  8. Wow!! hes behaving like a child! I cant believe,, well i can.. that someone would hold a grudge and act like this! Personally i think he recast your helmet and has been caught out and come up with this childish excuse!
  9. Yes i believe thats true, i remember them going at it! Gino did point out some telling marks on the TE lid that were also present on the TM stunt lid!
  10. Sorry bud, your looking at one photo! hes slightly changed changed his buck, but left the tell tell signs of it being recast! the camera doesnt lie!! check out the other photos.. Paul was called out a long time back bout recasting!
  11. Please dont take this the wrong way i like what you are going for, but would it not be better to print onto a thicker card? The paper looks super flimsy, this could course a problem early on!
  12. Mr Paul, do you have a link to your build with photos, i clicked on the Facebook link but that didnt work! btw is the snout and 2 greebles a dark brown rather than black?
  13. Sorry bud, bit slow at this time of night, good luck in your build, looking forward to seeing it finished :-)
  14. Sorry, who makes theses helmets ? are they for sale?
  15. Thats horrible, when casting the E11 the mold hasn't been lined up! Did you manage to get a refund on this?
  16. I understand real life can get in the way! but communication is the key here! and to be fair he was well enough to start a new project.... his Jurassic Park jeep! so why not take care of Greg and the other guys who spent there hard earned cash on a prop they have yet to receive.!!
  17. Thank you for letting us know, I was close to ordering one of his E11 blasters, glad I didn't! hope your issue gets resolved in your favour.
  18. I see, and what about the lids? are these the same as the Special Edition helmets do you think?
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