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  1. DM Sent!! There's occasionally events where we can use a recruit as a handler!! And every month around the first or second Saturday, we've got Armor Parties in the SA Area. Plenty of opportunities to meet some of your local members! Happy to get you more details!! Hope to Troop with you soon!!
  2. Nice!! Will be great to have a Rogue One TK here in SA!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Glad to see you here, Chris! Another Future Trooper!!
  4. ... which is for Loading and Unloading only. Welcome, Future Texas Trooper!!
  5. WOOT!!! Anne's gonna have a TK!?!? SWEET!!! Finally!!! But you're gonna be leaving us Texans!?!? In the immortal words of our illustrious Sir Lord Darth Vader: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Seriously though, this is fantastic Anne!! It's always great to see another TK in the making!!
  6. Welcome, Future Trooper!! Echoing what everyone has said thus far: there’s a ton of great information at your disposal here in the forums! It will be a great project, so gettin all of the information you need up front will save you from a lot of headaches down the road!! [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Do it, Jack!!! Come to an Armor Party!! One of us... One of us... Welcome From the Star Garrison and SATX, Future Trooper!! My Classic TK is an AM/NE 2.0. My stats 240 5'9"
  8. CONGRATULATIONS! And Welcome to EIB, Trooper!!! WOOT!! Crap, now you're gonna beat me to Centurion aren't you?!?...
  9. Glad to have a Future Trooper here!! Looking forward to you becoming a member of the Squad, Erik!!
  10. Awesome!! Just double checking though, Brother!! This image was tweaked again, and the one in the post isn't the one that is being produced, since it's an older version right? We adjusted the helmet as requested for accuracy. The v2 is what was approved for the FOTK Name Badges and was going to be for the Patch Run. Just want to be sure you have the final! Thanks, Y'all!! I am definitely looking forward to seeing it made!! -- Berbs
  11. Welcome From the Star Garrison and SATX, Future Trooper!! My Classic TK is an AM/NE 2.0. Contact MightyTank!! See what he's got... My stats 240 5'9"
  12. Chris Berban V2 Cooling!! [emoji7] 39 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Also on the Center Tooper's Right Drop Box (His Right, not ours) Paint chipping away from the Belt on the far right. And two clearly different Belts amongst the group. The bottom edge is cut differently on some (or they've got some very clean breaks)
  14. I think ALL those pics are great. As for the dirt, I'm sure there was even more on the cutting room floor than the deleted scenes we were given. Still, you're absolutely correct considering the continuity we are presented.
  15. There's a couple of different links on this thread. Which one did you order? I'm guessing the one from the VERY first post, eh? Sorry! Thanks! - Berbs
  16. Boots and Latex Gaskets!! It would be great if they would offer these separately, so we could compare pricing. - Berbs
  17. Berbs42


    Well Done, KB!! I know a few who are DEFINITELY interested!!
  18. Welcome from another TFA Trooper in San Antonio!! - Berbs
  19. WELL DONE YOU TWO!! (Nee and I have plans to go 'under the needle' for The Wars as well someday...) - Berbs
  20. Gotta lose weight... Gotta lose weight... Gotta lose weight... And THEN I can set this up... Maybe. - Berbs
  21. Welcome from San Antonio, Future Trooper!!! We've got a few others in CC that we'll need to hook you up with! Glad to see another Star Garrison Recruit on the FISD!! The CTX Squad will be growing!! - Berbs
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