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  1. Mr Paul, do you have a link to your build with photos, i clicked on the Facebook link but that didnt work! btw is the snout and 2 greebles a dark brown rather than black?
  2. Sorry bud, bit slow at this time of night, good luck in your build, looking forward to seeing it finished :-)
  3. Sorry, who makes theses helmets ? are they for sale?
  4. Thats horrible, when casting the E11 the mold hasn't been lined up! Did you manage to get a refund on this?
  5. I understand real life can get in the way! but communication is the key here! and to be fair he was well enough to start a new project.... his Jurassic Park jeep! so why not take care of Greg and the other guys who spent there hard earned cash on a prop they have yet to receive.!!
  6. Thank you for letting us know, I was close to ordering one of his E11 blasters, glad I didn't! hope your issue gets resolved in your favour.
  7. If it was me ide go for a new back cap, don't know about you but it would bug me knowing it was there. Using bondo would you have to paint the whole helmet to cover the fix job?
  8. I see, and what about the lids? are these the same as the Special Edition helmets do you think?
  9. Looks like hes trimming the kidney plate with the butt plate.. all one piece!
  10. Looking good , might be the photo but it looks like you could open the eyes a bit more
  11. Amazing build can i ask what sort of plastic mesh did you use for your helmet? what make or where can i buy some?
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