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  1. Thank You for the Scrutiny, Joseph!! To provide this level of critiquing to help us to a better place is time-consuming and intense!! Very Much Appreciated!! Ok. Here we go!! The Requirements First!! Pulled back the indicated portions as requested!! Detail Pic below! Pulled back the indicated portion as requested!! Detail Pic below! Thankfully, just a shadow!! Clear Detail Pic of both sides below! [Edit] DONE!! Pulled back the indicated portions on the buttons as requested!! Detail Pics below! As a member of the Legion's Walking Wounded Detachment (unofficial - I know ) I have a heavy limp with my Gout flareups (attacks my ankles and/or big toes, often on the left side). I refuse to let that stop me from trooping, but it does mean that I had to clip off a little more of the bottom of the thigh to make trooping possible and a bearable on those days. Updated Pic with this more vertical will be up ASAP! From the front, I see my legs are turned out a bit more when I stand, I'm guessing that's my cover strips on the front are more towards the outside and the cover strips in the back are more towards the center? I upgraded my previous E-11 from a B-Grade to an A-Grade from HFx awhile back and once I realized that, I took new pics of the New-"ER" blaster. I saw Newer since I obviously lost that Rear Sight at a Troop at least over a year ago (since the last time I used it was last Feb before we stopped doing events around here, and that Cocking Lever had popped off in my Bin (thankfully both were easy fixes). You can see the difference in my EIB Blaster and the Pics that are currently on my submission thread as of the last edit from February 19th. But adding them and some close ups of the indicated portions below So for this one, I initially submitted pics I took when I was comparing my Suit with other Approved Centurion Threads, and I wanted to document where I was trimming my Sniper Plate. The Trimmed Pics are already in the submission thread last edited Feb 19th, but I'm adding here too. Thank You Again for all of the Scrutiny!! I want to look my best and will definitely be doing everything I can to be there!! Please let me know what you think of the updates so far!! Again, Very Much Appreciated!! - PapaBerbs
  2. So, while I wait, I found a Resin Backsight from my other Build!! Glued!! (Once I get the 3D Print, I'll decide whether or not to pry it off and replace, but at least I'll have a backup... just-in-case!!) Larger Thumbnails added to original Post Above!
  3. Cocking Lever is Pinned and Glued!! Backsight is Printed! Still not sure how soon I'll get it (we're still thawing out here in TX), but once I do, I'll get it added!!
  4. OK!! Pin being added to the Cocking Lever to be glued TODAY!! Backsight being printed by a buddy here in San Antonio, but with this crazy weather, I don't know how soon I'll get it in order to glue it on for New Pics!
  5. Holy Smokes!! Found it at the bottom of my Bin! But that's not all! I just realized I'm also missing the Backsight! And that is NOT at the Bottom of my Bin!! Is that a showstopper here?
  6. Alright, Brother! I think I've got the remaining pics filled in! It's been hella cold here in San Antonio, with this crazy weather that TX wasn't ready for! But I digest(!)... here we go!!
  7. Doh!! Thanks, Joseph!! Will Do!! Reorganized Post to follow the linked format [---New Pics TBD!!---]
  8. MANDATORY INFORMATION: Armor Maker: AM Armor [2.0 with various upgraded parts over the years] Helmet maker: AM Armor 4.5 Blaster Maker: HFX EIB Approval: OPTIONAL INFORMATION: Name: Chris Berban Username: Berbs42 | TK-6427 | Star Garrison | Imperial Rough Rider Squad Height | Weight: 5'9” | 250 lbs Boot Maker: TK Boots Canvas Belt Supplier: PapaBerbs HomeMade Hand Guard Supplier: AM [Customized] Holster Maker: Vern Electronics: Aker Amp with a Bluetooth Mic Neck Seal: Anovos Thermal Detonator: TM Changes since EIB Approval: Helmet replaced with AM 4.5 (notes on ears taken into account for the new build) New AM Chest Plate and Shoulder Bridges (previous ones cracked irreparably) Elastic Strapping added to connect Chest and Back Plates Thin Elastic Loops added to Back Plate to hold Shoulder Bridges Tightened Gap between Back Plate and Kidney Holster Upgraded FULL BODY: Front (Arms Flat By Side): Back (Arms Flat By Side): Left (Arms Raised): Right (Arms Raised): Left Side Detail (Arms Raised): Right Side Detail (Arms Raised): ARMOR DETAILS: Shoulder Bridges (Front|Rear|Sides): Abdomen Button Plates (Close-Up): Cod and Butt Plate Connections Showing Rivets & Snaps (Exterior): Wrist Openings (Close-Up): Sniper Knee Plate (Left & Right Sides): Thigh Ammo Pack Connections (Interior & Exterior | Left & Right Sides): Interior Strapping: HELMET DETAILS: Front: Left Side: Right Side: Rear: S-Trim (Side View): Close-Up of Hovi Mic Tips: Ear Screws (Close-Up | Left & Right): ACCESSORIES: TD (Front & Rear Showing Screw Type): Holster Attachment: ABS/Canvas Belt (Rear Showing Drop Boxes): Forgive the velcro I hope? It keeps things from snagging. Boots (Showing Tops & Sides): Neck Seal: BLASTER DETAILS: Left Side: Right Side: Rear (Showing D-Ring):
  9. Thread started today! Right before we went into lockdown last year I went to my last troop. Only one more happened locally after that, but I was working... anywho, someday we’ll get some local requests again! 376 Armored Troops Logged
  10. YEAR TWELVE - 2021 - 00 Events SO FAR!! - - -
  11. YEAR ELEVEN - 2020 - 01 Event in Armor!! Two weeks after, we were under quarantine orders - 03.13.20407-001 (378-001): 02.29.20 - Planets in the Park - Floresville, TX Costume: TK-TFA Pictures: Y Troopers: Clint Marzec, Eddie Latigo, Joe Bianco, Riley Cox, Luis Garibay, Adam Goodlitt, David Lozano, Jason Rodriguez, Pete Cardona, Andrew Shaddox, James Garcia, Patrick Gillies, Renee Berban, Christina Marzec, Fred Latigo, Jesse Grimes Notes: One of our best showings at this amazing event!!
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