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  1. It's probably the Rogue One variant though. So a slightly different blaster than the one from the iconic ANH promotional pictures and the unofficial FISD mascott we all love. Cool nonetheless.
  2. Well, you say that like you're actually caring or enforcing anything. Truth is I see recasts everywhere nowadays and no one seem to give a damn anymore. Just here few days ago, I opened and OT stormtrooper application with an armor acronym I didn't know and it was a RS or Anovos (they're basically the same) recast. Did I read or heard anything about it on FISD before, or even after? No. It doesn't seem to matter now, and am not even sure their are still people here willing to spot them. But we're getting seriously off-topic here, so I'm just going to re-focus on the Ep. IX FOTK for now on.
  3. Ha ha, I don't give much at all about Anovos being recast. Given how they recast RS for their Stormtrooper OT armor, I don't think they deserve any kind of protection or support from our community. They have lawyers for that.
  4. Yeah, Anovos is clearly bending things the way it suits them best. At this point I'm almost just hoping for someone committed and reliable to get an Anovos kit and recast it...
  5. Again Anovos most likely based their cut off of Finn's specific armour. But they stopped halfway and omitted to also cut that raised, outer part of the forearm. This would be an easy way to fix the Anovos forearms by the way.
  6. By the way, is it me or does it look like the abdomen piece has been massively shortened at the front? It seems to be ending right near the lower edge of the chest plate instead of protruding upward like the TFA armors did.
  7. Just saw this picture on FB today. Looks like D-ring is a thing again!
  8. Sorry to keep coming back to this topic but, I wanted to check and the executioners definitely do have the mobility cut to their forearms too. In fact if pay attention to all the troopers in the background it quite obvious that this cut has become standard for TLJ, and then TROS. But what's nice , is that once you know it's there you can even guess the expanding stripe along the back seam: So here's an interesting piece of trivia if you're doing an executioner and care about deepest accuracy: mobility cut at the front, and expanding stripe at the back. Also here's some more troopers with the mobility cut. I don't know if it is already, but I think this might be something worth mentioning in the TLJ/TROS CRLs. Or at least for the higher levels of accuracy.
  9. Don't be mistaken, these forearms aren't cut. They've been expanded by adding a vertical stripe along the seam where the outer and inner halves of the forearm meet. As for the TROS blasters, I don't see what you guys are liking in them. They all look like junk to me, with all these oversized barrels.
  10. It's a different mobility cut. The Anovos cut, is extreme and based on a Finn's armor. The mobility cut for the ROS stormtroopers (and TLJ troopers too as I realized afterwards) is not as important but still differs to the original TFA troopers.
  11. The elbow mobility cut may have become standard from what I see.
  12. Hard to tell, but I believe this is light reflection:
  13. Quite the missed opportunity in the end. If it wasn't for this excess of details on the snout area of the helmet, I think it would be quite good. Removing the two curved tubes would probably be enough to simplify this area and drastically improve the look of the helmet. Personally I find them extremely disgracious, especially since they have quite a negative impact on the silhouette of the helmet.
  14. I already had this effect happening to something I was painting, but with a regular spray can of white paint. Basically it's a reaction that happens when you don't lay your paint properly. For me it was because I laid a top layer of paint that was far too thick and before that the previous underneath layer had had enough time to settle. The parkerizing effect is interesting nonetheless. It reminded me of the paint some used for their e-11 blasters. But the pattern you get is quite big, and I'm not sure you can reproduce it reliably every time.
  15. Not sure what you're meaning here. Both the TFA and TLJ SE-44C are based on the Glock 17 (Gen 3 if I remember right). Actually the TLJ blasters use practical airsoft reproductions of the Glock 17 instead of a custom made Glock like the TFA. And I wouldn't be surprised if the Sithtrooper's blaster were using an airsoft Glock too.
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