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  1. Oooh right! Thanks for clearing that out Paul. I never even considered that possibility! Awesome. (But if we consider that all the ref pictures posted here showed the brown underside of the elastic, I kind of was in the right, haha)
  2. Hahaha! But the fitting step IS the fun part, doesn't he know that?! Only on the front side.
  3. If you're going for TLJ, you could look into adding the elbow mobility cut to the top of the forearms. As far as I know, all of the stormtrooper armours in TLJ had that cut, and it will help you guys to wear the forearms facing front as they should instead of twisted outwards as you have them right now. You can read more about the mobility cut in that thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46766-episode-9-stormtrooper-research-caution-spoilers-ahead/page/12/
  4. It's a valuable tip you've got to hung parts that are ready to be primed. Whenever I see someone painting something that isn't hung-up, it drives me absolutely crazy! How are you supposed to evenly paint the whole piece in one go, and make sure to reach all the areas, and don't get dust lifted from the ground, and...... Huuuh.... I could go on for hours. Personally when I don't have a suspending point, such as a hole, or something similar, the way I do it now is to bondo directly the wire to the inside of the part. You basically need to grind it with a dremel when comes the time to
  5. A little while ago I started a proper SE-14 build as seen in the promotional pictures made for ANH (which in the end turned into a Rexim-favor replica build), but as most of the projects I do for me I dropped it at some point and never resumed working on it yet. It's a shame cause I love this weapon, and I put efforts into making everything functional, from the cocking action, to the mud cover, to the folding stock, bayonet, selectors, etc...
  6. Yes, the armours appear to be of OT lineage. Possibly even from ANH lineage judging by this picture where the butt plate appears separate from the kidney plate. Also the chestplate looks way different from the awful FX-inspired R1 chestplate. (BTW, it seems they put the kidney plate upside down! The notch seems to be facing upwards instead of downwards) The top view of the abdomen is very much different from what a R1 armour looks like (not perfectly rounded, two pieces assembly w/ seams at sides, no opening at the back, ...) Also the arms are strapped in a perfect OT st
  7. Paul is definitely right. If you trim an even amount from the edge of the thigh, this spacing from the inner edge to the cover stripe gets way to narrow and makes the thighs look incorrect. The white trim lines he indicated in the picture he posted are the ones I would follow too.
  8. This isn't a screen-used costume, but Paul's replica. The thing is, the elastic used on the shoulder for the screen-used costume has a very peculiar width, weave, and color. The three combined makes it extremely difficult to source and I know Paul couln't find one that was perfectly ticking all the boxes. He settle to the next best thing that was black instead of brown. Now maybe the elastic for the stormtrooper is black indeed but the one for the shoretrooper is dead brown, and I'm don't see why they would bother using two different types of elastic for similar strapping purpose.
  9. All parts are made of polyurethane resin, not "plastic". They're all made by vacuum casting using silicone molds and not injection molded. All limbs are three parts construction: outer half, inner half, and front cover stripe (the top rim, sniper knee plate and ammo stripe for the greaves and thigh are separate parts too). The strap that connects the shoulder bell to the support bracket isn't black but brown. There might be more, but that's all I recall without needing to read all you posts again. And then there's all the stuff that you didn't cover. You seem to complain about the
  10. Jeff, I think you would benefit from reading and learning about MrPaul's shoretrooper build because right now I'm reading several incorrect informations in your posts. A lot of components and most of the strapping is similar between the shoretrooper and stormtrooper so it won't be a waste of time for you.
  11. Looks like they finally gave the illusion that the t-tracks fit inside the front barrel by adding a recessed circle at each of their end. However no vent holes in front and behind the top t-track, the flashlight mount is there, but the rear half is similar to TFA. Yet another variant... Honestly at this point it's too much of a mess to keep track. It's was already one with TFA alone, but TLJ and TROS just worsened things.
  12. I would say yes. At least two blasters had one in TFA, and it seems they became standard for TLJ.
  13. (Mind the End Caps while at it.) (Mind the End Cap Latch, while at it).
  14. Ooh, the cocking channel has been swaped from the left/hand side of the blaster to the right/hand side. That's kind of an important design modification actually.
  15. There's also two visible vent holes in the barrel at each end of the top t-track. However, the heavy F-11D linked in the first post of this thread doesn't have them, so it might just be an error from the propmakers specific to this blaster.
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