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  1. Congrats to your BBB day! Enjoy the building time.
  2. Hey Great work with the capacitors. Shape and size are perfect. The only thing that you should think about is the diameter of the wires of your caps and resistors. They are much to big. It will be hard to make the front connection. A smaller wire makes the job much easier. 0.7mm (1/36“) is the diameter of the Original ones. Here some pictures to show the difference. Cheers Christian
  3. Welcome to the white zone and congrats to your approval!
  4. Hi, the rivets are ok for basic approval. For Expert Infantry or Centurion you need to change two things: - no rivets are allowed at the sniper knee. - the rivets for the Ammo Belt need to be solid headed and no Pop-rivets. Cheers Christian
  5. Well to be honest, it’s a detail you can hardly see once the cylinders are complete. But great to know it’s there, though.
  6. Well done Andrew. I agree with the suggestions about the strapping. But that’s not a big deal.
  7. Good work so far! My tip for the inner cylinders: I mixed some fine sand into the paint to imitate the ceramic look.
  8. Wow, the trailer is looking great! I’m looking forward for the complete film!
  9. Great build! I especially like the comparison with the RS Blaster and I want to agree that your Blaster is the better one!
  10. The only cooling I ever needed is one in the helmet for fresh air support. If your armor is not too close-fitting every light breeze will go through your armor and effectively cool you down.
  11. There is no finish you can damage or remove. It is all simple ABS. I would be careful while wet sanding the damaged area because everything you sand needs to be polished afterwards. Once you use the level 3 polish it makes sense to include the surrounding area to remove any borders.
  12. If you start polishing the ABS, the paint will come off naturally. You can use Novus 123 polish. It is well known here for great results. You get three bottles with polishing Fluid to go from rough to mirror like shine. Oh, I didn’t type quick enough.
  13. Hi Dan, great work with the frown. Looking great now! About your Acetone accident: if the main part of the damage is hidden by the belt it is not that bad. Did you try to polish the area to make it shine again? Might look better than painting. Cheers Christian
  14. Hallo and welcome! At least you need to change the ABS belt against a canvas belt. Velcro is totally acceptable to connect the belt to the armor but snaps are the more durable solution. I would recommend to install a new strapping. The SDS strapping I know is crap. Everything else is depending of your GML.
  15. I helped Mark to achieve EI and Centurion a while ago. Working on his brothers armor now.
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