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  1. Hehe, you don't know me But beginning with this helmet would be a good starting point I think. Nice tutorial and you troopers are here to help when I crash BTW it would be fun to build a stormtrooper helmet with intercom when I'm flying my gyrocopter, I have one pair of DC One-X headset that needs to be under the helmet. Maybe I have to cast that helmet from scratch since it doesn't make sense to buy a nice helmet and rip out everything just to put the headset in...
  2. Came here because I love Stormtrooper but I'm also really bad at making a costume myself I'm a lot better at computers and electronics than I'm at bulding stuff like this. So any suggestion on a nice armor that is not to far away from the movies but not as expensive as the ones licensed etc. Thinking of the helmet "Star Wars Black Series - First Order Stormtrooper Electronic Helmet" and build an armor for that.
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