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  1. thanks for the suggestions! I want this to be as accurate as possible, so I'll make those adjustments. I'm actually a teenager, not an adult. That's why it all looks a bit wonky, cause I'm about 5"5 tall, and the templates I'm using were meant for a 5'8 tall person.
  2. test fit the chest flares out at the sides way too much, so my dad suggested a side strap, like the ones on ROTK's. I'll probably do that.
  3. WIP neck seal I took some more of those bucket seals and cut them in half, then CA glue'd them together. the glue made white marks though, so I'm planning on painting it with black plastidip.
  4. helmet trim and visor done the visor is just two layers of tint, one green and one black/gray for the rubber trim, I took this rubber bucket trim, cut it in half, the sliced it down the middle, and wedged the edge of the helmet int the slit. now I gotta add padding, then the helmet will be done!
  5. so awhile ago our trampoline broke, and I saved this small scrap. I cut it and used it for the mouth piece. I like how it looks compared to the usual mesh. I also added the bicep to forearm elastic piece. now I just need to add a visor and rubber trim to the helmet, a neck seal, boots, finish the holster, and a compression top and I'll be done with this whole thing!
  6. finished details on the helmet! first i started with black then the gray parts then I touched-up with some white paint. this part took awhile cause I messed up alot. then the black stripes tube stripes, ear bar, and mic-tips, and I'm done! now I just have to add glossifier to it. I finished the glossifier on these parts aswell.
  7. thanks! all those hours of staring at reference pics and build threads is paying off. I added the ab dots then i repainted the ab, forearms, shoulders, backplate, and helmet, and painted the chestplate and shoulder straps. I just have to add glossifier to them. after that I painted the ab dots with some citadel model paint (Macragge Blue) and (Dawnstone)
  8. a few days ago my rubber blaster from imperial warfighters came in. I also finished the belt, ammo belt, and WIP holster entire lower body test fit with imperial warfighters blaster in holster the imperial warfighters blaster is too heavy for the holster and keeps pulling it down, so if I need to have the blaster holsterd for a longer peirod of time i'll have to use the rubies blaster. I also added the pyramids to the knee and the thigh ammo belt to the thigh
  9. alright that after alot of peeling and scraping I got off the plastidip and primer on the front face only, so now i just need to repaint then the decals and NO MASKING TAPE!!!! I left the primer on the vocoder, mic tips, and teeth cause I don’t think I need to scrape it off there.
  10. update: I tried to mask off the vocoder area, but the masking tape peeled off the plastidip. i'm so angry right now. I feel like screaming. my dad suggested cutting off a the plastidip of the entire lower face till the crease so it will be less noticeable, then repaint. if that doesnt work i'll have to peel it all of the whole helmet and paint it all again. arrrgh
  11. thanks! and yup, im painting it with plastidip just like the armor, so it should match perfectly. ok finished plastidip on the helmet im quite happy with it. now i just gotta paint the details and add the gloss top coat.
  12. finished filler primer the seam is still barely visible, but im not too worried about it. I'll probably just sand it a little more. after that, I'll use plastidip then paint the details.
  13. sanded the seam again. i'm gonna add some filler primer so I can see how it looks so far. also sanded the logos and stuff on the back before after
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