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  1. Added putty to the main body And sanded the part that goes near the front and the part near the bolt. Before sanding After sanding During sanding I accidentally ripped off a few layers of print lines on one of them, but spot putty should fix that right up. One question: those two pieces are identical right? they don't seem any different to me, so they should be interchangeable?
  2. Sanded the whole thing with 320 then 400 grit again just to get it more smooth, and added spot putty to the seam. Then sanded the spot putty Sanded the front sight and other thingy that goes on the back idk what its called To sand in between the dip in the sights and under it I used a pen wrapped in sandpaper and a small brush also wrapped in sandpaper. Then added both to the main body.
  3. So I was wondering, do y’all think I should sand the parts, put them together then primer and paint? Or sand, primer, paint then put them together? Thanks
  4. Glued the barrel and the base together with super glue, then sanded the seam to clean up the excess glue. I'll add a bit of spot putty to the seam later.
  5. Barrel sanded Before: After sanding Just gotta pick out all the little plastic strands on the inside, then it'll be ready for filler primer along with the base. Definitely going much faster than I thought, gonna have to change the title now lol. How do you change titles?
  6. Starting working on the base Here's it before sanding: And here's it after 80 grit: After 220 grit I accidentally cracked it somehow during sanding. Easy fix, I just used some super glue later and a little sanding. 320 grit 400 grit Got that done in a day, so maybe this build won't be as slow as I thought.
  7. Handle was a little sticky, so I sanded it down and repainted it and it was good. Masked off the bolt and painted it silver Masked off the t-tracks, scope, back cap and handle, then painted them semi-gloss black. Then it was unmasked, and I glued on the power cylinders, and here's it now. I'm currently debating on whether i should weather it lightly and make some sort of lenses for the scope. I think it's looking pretty good right now though, and I like it.
  8. MWB (medium white box) day! Got it from trooper @trooper96 here on FISD. Thank you Bryan!
  9. Yep, decided to take everyone’s advice and got on the ATA bucket waitlist instead.
  10. huh, I looked again and it seems like the mesh is only missing in the right mic tip
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274929518254?hash=item40031386ae:g:7LsAAOSwZuNhL2Dm saw this. Does it look good? I noticed the mic tip mesh seems to be missing and the left tube stripes are a little crooked. Would like some advice on how it looks and if it would be worth it.
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