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  1. One thing I wanted to point out, the red officers have different blaster pistols than the grunts, and aren’t seen with rifles. At the end of Mando’s “hallway scene”, he kills two red officers and takes their blaster pistols. Bad pic, but you can see them here. And here, slightly, but the different handle is distinct. Compared to grunt pistol. I believe Skylu3d is currently making the red Commander pistol variant.
  2. Touched up the wash in some areas where it didn’t completely flow into the cracks, then matte clear coated. I didn’t have spray clear on hand so I used brush-on. Looks pretty good.
  3. Thank you! Wasn’t planning on a mud coat, loos pretty grimy enough as-is imo.
  4. Added weathering to rubies blaster. Did a silver drybrush on edges minus T tracks and handle, copper drybush on scope, and two coats of a brown wash over the whole thing. Next up is clear coat which is why I masked the scope lens. Really happy with the result added silver on the selector switch as well I made the wash by mixing some old acrylics and Vallejo pigments
  5. Went to the zoo last Sunday, got to meet some members of the 501st and rebel legion! Was definitely a cool experience. Took my rebel helmet as candy bucket again Officer in this pic let me hold his se-14. penguins! Got a lot of compliments on the costume, as well as a lot of kids pointing and saying “Star Wars guy!” Lol. Very fun overall, but also very tiring being in the suit for a few hours. also added some greeblies and panels to the hengstler counter on the rubies blaster to make it a little more accurate and nicer looking. They’re make of polystyrene sheet, and the clear piece i just cut from something random I had. Going to add silver and bronze weathering, debating on if I should add a little dirt or not. Before greeblies greeblies after greeblies this next piece here I had to heat gun then flatten with a book to glue it right since it was slightly curved and much thicker and wider than the other pieces. The clear piece is over the numbers sticker, I used e-6000 for that one. The rest I just superglued, then touched up with some extra black paint to cover up the superglue leaking out.
  6. Oh that’s a good idea. Might give it a go sometime, probably won’t have it in time for Halloween though.
  7. Went to the local church’s trunk n’ treat. Mostly hung out with friends and messed around in costume. Was pretty fun.
  8. Adding some more to the rubies blaster, finally plugged up the holes in the scope with cut-up sunglasses lense. I cut it to fit almost perfectly in the holes then superglued it in. I know super glue on clear stuff is a no-no but eh I’m lazy. Turned out okay, I just had to touch up the edge of the scope with some extra gloss black paint. before after Really happy with how it turned out. I found this flashlight I might try to attach to the blaster cause it’s a good size and looks the part. Im still thinking about how to attach it well and make it removable. It does have a clip on the side that may help with that. Any ideas?
  9. Pretty much done! Accidentally broke off part of the Rubie’s blaster while suiting up
  10. Here it is in different lighting, as you can see it’s much darker. I’ll do a test fit of the whole thing sometime over the weekend
  11. So I didn’t really feel like doing the same sponge/paper towel dabbing process on the cape for the weathering, and wasn’t too happy with the color in the first place since it was really light and not black enough. So I went the lazy route and roughly spray-painted it black and sprayed grey on the edges for mud. I didn’t completely cover it in black so it has a slightly worn look. In some images it looks a little too saturated, but it’s pretty dull irl.
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