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  1. to combat the sqeakyness of the plastidip surface, I coated the armor in this silicone spray: here's a test of the sprayed shoulders vs. the non-sprayed thighs
  2. https://www.etsy.com/listing/692184744/stormtrooper-helmet-stormtrooper-white?ref=shop_home_active_25&frs=1&crt=1&variation0=1641137882 looks pretty accurate to me, what do y’all think?
  3. added a clip detail a safety switch the bolt stripe sanded down the t-tracks i sanded right through the top track, so I gotta fill that with bondo now. and the new resin power cylinders came in it's much more sturdy and durable than the previous 3d-printed one I had.
  4. i decided to upgrade my rubies e-11 with some more greeblies to make it more accurate. i made them out of polystyene, toothpicks and random stuff. im planning on sanding down the T-tracks some more. it did have the power cylinders, but they were 3d printed and kept breaking. Im getting new ones soon. im gonna repaint it after sanding the t-tracks more.
  5. cut out the eyes and added some details. for these parts, I traced the side of the head onto the paper side of adhesive craft foam, stuck them on, trimmed them a bit, beveled the top part to make it more seamless, then cut the grooves and hit them with a heat gun to widen them. I cut some grooves going across the helmet too, but they're harder to see cause of all the sharpie lines. I've already started filling the seams. more pics coming soon.
  6. I'm pretty sure this doesn't count as a costume, but whatever. I'll probably be making this out of foam and wood and whatever I can find. some planning and rough templates: I used scale factor on my (broken) black series battle droid to roughly determine the head size. Pics of the head so far: I'm basing this off of the Clone Wars season 7 and the Bad Batch since the realistic movie style is way too complicated.
  7. Sorry for being a month late, I was kinda procrastinating on uploading it. It was pretty fun walking around, everyone wanted pictures . I tried staying in character as often as possible, and even stopped a car and asked if they had seen a golden protocol droid and a blue astromech I did learn a few things about the suit: It wasn't as uncomfortable as i thought it would be. maybe cause it's foam and not plastic like all of your guys' armor. It's HOT. when I was walking inside I was boiling, however it was a breezy day outside, so i was fine while outside. after a few hours out there walking around, I was pooped. luckily I'm made of squishy flexible foam, so I could sit down (sorta) and take a rest. I was a bit sore the next day. Its annoyingly loud. the plastidip coated surfaces rubbing together as I walked made a loud squeaky sound, and it sounds very dumb. we all know stormtroopers make a "clack clack clack" not a"squeak squeak squeak" when they walk I'm thinking of painting the suit with plain old gloss white spray paint to reduce the squeaks and make the texture less rubbery. every now and then one of the shins would ride up on the boots and there would be a gap above the boots and the shin would be all twisted. so I might put some velcro on the boot and inside of the shin to remedy this. I also noticed That some plastidip on the caulk seams on the chest started peeling. I'm not too worried about it, I'll probably just clean that up before re painting with the gloss white spray paint. I'm also contemplating making a new foam helmet or finishing that paper/pepakura one just for the heck of it, but I'm not sure yet. Do y'all think I should? If so, which option seems ideal?
  8. So with May the Fourth just around the corner, I plan on trooping outside of my parents restaurant. Wish me luck guys
  9. Alright, I made a suit up video. After that I walked around outside for awhile and waved to some cars. It was pretty fun
  10. Wow really? Thanks I would love to be featured! thanks!
  11. almost almost done!!! action!!! and on second thought, I've decided to do what Ukswrath (Tony) suggested, and shorten the biceps, so that's what I'll do. please feel free to criticize, and tell me if I should change anything for accuracy.
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