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  1. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    Here you go
  2. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    Bear in mind when you do the trimming that the bells do not want to sit flat. This results in that gap most RS owners seem to get between the bells and chest plate. You want to curve the sides of the bells so they sit closer to the chest plate.
  3. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with your thighs as they are, Sven. Definitely no need to buy a new pair. I was simply pointing out how to avoid the large mismatch you have so you, and others reading, can avoid this in the future. If you trim them as I have shown then they will feel and look much better
  4. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    What I meant was that I would have put the joining strips angled to use more of the inner halves of the thighs, keeping the original shape and not having such a mismatch. You can see the blue lines Sven has used and the red lines I would have used. You end up with a similar result once trimmed but I think it's better to use more on the inner halves if possible. The halves are not always equal on both sides when you do your measuring so keep that in mind for future builds
  5. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    I would have finished the thighs like this.
  6. troopermaster

    ANH Stunt TK in Germany

    If you are trying to replicate the original strapping, only the right hand side white shoulder elastic has a snap fastener connecting it to the chest plate. The left side strap is glued directly to the chest and back. Just an FYI
  7. troopermaster

    Jeff's ANH Stunt (RS) Build

    I like it and it matches the original RS armour
  8. troopermaster

    Linus' ANH Stunt Build (TM)

    They are not mismatched, just trimmed a bit too much. Armour is designed to be a certain size so once you start trimming more than intended, that's when the gaps appear and the extra work begins.
  9. troopermaster

    Linus' ANH Stunt Build (TM)

    It looks like you have trimmed a fair amount of plastic from the calves. I prefer not to trim parts too small, even if the wearer is very thin because you end up with gaps like you have and it can be hard to get them to close up. I think it's better to to pad out armour and keep the armour looking more natural. What I would do in this situation is to tape the parts closed with a slight overlap and warm up the front shin area with a heat gun to allow the parts to bend. This can be a dangerous move if you are not experienced with a heat gun but if you take it steady and you will be fine. It might take several attempts to get the parts to close up but you will get there. Alternatively, go with the hot water method. I have never used this personally but many have with great results. Good luck
  10. troopermaster

    AT-AT Commander helmet

    Here are some photos of a commission I just finished.
  11. troopermaster

    Attaching holster to belt question...

    Single capped rivets were used to attach the ammo belt to the canvas belt but pop rivets with backing washer were used to attach the holster.
  12. troopermaster

    Return Edge Thighs

    It's better to leave a small return edge on all the parts if possible, with the exception of the wrist and inner forearm scoop. Trimming the return edge does not make the parts any bigger in reality, especially when you are talking about a few millimetres, and they shouldn't be assembled so tightly that you need to remove the return edge. If you need to trim any parts shorter then fair do's, but if you need extra room then simply shim the parts and keep a small return edge. It looks more professional and was an intended look for the armour.
  13. troopermaster

    Bumpy TK Build - Help needed (2mm ABS)

    No warping there. That's how you armour was formed. It is ATA or maybe WTF?
  14. troopermaster

    Imperial Snowtrooper [TM]

    Here are some photos of a full commission I recently finished.
  15. Looking at your photos it appears to be the shape of your abdomen plate that is causing the problem. The sides are too tall so they are essentially pushing up your chest plate and not allowing the middle of the chest plate to hang down lower.