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  1. Hi Mike, I you are looking for a microphone for voice amplification I would recommend a good throat microphone. I have tested various types of microphones but the only one that is absolutely immune against feedback or picking up the sound of the audience behind me is the throat mic. No matter how loud the speaker and where you install it your voice is loud and clear without any feedback. The bad thing with this solution: a professional throat mic is not cheap and you might have to change the plugs because the good microphones are for professional radio devices and don´t fit
  2. Hi Art, welcome to the white zone! If you need any help don´t hesitate to ask all your questions. We are happy to help you. All the best! Christian
  3. Hello Ryan, welcome to the FISD! If you are not sure about the costume, why not doing both. Start with the TK because it is easier to build and after some trooping experience go for the Clone. BTW: my favorite is the OT Stormtrooper since I saw them the first time. All the best! Christian
  4. Hi, the shape of your helmet is looking perfectly accurate.
  5. Hi Johan, they indeed look quite bulky and much bigger than the forearms. I made the upper armor so big that there are two fingers space when I contract my biceps muscle. I would suggest that you reduce the size of upper arms and try them again, using painters tape to hold them together. But don’t cut off any material until you are happy with the look and feel of the parts. Cheers Christian
  6. As much as I love my Anovos TK, I wouldn’t order one a second time. Their delivery time is way too long and if you need replacement parts I assume that you will never get any. But If you can get an unmade kit from someone else for a good price it's definitely an option. Cheers Christian
  7. If you are looking for maximum movie accuracy go for RS. Shepperton is ok but RS is way more accurate.
  8. Hi Laura, welcome to the FISD! I´m sure you find someone near your location, helping you to start your build. Meanwhile have a look around here. You will find tons of good information for your plans in THIS section. Don´t miss the "Getting Started". There you find some vital informaitions about what to do and what to avoid when looking for an armor. Cheers Christian
  9. For the main connections I used the delivered velcro to install the snaps and glued the velcro with E-6000 onto the armor. For the few parts the velcro didn’t work well I used scrap ABS. You have more then enough after trimming. This way the only parts I had to buy were the snaps. I’m not sure where to buy a complete strapping kit. Didn’t find one at Trooperbay. But why buying stuff you already have?
  10. Impressive work! I’m looking forward to the next updates.
  11. Hello and welcome to the FISD. The RS Kit is a very good choice. As grmhodes13 said are some modifications necessary to approve the black series helmet. If you are going to build a TK from ANH or ESB you have to fill all the recesses of the tears, tube stripes and rear traps. The ears have also to be reshaped and of course the gaps of the battery cover have to be closed. If you want to make a R1 TK then only the battery cover has to go. But with the RS armor I think you want to build a classic TK and IMHO it is far more easy to use a RS helmet kit. Best rega
  12. Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  13. I absolutely recommend the solution posted by themaninthesuitcase. I successfully repaired some cracks of my Anovos armor using that method. Instead of superglue I used E6000. Good luck with the repair! Christian
  14. Hi Nate and welcome to the white zone.
  15. Hello Natalie welcome to the white zone.
  16. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It was great fun to read it! Great job!
  17. Moin congrats to your approval and welcome to the FISD! Your teaser photo is looking very cool. I'm looking forward for more like this. Did you have look at the advanced tactics ptogram? I would really recommend to check it out. You will see that often only a few things are needed to make your armor as accurate as possible. Grüße aus Jever! Christian
  18. Congratulations to your BBB -Day. A long waiting time gave me the patience to soak in all the precious information that lead me to Centurion. I see that you are well prepared too. I wish you the best of luck for your build as well a steady hand, a level head and a sharp eye. Cheers Christian
  19. Hi Sergio, congratulations to your armor. RS is making great quality. Though adjustments are needed if you buy a fully commissioned armor that is not made to your individual size. For a basic approval a small gap should be no problem. But if you want a more accurate look close it. Installing shims is the solution... or reducing your size.
  20. Hello and welcome back! Im sorry to hear about your loss but it is great that you have chosen to return to the FISD now. If you need a big chestplate contact RT. As far as I know is the RT armor the biggest armor available. AM armor is a little bit smaller than the RT. Finally there is TM. It is a little bit bigger than the original suits but smaller then RT or AM. If you ask me about your shins: leave them as they are. The look is absolutely screen accurate. The original suits had the shins mixed up in every possible way. If they are comfortable to wear and you like the w
  21. Hi Cat, welcome to the FISD! You came to the right place for your build. As Joseph said, check the advanced tactics area to see what's possible. Cheers Christian
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