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  1. Yep. I am a slave to that section currently and using those same ref pics. Just making sure some genius hasn't already posted specific measurements of the screw placement before I start making holes. Thanks
  2. Out of curiosity... ..Is there a specific screw placement for the TD? I'm fabbing my own clips - 25mm x 2mm alloy flat bar with pan-head, slotted m4 screws - painted black. Going by ref pics I can eye-ball it but wondered if there's an accurate placement. TIA
  3. E6000 is genuine US branded product I have already from previous jobs I have good sources for that kind of stuff thanks to plenty of previous hobby time. Funnily enough I think I read about the camping snaps. Thanks. I'll keep looking for a source for those. I have stuff like snap stters, punches, rivet guns, most tools etc etc already so I think it's going to be fun.
  4. I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured I'd stick it here. Working on a cheap alternative way to bring the armour to life and keep in character if ever required..ok, ok...I did it for fun and I can't afford an iComm etc
  5. Just joined ukgarrison to try to get a little more local help in the building process. E6000 was easy to find as was 99% of the parts I need, like I say main problem I'm stuck at is the snaps/poppers as they seem to be quite niche if I want to be at least somewhat accurate so if anyone has links that'd be great. If not I'll just have to make do as I have found them, just not to the same specs as required. I'll keep at it.
  6. Thank you..I've put in a few hours already and I'm sure there's going to be a lot more. The E-11 was a DoopyDoo kit. There's a couple other bits on the page I mentioned. You might like it if you like Halo. Thanks. Massively intimidated by the ferocity of accuracy with this build but to be honest my biggest struggle is sourcing bits n pieces in the UK..do you guys have like a secret stash of snaps and poppers and screws somewhere
  7. Thanks . While I'm here...I'm really struggling to find the line 24 snaps in the uk - looking at thirty pounds for a set of four which seems pretty extreme does anyone have a uk source/link for these. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm starting an ANH stunt build, helmet first. I have some mic tips - interior is white, exterior black, wide hole mesh fitted flush(ish) with the front. Not sure if I needed to paint the front thin leading edge - the 'tops' if you like that surround the mesh - as I hear that needs to white, it's currently black. Can anyone advise if these will pass level 2 as that's what I'm going for and if the edges need to be white. TIA
  9. Hi from the UK, Just about to spend many hours reading, researching and asking questions to try to get a stormy suit assembled to a reasonable standard. Not touched the white stuff before but I do have a little crafty experience from a couple of bits in the past I had a Fb page called Pepakura Heroes a few years back that was a diary of some things I made...including an E-11. I'm in my late 40s so probably a mid-life thing but of course it's been a dream for decades so I figure I'd come here and hopefully you guys can help me out - you're my only hope.
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