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  1. AngryEwok

    KMan's HWT side-track

    This is great. As soon as time permits, I'll try to make use of your great vent box. Congrats!
  2. AngryEwok

    Removable weathering

    Never thought of doing something like that. I have a feeling my fiance would be happy to pelt me with tennis balls.
  3. 92184 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27519
  4. AngryEwok

    I just wanted to show off

    Awesome idea.
  5. AngryEwok

    What do you have?

    Hopefully I'll have an L3 ANH TIE Pilot and Centurion ANH-S TK by the end of the year, I plan on displaying both on mannequins in my office/study.
  6. It looks great. I'm glad you fixed that gap. That particular scene you referenced isn't the best, as far as being a measuring stick for our armor goes... if I'm not mistaken, the same trooper's entire right arm configuration begins to fall off by the end of the scene. I've always wondered what was going on, on the set that day.
  7. AngryEwok

    Sinulog 2018

    That is awesome, thanks for sharing,
  8. Sent. I’d be totally lost on my ongoing TK build without the FISD forums. 3T263720XT623783A
  9. If you want to build an EA BFII Heavy, you basically need to be referred to the ANH:SE Sandtrooper CRL at the MEPD.
  10. AngryEwok

    NEW boot source!

    I'm guessing it has more to do with competition making good/equal quality boots. Shame. I like my tkboots.
  11. AngryEwok

    TK Pre-Approval Program Overview

    This will be extremely helpful for the applicants and the GMLs, and will probably also encourage more people to go EIB and Centurion. Hopefully you'll see my thread here, soon.
  12. I’ll be watching to see how this shim plays out as I was planning on having to extend the existing piece rather than introducing what for me could be called a love handle plate.
  13. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    I'm taking a look at the thermal detonator, next. The tube from Anovos is roughly 7.5", which is going to be too long for Centurion. While it is basically impossible to have the exact dimensions of the screen-used thermal detonator (left) without resculpting the Anovos control panel (right), the idea is to stay as true-as-possible to the proportions. This means cutting the tube down 8mm before proceeding. I've asked a friend to do this for me as I don't really have a lot of tools for sawing/grinding. In the meantime, the screws that Anovos includes are also incorrect: I'll need to get my hands on some panhead scews (I thought I ordered some from Joseph a few months ago, but I can't find them). Lastly, I'm going to wait and see about leaving the clips curved or straightening them to be more screen-accurate. Update 1/06/18 Didn't cook breakfast, but I boiled some plastic. After cutting 80mm off of the tube, my thermal detonator ends up being 186mm with caps. That's only 2mm bigger than the screen-used prop I was using as my model. Now I have to find those panhead screws. I'll make sure to set the clips much closer to the caps than what I have in the picture below... Update 1/12/18 I've had a crazy week. Grandma had a major stroke and so I spent a several days with her in the hospital, then I had to take the GRE for grad school (I scored a 295, I needed a 300), now Spring semester has begun and I'm in two upper level classes, working full-time, and getting married in May. Anyway!-- I ordered a second set of panhead screws from Joseph and installed them today. I'll have the plate glued in place and the screws painted and tightened down this weekend. Update 1/18/18 Joseph's panhead screws received, installed, and painted. Thermal detonator is complete and should be approvable at Centurion. Update 2/13/18 Fortunately, my grandma is doing very, very well after her stroke. Thank God. Also, even though I scored a disappointing 295 on the GRE, I was accepted into Graduate School on the basis of my sample writing and recommendations! And! Someone from the local garrison has offered to make a trip out here to help me out with fitting the TK armor, which is yet another reason for my standstill. Update 2/18/18 Jon (TK12569) went an hour or so out of his way to come over to my house and look at my armor and show me what needs to happen next in my build. He pointed out the return edges that need to be removed, and also gave me direction on how to mark and remove excess material before setting cover strips down. Once I've got that done, he'll help me with the fitting. This was actually my first opportunity to see a Centurion Stormtrooper in person. I really liked the Mr. No Stripes brackets, Pencap510's Thigh Garter System, and the TKittell belt. Jon loaned me all the Humbrol paints I will need for ab buttons and helmet touch-ups, loaned me an awesome plexan cutter, and gave me lots of material for the shoulder cover elastic retainers and even some webbing to hold my ab and kidney plates together. Last but not least, Jon gave me an Alabama Garrison challenge coin and lapel pin. Really fun, encouraging, helpful visit.
  14. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Had a little fun, today... (Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful!) I'm guessing I'll need to trim at least two inches off of the top of thighs, which I guess means I'll need to recreate the return edges? I also forgot to trim the sides off of the thigh ammo pack, which is an easy fix, of course.