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  1. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Forearms are basically done, except for the outer strips. I'm going to wait to see how everything lines up before setting the strips down, so that I can get the straightest line possible. Meanwhile, I've started painting the ab buttons. I'm sure it'll take me two hours of research to figure out where I need to trim this for Centurion...
  2. AngryEwok

    Timed armor up and a surprise photobomb!

    That was a fun video. Thanks for sharing!
  3. AngryEwok

    Could *my height* be a distraction???

    I'm 5'6 -ish plain clothes and headed to Centurion, hopefully. I have 1.5" risers, but will probably ditch them and troop comfortable instead.
  4. AngryEwok

    E-11 Options

    I’ve got an Imperial Warfighters ordered because I’ve seen it approved at Centurion out of the box and I needed something affordable and durable.
  5. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Trimming these lines was definitely not easy. The right leg basically lacked any defined return edge and so I had to freehand it. In any case, the pieces miraculously lined up fairly nicely despite the asymmetry of the armor and skillset of the armorer... Both legs now have an inner strip at the front... ...and now we wait.
  6. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Today I started work on my shins. This was a huge step for me as I'll admit to having very little confidence in myself when it comes to doing this kind of stuff. Jon was really gracious and endured my texting him questions and in-progress pictures throughout the day. We started the day trying to figure out which of the four shin pieces belonged together. Next, I had to find the return edges on each piece and mark off 10mm on each side so that the 20mm strip lands more-or-less directly on the return edges of both.
  7. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Biceps are glued. Only thing left is the cover strips. I also ordered Pencap510's Thigh Garter System.
  8. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Gluing inner strips, today.
  9. AngryEwok

    Bradley's ANH Stunt Build [Anovos]

    Update 3/9/19 Yes, it has been 13 months since I last worked on my TK armor. But! My goal is to have the armor finished and approved as Centurion in time to troop on May 4th of this year. Today, Jon (TK12569) came back to my house and we made huge progress knocking out return edges on the entire kit and we even got the fitting and gluing started on the arms. Cannot express how grateful I am for Jon's time, enthusiasm, patience, etc.
  10. AngryEwok

    KMan's HWT side-track

    This is great. As soon as time permits, I'll try to make use of your great vent box. Congrats!
  11. AngryEwok

    Removable weathering

    Never thought of doing something like that. I have a feeling my fiance would be happy to pelt me with tennis balls.
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  13. AngryEwok

    I just wanted to show off

    Awesome idea.
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