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  1. Safe travels on the move, Joseph! You'll be a huge asset to your new garrison!
  2. I see they are just as reliable with distributing e-mails as they are their product. I haven't seen this "apology" in my inbox and I waited fourteen months for a TK kit, received two TK kits, and a year later was asked if I still wanted one. They have great products, in my experience, glad to hear they're finally aware of their reputation in the community with regards to pre-orders.
  3. I've heard fans say that to taller TK's, too. It's just one of those lines in the movie people are able to remember. I kinda roll my eyes anytime someone says to our Vader, "I am your father" but whatever, we're all having fun.
  4. Fellow 5'6 170-ish, following with interest!
  5. Can't wait to get my E-11 from Imperial Warfighters!
  6. So I'm about 5'6 or so, meaning the thighs are probably about an inch or two too long. Here are some concerns I have: Should I have the body pretty much finished before I begin trimming length off of the legs? Should the inner strips of the thighs be glued in place before I begin trimming to fit me lengthwise? In order to trim off the top, have I got the right idea of where to trim the thighs lengthwise? Notice the double line indicates where I will attempt to form a new return edge on the outsides of the thighs.
  7. I'm pretty happy with this. But is it Centurion worthy? Do note the pieces are not glued in place, I just put them there for the picture.
  8. Boring update... first inner strip on the right shin is down. Will glue inner strip of left shin tonight.
  9. Correct screws are in place and drying. Thanks again, @TheSwede, for your help on that! I think all that I have left to do on this helmet to be Centurion -ready is paint the hovi tips white.
  10. @TheSwede Do you know if these 1" will work? Thanks!
  11. You're right, I'm pretty sure those are indeed panheads. I wish I had known this before I went out and put panheads on my TD. Haha! But this is exactly why I've got the build thread. I guess I'm headed to the hardware store for #6 slotted flatheads, today.
  12. Checking out my helmet, making sure it is Centurion -ready. S -trim is good... Flathead style screws are good...
  13. Thanks for the reference shot! Humbrol #5 is drying right now! How's this look?
  14. Forearms are basically done, except for the outer strips. I'm going to wait to see how everything lines up before setting the strips down, so that I can get the straightest line possible. Meanwhile, I've started painting the ab buttons. I'm sure it'll take me two hours of research to figure out where I need to trim this for Centurion...
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