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  1. Just glad we started trimming the armor. Some parts we printed
  2. Managed to link up with Jeff today and get some work done on my TK! We trimmed armor and had to resize the breastplate as it seemed too large After the breast plate was cut. Moved on to bondo and sand the seams on the helmet. Made some progress today but I had to leave as the military was (Literally) calling Jeff may or may not add his own two cents. Anyway, I hope to get more accomplished soon. Still waiting on my undershirt and gaskets from darkside closet. Thanks for your interest!
  3. So after putting filler primer on the helmet pieces and sanding with 220 grit, it was time to begin assembling the bucket. Jeff cut small tabs of sintra and used them to help reinforce the inside seams Still have some of the face greeblies to smooth out before they can be attached. Hopefully I can take another weekend and we can knock more of this out. That's it for now folks!
  4. So Jeff invested in an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro resin printer. Printed a coulpe of the Helmet greeblies and I gotta say, the came out amazing! After seeing how great these came out, I'm going to have to save up my money from my paper route and get one. I'm completely sold on these
  5. The saga continues. This is 2 days worth of work in the following photos. I've sanded the major parts of the bucket and put filler on them. One part I found slightly aggravating was the vents I then began sanding the smaller parts. Jeff worked on the belt and then the lenses. Jeff also trimmed the breastplate and back plate That's it for now. Been super busy at work. I'll try to post more often. Thanks!!
  6. Thanks!! trying to get over to Jeff's as often as possible! Hopefully, we can take a weekend and get much more knocked out.
  7. Well after a series of unfortunate events (No reference to the book), I managed to get over to 11b30b4's workshop and resume my Rogue One TK build. Sanding, sanding and more sanding as usual Got a general idea of the placement of the torso and Jeff worked on the belt That's it for now. Just wanted to post a quick update. Was down and out with COVID 19 and my truck completely died on me but back at 100% now. Hoping to get back at it full bore. Thanks for the interest folks!
  8. Why yes Jeff, There was. Allow me to expound on that. My Rogue One TK gloves arrived from Endor Finders You all will be pleased to know that my hands are still the same size they were when I ordered the gloves After helping Jeff send one of his helmets, I started sanding the pieces of my TK helmet. PETG is pretty tough Also managed to get my measurements for my undersuit top that I ordered from Darkside Closet We've kicked it back in gear. Unfortunately, I will probably be away on military duty till the end of Augu
  9. Bought a pair of compression pants and ordered my undersuit shirt and knee gaskets form darkside closet yesterday!
  10. Thanks! On a side note, should this WIP be moved to the other Rogue One build forum? I think I mistakenly posted here.
  11. Finished printing the helmet
  12. Please add me to the chart. I guess we started 01 July 2020 with the 850 AW and Nico's 3d file
  13. Thanks Everyone! I just saw the actual build thread. Should this WIP be moved or am I good here?
  14. Well I'm beginning the third part of my life as a Rogue One TK. The first being a Mandalorian Merc and second being a Biker Scout. Things have been on hold due to COVID 19 but we're starting back up slowly For the armor, I'm using 850 Armor Works R1TK kit Stole Images from Jeff For the helmet we used Nicos R1 3D File and it's currently printing We got the hovi mics and put those together The helmet is PETG as well as Jeff's Armor he's working on (11b30b4)
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