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  1. hello everyone, does one of you know which color white the shepperton armor is using or which is the closest?
  2. gmrhodes you are my hero. what would I do without you thank you very much for the information!
  3. hello everyone, I just wanted to ask where I get the individual parts for rotj tk for chest / back / abdomen / kidney & posterior armor? best regards marcel
  4. hello everyone, i just wanted to find out where to get the esb handplates? best regards marcel
  5. I now have even more questions and uncertainties about the red pauldron trooper. Who can I contact / write to directly to clear up these ambiguities before I start the wip? various things are already there.
  6. all right, thank you very much for the information. I'll think about it in the near future. best regards and good night
  7. that means I could make the tk version with the red pauldron and the weapons and would then have to contact the lmo to discuss further things, since the basic armor is the same as with other tks and therefore only the red pauldron would be the extra i see that right for the time being?
  8. that means it would not be allowed to wear a red pauldron, for example, because it is not listed in the drl although it does appear in games and series? how about the weapons of the grenade trooper, since these are rocket launchers and grenade launchers. would one then have to use the originals or what do they have to be from in order to be approved by the crl? also which rank / class assignment would the red pauldron be, since there are several assignments as written (grenadier, medic, commander, rocketlauncher)?
  9. Hello everyone, I have a question about a tk variant / rank. I keep seeing the tk with the red pauldron. in games (Battlefront, fallen order, jedi knight, etc) and also in animated series. there he is either a commander, grenadier trooper, rocket launchtrooper or he is also known as a medic. how about the crl? when will this trooper with the red pauldron be accepted into the crl or what do you have to do to get him accepted? best regards marcel
  10. this means that the markings on the helmets on rs etc are wrong because they are shown in mirror image and thus result in 2 different ranks. Does that mean when I add a rank it can always be seen from the same side and not as a mirror image, which of course also makes sense (and it is clearly in brackets in the marking list how the rank should be marked)? i.e. for example a sergent is marked from the left and from the right with empty, empty, line, line. mirror-image marking such as left blank, blank, line, line and right line, line, empty, empty would therefore be wrong right?
  11. Hello gmrhodes13, Thank you for your detailed answers. You helped me a lot with it :)
  12. Hello my troopers, I would like to bring my helmet up to scratch and would like to edit the rank. my questions about this are which ranking options are there? where are the black marks placed? directly on the knob or in between? I have already seen both variants and what is right now? Whats the color number/name i need? Thanks for your help. best regards marcel tk12813
  13. Hello my trooper colleagues, I have a question about the level of armor. and how about the admission if you want to improve your armor in the level. can you have each part removed individually or do you have to convert the entire armor and then allow it? Regards Marcel TK-12813
  14. Hello Troopers, I have a few questions about the care of our armor. How do you get rid of your scratches / glue residue / impurities / yellowing on the armor? how do you care for your white shoes after a strenuous troop so that they are clean again the next time?
  15. Hello, would like to make my trooper armor a little more user-friendly and attach connections from chest to abdomen. Can't decide between velcro and poppers. what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants? what is the best way to attach / glue them to the armor?
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