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  1. Hello my trooper colleagues, I have a question about the level of armor. and how about the admission if you want to improve your armor in the level. can you have each part removed individually or do you have to convert the entire armor and then allow it? Regards Marcel TK-12813
  2. Hello Troopers, I have a few questions about the care of our armor. How do you get rid of your scratches / glue residue / impurities / yellowing on the armor? how do you care for your white shoes after a strenuous troop so that they are clean again the next time?
  3. Hello, would like to make my trooper armor a little more user-friendly and attach connections from chest to abdomen. Can't decide between velcro and poppers. what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants? what is the best way to attach / glue them to the armor?
  4. Hello, I bought used imperial binders and I want to adjust them. I would have to replace the old magnets with new ones. Can someone tell me how I can get this out or what I can do to use stronger magnets or even a completely different solution to close the locking mechanism? Regards Marcel / TK-12813
  5. Hi jsilvius, thanks for your info. I'll get me right away and then try out some practice pieces. greetings marcel
  6. Hello Troopers, I have a question and I would like to make some improvements to my armor, which is made of ABS. Is there a special pair of scissors for ABS (thickness approx. 2mm) and what is it called? What do you have to watch out for with scissors with which you cut ABS because I want to do without a saw, Dremel, cutter. -Thank you for the answer- imperial greetings Marcel
  7. Hello, requesting acces, thanks TK-12813 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31877
  8. Hi Troopers, my name is Marcel and I come from Germany. I've been a Star Wars fan since childhood. I'm 39 and I'm really excited to be there. Imerial greetings
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