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  1. Hi mate, I didn't buy a Blaster from one of the linked vendors but after having a look at the two Blasters I would choose the first one because it is looking more accurate. The Shepperton Blaster is missing the D-Ring and the charging handle. The etsy-Blaster has no recoil spring but the end cap is removable so a spring is easy to install if you want one. Both Blaster should be fine for basic approval but the Shepperton will need the D-Ring and charging handle for higher levels. Then the etsy- seller is in Canada and the shipping will be faster and cheaper. I
  2. I had some cracks at several areas of my Anovos armor. I reinforced the area by laminating thin stripes of canvas with E6000 at these areas. That worked well so fare. Cheers Christian
  3. Hello Justin, welcome to the FISD! It's great to read that you already started your research. Choosing a type of armor is depending on many factors: Your body size, what kind of armor do you like the most (more movie-like or idealized), your budget and how patient you are (some makers have long waiting lists) There is a great thread about " The different types of armor and where to find them" in the "getting started" section. All these vendors offer great quality. And don't miss the "Advanced Tactics " section of the boards to see how few steps are needed to bring your armor
  4. Perhaps the manufacturer of the trim used some kind of oil to protect or preserve the rubber that caused the yellowing of the ABS. You can clean the trim and try again on some scrap ABS. Cheers Christian
  5. Looking good now. Just like the vocoder Tony posted.
  6. I uploaded the pictures I used for my blaster Stand to my Blaster-Album: <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.meyer-zurwelle.de/Novak%20Dimon%C2%B4s%20E11/Display%20Stand/index.html'>http://www.meyer-zurwelle.de/Novak%20Dimon%C2%B4s%20E11/Display%20Stand/index.html</a>
  7. The CLR don't say that you need a return edge.
  8. I installed a snap at the little straps of the boots and the counterpart at the shin. This prevents any movement of the shin.
  9. To avoid that we talk to the local police prior of an event to get a permit to carry replica weapons and inform the authorities about it. That makes sure that in the unlikely event that someone is calling the police because of armed persons, the officer on the phone is knowing what's going on. That system is working great so far.
  10. I bought a Hyperfirm E11 and a Bapty E11 in the US last year. German customs were mainly interested in the price to charge import taxes. The officer looked at the blasters, classified them as toys and asked for a bill of sales to calculate the import fee. Toy guns that look like real ones have to be stored in a locked container for transport. Important: Airsoft Guns with auto fire and an energy over 0.5 Joule are forbidden in Germany. All other airsoft guns with an energy over 7.5 Joule are classified as live weapons and you need a permit to own them.
  11. Wow, great work! Your Blaster is looking awesome!
  12. It's great that you had the chance to attend some build parties. Keep up the good work!
  13. Hi William, welcome to the white zone! <br> You came to the right place! Lots of information and helpful troopers here!<br> All the best!<br> Christian
  14. Hi mate, welcome to the FISD! You can request 501st access here:http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/ Cheers Christian
  15. That's true. But if you buy one you get the second for free so after all the price for a single kit is 300$.
  16. Great work with the paintjob. <br> But I agree with MrSnrub that the vocoder needs to be refined. <br> The ear he mentioned has truly enough material to make it a little bit slimmer. <br> Cheers <br> Christian
  17. How cool is that!? <br> I love it!!
  18. I bought 25 magnets with 10mm diameter and used clamps as well. You can never have enough magnets. For the 5th tooth: you can leave it white or paint it black or grey. Either way is good for Centurion. Here some examples from the Photo references gallery: Cheers Christian
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