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  1. I don’t think it is a disqualifier for Centurion. The CRL don’t mention it. But the original helmets had mostly angular holes:
  2. Congratulations for your BBB! Your patience will be very helpful for the building process. I would refine the cutouts of the teeth a little bit. The ones Anovos made have very rounded corners. I guess that are the „arches“ you mentioned. I would make them more angular: You can do that with key-files or a modeling scalpel. But be careful with the knife! The ABS is VERY thin there. Cheers Christian
  3. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks! Your armor is looking awesome!!
  4. Hi Stefanie, great job with your armor! Perhaps you should shorten the left thigh armor a little bit. It is looking a bit too long and I guess walking is difficult now. Keep up the great work. Cheers Christian
  5. Hello Cassandra and welcome to the FISD! You don’t need to be nervous, you will meet lots of great Trooper here and we are happy to help you as much as we can to make your journey a complete success! Best regards Christian
  6. Hi Stefanie, you can buy the Novus polish here: http://schleifartikel.com/epages/2e19cdcc-93fc-40bb-bebf-e0fad7f64e67.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/2e19cdcc-93fc-40bb-bebf-e0fad7f64e67/Products/33&Locale=de_DE You will see that the repaired spots will look like new after polishing. Cheers Christian
  7. Congratulations! You did a great work with your armor!
  8. Hi, great to see that the PayPal problem is solved! You will love the RS armor!
  9. Hi, AP and RS are both great kits. Especially the RS helmet is replicating all the bumps and irregularities of the surface the original parts had. If you prefere a more idealized look go for AP. You can build both kits up to Centurion without any problems and about trimming: don’t be afraid. It is much easier than you think. Just do it. Cheers Christian
  10. Good luck Mark... but I don´t think that you need it. Soon we will start your request for Centurion. Cheers Christian
  11. Had the same problem with a cheap one. A squadmate is using this type with voice activation without any problem: LINK It’s quite expensive and you have to solder a new plug because it is coming with a connector for professional radio equipment, but it is working perfectly. Cheers Christian
  12. Hey, congrats to your BBB day! I’m looking forward to see your build! Is it a TK UK kit? And if you have any questions feel free to ask! We will help as much as possible! Cheers Christian
  13. Hi, some people in Germany had problems with fake E6000 that came from China. The glue reacts with the plastic, creating bumps and warping. I have one spot on my chest Armor where I can see the snap and it’s plate under the Armor if you have the correct lighting conditions. When I first saw it, I took the snap off and the tiny bump disappeared. After glueing it again with less pressure it was better but still there. It is an Anovos Armor and I believe it is because the armor is so thin. It’s still there because you can only see it if you know that it’s there and are lying und
  14. Hi Benjamin, it means that the contours of the shins ist wrong way. You have to swap them to get the right shape. But then the shins open to the outer side but they are supposed to open at the inside. Here is the tutorial you are looking for: Cheers Christian
  15. Hi Rodney, you got a nice kit there. Let us know if you need any assistance. We are happy to help you! What is also helpful is to have a look into the Advanced Tactics Area. There you find a lot of inspiration to make your armor most accurate. Best Regards! Christian
  16. Moin Hans-Jürgen, ich selber habe ABS-Handguards auf Nomex Handschuhen befestigt. Dafür habe ich einen Druckknopf (Oberseite) in ein Stück Klett (die hakelige Seite) genietet. Das Klett hab ich dann auf den Handschuh genäht. In die Handguards habe ich dann das flauschige Klett mit E6000 geklebt in dem die andere Seite vom Druckknopf genietet ist. Ich will mir nochmal Gummi-Handguards besorgen und an die werde ich das Flauschklett dann mit Loctite für Gummi einkleben. Grüße von der Küste! Christian
  17. Congratulations and good luck for EIB and Centurion!
  18. Hi Steven, I fear there are only two options for you if you want both sides properly closed. 1: Install shims at both sides of your kidney plate to make it bigger. 2: Reduce your waist 4 inches. While working on solution No 2 you can simply extend the three elastic bands on the left and the one at the right side which are holding the armor together. That should be quite easy because RS used split rivets to install the elastic. It will cause in a gap at both sides but it should ok for basic approval. And once your waist is small enough the gaps disappea
  19. What about No 9 and 10? They are not part of the poll.
  20. Hi, I had the same problem and installed glasses inside of my bucket. Cheers Christian
  21. Hello and welcome aboard! I´m looking forward to see your build. If you need any help just ask. We are happy to help you. I would like to invite you to have a look into the Advanced Tactics Area while waiting for your BBB. There you´ll find a lot of inspiration fpr your build. Best regards! Christian
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