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  1. Novak Dimon

    Greetings from Kiel Germany TK90874

    Hi Lars, once again: welcome to the white zone!
  2. Novak Dimon

    New member

    Congratulations trooper!
  3. Novak Dimon

    New TK reporting in!

    Congratulations brother!
  4. Your power cylinders are looking absolutely great! Well done!
  5. Novak Dimon

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Moin Alex, great to have you here!
  6. Novak Dimon

    Greetings from South Korea!

    Welcome to the white zone!
  7. Novak Dimon

    Matneato's TK Stunt Build (Anovos)

    Congrats to your BBB day! Enjoy the building time.
  8. Hey Great work with the capacitors. Shape and size are perfect. The only thing that you should think about is the diameter of the wires of your caps and resistors. They are much to big. It will be hard to make the front connection. A smaller wire makes the job much easier. 0.7mm (1/36“) is the diameter of the Original ones. Here some pictures to show the difference. Cheers Christian
  9. Novak Dimon

    Hello from Utah, Alpine Garrison

    Welcome to the white zone and congrats to your approval!
  10. Novak Dimon

    Greetings and questions from Latvia

    Hi, the rivets are ok for basic approval. For Expert Infantry or Centurion you need to change two things: - no rivets are allowed at the sniper knee. - the rivets for the Ammo Belt need to be solid headed and no Pop-rivets. Cheers Christian
  11. Well to be honest, it’s a detail you can hardly see once the cylinders are complete. But great to know it’s there, though.
  12. Novak Dimon

    First full dress up ANH Stunt TK

    Well done Andrew. I agree with the suggestions about the strapping. But that’s not a big deal.
  13. Good work so far! My tip for the inner cylinders: I mixed some fine sand into the paint to imitate the ceramic look.