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  1. Welcome to the white zone, comrade!
  2. Wow, the trailer is looking great! I’m looking forward for the complete film!
  3. Great build! I especially like the comparison with the RS Blaster and I want to agree that your Blaster is the better one!
  4. Novak Dimon

    Hey! from the Carolina Garrison!

    Hi Taylor, welcome to the white zone.
  5. Novak Dimon

    Stromtrooper cooling

    The only cooling I ever needed is one in the helmet for fresh air support. If your armor is not too close-fitting every light breeze will go through your armor and effectively cool you down.
  6. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    There is no finish you can damage or remove. It is all simple ABS. I would be careful while wet sanding the damaged area because everything you sand needs to be polished afterwards. Once you use the level 3 polish it makes sense to include the surrounding area to remove any borders.
  7. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    If you start polishing the ABS, the paint will come off naturally. You can use Novus 123 polish. It is well known here for great results. You get three bottles with polishing Fluid to go from rough to mirror like shine. Oh, I didn’t type quick enough.
  8. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    Hi Dan, great work with the frown. Looking great now! About your Acetone accident: if the main part of the damage is hidden by the belt it is not that bad. Did you try to polish the area to make it shine again? Might look better than painting. Cheers Christian
  9. Novak Dimon

    Sds stormtrooper

    Hallo and welcome! At least you need to change the ABS belt against a canvas belt. Velcro is totally acceptable to connect the belt to the armor but snaps are the more durable solution. I would recommend to install a new strapping. The SDS strapping I know is crap. Everything else is depending of your GML.
  10. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    Copy that.
  11. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    I don’t think it is a disqualifier for Centurion. The CRL don’t mention it. But the original helmets had mostly angular holes:
  12. Novak Dimon

    First Build: ANOVOS ANH TK Build Thread

    Congratulations for your BBB! Your patience will be very helpful for the building process. I would refine the cutouts of the teeth a little bit. The ones Anovos made have very rounded corners. I guess that are the „arches“ you mentioned. I would make them more angular: You can do that with key-files or a modeling scalpel. But be careful with the knife! The ABS is VERY thin there. Cheers Christian
  13. Novak Dimon

    Princess at work: ANH hero (TM)

    Congratulations and welcome to the ranks! Your armor is looking awesome!!
  14. Novak Dimon

    Princess at work: ANH hero (TM)

    Hi Stefanie, great job with your armor! Perhaps you should shorten the left thigh armor a little bit. It is looking a bit too long and I guess walking is difficult now. Keep up the great work. Cheers Christian
  15. Novak Dimon

    Hello from Calgary, AB!

    Hello Cassandra and welcome to the FISD! You don’t need to be nervous, you will meet lots of great Trooper here and we are happy to help you as much as we can to make your journey a complete success! Best regards Christian