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  1. AND, here is my build log for my SE-44C, also from the Imperial Factory! again, they are beautiful PRO level SLA prints. unfortunately in transport there was a little bit of an issue in a very fragile point on 1 part. it had a crack. so, I used some CA glue, with some paper to add reinforcing in the back, and a bit of baking soda on the front and it's all good now.
  2. yeah, I'm not sure what they did to make theirs... I don't have Rubber as yet. I was thinking of trying to put the seam behind the parts where they are closest to touching. I may be able to minimize it some somehow as well. need to contact GeekyPink about that.
  3. the various glues I have settled on using, depending on WHAT the need is. E6000 Loctite Marine Epoxy Gorilla Super Glue (or maybe others if I need thicker or thiner) Plastruct Bonddene (this one is specific to Styrene and ABS)
  4. Next up, the shins. (I’m going to move my way up the legs for now.) gmrhodes13 made a great suggestion for fitting the shins, using the boots. So I dug those out, along with the knee gaskets. I believe the seam on these faces the opposite leg once installed? I started to trim things close to the hint lines on the pulled parts to start. and I noticed this one part has a bit of a bubbled out bulge I'll have to figure out how to fix.
  5. I have also stated to put some of the parts together and fill them in prep for paint. Starting with the trigger guard. because I'm working on a new front trigger as well as trying to find a print and decide what to do with the back trigger. either it will become the mod button or something... not sure yet...
  6. As I described in my Anovos blaster build (link in my signature), I started to create some parts to aid making some changes to that kit. like the Knobs. After seeing the ones on the Anovos, and then I seeing the knobs for the 5thhorsman... I was disappointed... so I decided to adjust my knob to fit this Kit as well! and printed some replacements.
  7. one of the recommended items to get for this build was this flashlight to go in the font. so I ordered it fro Amazon. Aimkon iTP N3 25 Lumen Mini Keychain LED Flashlight
  8. Yeah, I need to dig for it. I don't recall seeing it... I know I have the 2 Shin boxes. -- EDIT I just looked at my spread out photo of the kit parts and I believe I see it in there!
  9. It arrived! Hmmmmm... there seems to be another layer below the wedge, that I don’t believe I have...
  10. I was able to buy an unused R2Dan holster (without hardware) from Ryan who ended up needing a different solution for his fiberglass kit. Thanks Ryan! Here is the hardware I'm looking at ordering from McMaster 3mm x 7mm x 3mm Bearing Tamper-Resistant Torx Flat Head Screws - M3 x 0.5 mm Thread, 12 mm Long Tamper-Resistant Torx Flat Head Screws - M5 x 0.8 mm Thread, 16 mm Long
  11. I will have to try and look up Justin Morris. I only see R2Dan listed for holster. I for 1 would gladly pay. I know shipping is nuts right now... this is the list I’m looking at. vendors-list-for-your-fotk-build
  12. hmmmm... Can't ship to the US? I have been shipping my Astromech.net name badges and droid parts around. can't say I've shipped to Germany yet though.
  13. I'm still waiting to hear from R2Dan on the accurate First Order Stormtrooper metal holsters - RUN 13
  14. Ok, I think I need to work on the shins before I take these further.
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