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  1. removing the liner continues... all body parts are cleared. using Goo Gone putt some onto the area to be worked, spread it around, and let it sit for a few minutes. MESSY WORK... But the liner just keeps getting in the way of my modifications so, it all must go! scrape... scrape... scrape... started using this tool in some flat areas. works great! plastic razor blades. when done I wipe all the bits of glue into the trash and give the part a nice wash with soap and warm water.
  2. One of the features of this pre built Anovos armor is a nice black lining on the inside surfaces. I have been pondering if it's worth the effort to remove it and all the sticky goo left behind... Well yesterday, I noticed that my chest plate neck was starting to crack, and I haven't even work it yet! After a close inspection why, I noticed something... The person who built this, used a sharp knife to cut out the area with the Anovos logo. scoring the ABS in the process... So I cut away a portion of the liner near the edge to help with getting in there to repair it... you can clearly see the score lines here. nice... ultimately this pushed me over the edge, and I just ripped out the liner to see if other areas where also compromised similarly (none found) Then, proceeded to use Goo Gone to clean things up before adding a bit of plastic welder glue and tape to help keep things from separating again while it cured. took about 30 minutes, with scraping and then a bath in the tub with soapy water... There is a bit of staining from the black fabric, but the glue came off. Time to consider my options for adding further reinforcement to this area and others I may find... And I will be removing the liner in many places, to enable my reworking of the strap system... not overly happy with the Velcro solution. it may be fine in some places... I haven't decided if it's worth removing the liner everyplace... yet.
  3. Did a little cooking over the weekend. unbent the shoulder tabs thinking maybe I'll do the right one a bit more.
  4. Haven’t done much over the last many weeks other than read build logs… If I screw up, I have zero scraps to even try to fix things with. So I don’t do anything… Just waiting for expert input. I did start trimming the return edges on the back plate shoulder tabs yesterday, so I can hot water bend them into a more continuous curve with the back… Started by thinning out the tab bend area with a taper toward to end. But I think I will remove more all the way around. I don’t know how people cut inside corners like this with even small bent lexan scissors. (I need to make scraps I can later use them to make ABS goo the proper color, so just making dust isn’t an option...) I didn’t trim anything in the neck area yet. Oh, and I did play with hot water bending the knee ammo boxs to make it more cleanly curved, but it seemed to maybe start to shrink or something after sitting in the water for a bit. (it wasn't a rolling boil, but it was bubbling before I dropped it in, then turned the stove off) used a pan as a form. it kind of worked...
  5. this was built by Anovos, so I get to fix what they did. mostly it's good.
  6. put some paint on the screws I found for the helmet. they will need to be cut to length... these are kind of hard to find! The Left thigh front has major issues on one end besides a huge gap... Even closed up this doesn't align well at all. NOTE TO SELF. remove the blue tape before glue on this one... The other end of the seam is aligned but also has a gap and twist... I don't have scraps or return trimmings yet to make ABS goo for filling...
  7. re glueing this thigh to try and close up the gap on the ends. I used the blue tape to protect things while trying to remove the cover strip. it was kind of loose near the ends but I decided to stop after a few inches. figured I would leave the blue tape to help remove glue spill after. bad idea.. (I eventually got it off, but it's to weak and just ripped and stuck to the glue really good!) this is the right thigh. I was able to remove the split rivets holding the knee ammo boxes I need to flip. not sure if I will reuse them or not yet...
  8. Excellent! I think I read past those sizes 50 times… can’t say I ever noticed this All-In-One TK ANH Stunt Index of Resources page in my browsing either somehow… Thanks!
  9. i am learning what things are called and stuff still. And all the things I need to find to fix things. Like snaps and rivets (don’t know what size they are yet! I’ve noticed often how build logs or lists just say you need, single cap rivets, and never give actual dimensions. I need to take apart the knee boxes to flip it over so I can measure those and find similar. (Didn’t measure them when I noticed the issue, just photographed it) I’m going to try and gauge back alignment using the left side connection between front and back parts.
  10. yes, I think this may be just what I need to try. it's similar to what I read before, but it think that writeup was done by Ukswrath.
  11. I recall reading about a hot water bath to help bend the shoulder tabs up a bit, so this would sit better on taller people. hmmm. where was that….
  12. Finally got some help to try and fit the body parts. the front seems to fit ok. but we have a problem in the back! a gap… not entirely sure how to solve this just yet…. oh and while the right thigh was sitting off to the side (as I’m trying to remove the cover strip so I can close up the gaps in it, it dawned on me, the knee boxes are on upside down…) I’m not overly impressed with the strapping and over all construction of this pre assembled Anovos ensemble Kit…
  13. I don't currently have any proper ABS to fill the holes... its Anovos white... I probably will get some if I dismantle and trim some of the other parts for better fit. I'm tempted to go with 1/2" screws honestly.
  14. if I can sort out how to hide the holes, I could move the screws up a bit...
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