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  1. I will refine the side elastic and Velcro in the future but for now these are connected. moving on to the kidney - ab side connections. marked out my rivet hole placement I'm not going to use these rivets for the actual connection, I will be using snaps. the original holes where patched and are not visible under the blue tape at the moment. so far I am NOT pleased with ABS patching. it's ugly. I needed just the heads of the rivets to go in the holes, so I dug out my wire saw and vice. and now I have 6 rivet heads! I pre painted them (not pictured), so they will be ready to add once the armor patching and extensions are polished up.
  2. I fiddled with placement for the holster holes, but was advised to put that aside for later after I can wear the armor. So I started to make the snap points for my back armor connections. it was tempting to put them right at the edge, but I moved them 1/4 or so away from the return so. making the snaps pull forces more sideways. (I talked to Ken about it and he confirmed that’s the best option) After the e6000 started to set, I taped the butt and kidney plates together over the return edges. then used a scrap of paper to press over the 4 snaps for one of the 2 center connections to get the hole placement on the first strap. the side connections are going to be Velcro and elastic to start with, not snaps.
  3. Next I worked on the dangle boxes got some new elastic, and decided to go with the pop rivet in the back of the box method. Before gluing the front box on with some e6000 in each corner, I put some 1/4 EVA foam inside the back box to help make them sound a bit less wind chime… I think they will do
  4. Body snaps, and belt boxes installed. to make the body side work with my snaps, I had to remove the old ones. then I discovered my snap tool would not reach! so I had to dig out the mallet and setting tools! I decided to make a small spacer for under the inside, because this armor is so thin. Checking alignment after the first snap is attached and it looks good to me.
  5. Mesh installed in bucket using black VHB tape new screws installed. Bucket just needs lenses, padding and other guts, but it’s back together.
  6. added Chicago screws. glued in place with some E6000 with a bead of E6000 around the edge of the covers ready for the belt
  7. Thanks! Wish I could put more links in my signature like yours!
  8. Oh, oh a side note… R2 got to make new friends.
  9. Assembly of new belt started as I wait on the liner to dry for a few days. centered boxes on new belt. planning to mount it with Chicago screws this time so I can work on it easy in the future. got a few…
  10. Truck bed liner applied, masking removed.
  11. I dug around for how I want to dye the belt, and for the moment I decided I’m going to hold off! to many variables to go wrong… so I’m going to use Chicago screws to hold everything on it. That way I don’t have to worry about dealing with glue later when I finally do decide to tackle this. I moved on to cleaning up the bucket for now! the eyes where just horribly trimmed. (Don’t care if some film used where just as bad!) left sill needs cleanup, but the right is cleaned up. I can live with these now. I am also going to paint the inside with black truck bed liner spray, so time for some masking. plugged the holes from the inside and then the eyes from both sides to make sure nothing gets on the outside. and used heavy plastic for the outside
  12. I will never buy any armor again pre built, that does not come with a lot of scrap material of the same color!
  13. How to get the belt to better match is the next question…. Looked up Rit dye Sweet Corn Silk looks like a great option, but finding it for sale someplace is a completely different issue…. Definitely not e6000! first cover came off with some effort using a flat end xacto chisel blade. Used a ball end burr to grind away much of the pink glue. Kind of smells a bit like epoxy or fiberglass resin…. then I used wire cutter to pop the rivet out and cleaned up the rest of the pink glue with the burr and sand paper to make room for a new rivet. The middle cover proved to be extra tough to remove! ended up with a big hole… so I patched it with a few small scraps and repaired the hole. once I sort out how to get the cream color on the belt, I can put it all back together! only with 2 holster screws not 4!
  14. I hope the difference in off white plastics fades with polishing. but gloss white color matched paint may be needed at some point... the new Belt arrived! started to dismantle the original first by drilling out the rivets from the back to make things easier to handle. and ran into an issue... unlike other places on this armor, the person who glued the belt, didn't skimp on the glue on this part... these are not coming off easy, even with the backs of the rivets removed... thinking.... maybe I can find a way to remove things through the back and come up with a different way to attach to the belt than pop rivets...
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