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  1. Thanks man. Glad to hear the pros are going thru the same thing! And I'm a half mile from Monterey Bay, so the humidity isn't going anywhere...
  2. So today DID NOT go well. I sanded the runs to 220. I wore gloves since my buddy mentioned oils after my daughter decided to touch it. The runs looked much smoother with some spots down to the primer. I wiped it down with a rag and sprayed a 2nd coat of gloss white. I kept my distance and only went over some key spots, then gave a few minutes and went over some other spots. Cracks, runs, and pinholes EVERYWHERE. I don't know what to do. I guess tomorrow I'll sand the runs to 220. Then I'll sand the whole thing to 1,000. Not sure about the pinholes, but hopefully sanding will help. I'll spray more white again after that...
  3. I sanded that spot and primed it again. Looked decent enough. Taped off the non-white spots! Setup to start my first coat of white! It went on CRAZY UNEVENLY. I was around one foot away and steadily moved while spraying, overlapping, starting before and ending after. There were strips of primer showing through, runs of white in some spots, just bad. I guess tomorrow will be sanding down the clumps with 220 grit. Then I'll sand the whole thing down with 1,000 and apply a thin coat. I'll wait for it to dry before trying to go over the missed spots. Hopefully it'll go better that way. Any better suggestions for spray paint?
  4. Taped off the bottom and realized spraying will probably go best if I spray from this angle, and then hang it on the stand! Sprayed as evenly as I could... I noticed a few runs, so I gave it 30 minutes to dry. I then tried gently sanding with 800. It worked in a few spots, except for this one... Should I just spray some more primer? Should I sand to 1,000 instead? Will I need to do glazing putty again? It's pretty upsetting cuz I was hoping to paint tomorrow.
  5. Sanded the black interior to 800 and applied a 2nd coat. Tomorrow I'll tape off the openings from the inside and spray my last coat of primer!
  6. My paint finally came in last night! Applied the first coat. My paintbrush BARELY held together...it was the widest one in the house. I think I have a foam brush I can use for the 2nd coat tomorrow. I am VERY HAPPY with a black interior and glad I postponed my last coat of primer so I didn't have to worry about overpaint!
  7. Easy enough! Do you know how thick those ABS sheets were? What size snaps did you use and did you have any problems punching through and snapping?
  8. What did you attach the snaps to? I'm looking at the little rectangular pieces that the snaps are punched through, and I assume those are then adhered to the fiberglass. I don't want to drill into the fiberglass to punch snaps, so your method looks like my plan. I thought about some nylon/polypropylene webbing, but I don't know if that'll be too thick for 5/8" snaps.
  9. Sanded down the putty to 220. Taped the openings from the outside. Looks weird lol. Here's the interior before primer. And after. I think I'll give it until tomorrow before I sand the inside to 400. And then I'll (hopefully) brush paint some black acrylic in there!
  10. So I was planning on taping the interior today to prep for my acrylic paint to arrive, but my buddy recommended sanding and priming the fiberglass resin to ensure adhesion. I guess THAT'S what I'll do today.
  11. Sanded the putty to 220. I saw a few more spots so I'll fill those in later today. Pulled the tape off, since I'll have to tape the outside for interior painting. Wanting to make some progress today, I decided to work on the lens. Outlined what I wanted to clamped a Dremel with cutoff wheel to a worktable to act as a tablesaw. Worked great! Taped it in to get an idea and it looks great! Tried it on to make sure I cut enough out of the bridge for my nose and it's perfect! With back light. Added some more putty. I'll sand it to 220 tomorrow and tape off the holes to prep for interior painting on Tuesday (hopefully). Then I'll tape the inside again and prime for the last time...
  12. Looking good! Thanks for the great pics of your strapping!! So many people go from pieces to finished and don't show how they put it together. I'll be referencing your build when I'm figuring out my straps!
  13. Wet sanded to 400. I like that I can distinguish between the two coats of primer since I used different colors (thanks @TheRascalKing). Filled spots with putty, more liberally than yesterday since I now have one day of experience under my belt haha. Tomorrow I'll sand the putty with 220. Then I'll probably have to wait until Tuesday for my black paint to show up. I think it'll be best to paint the inside before applying my last coat of primer to the exterior, in case some black runs out.
  14. Primer coat #2 applied! In a couple of hours I'll wet sand to 400 and look for imperfections to fill.
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