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  1. Just sprayed some satin white inside today. Tomorrow I'll trim and barrel and the belt halves.
  2. Wet sanded all the putty to 220 today. Most of it went fine, except the oval spot had a few pinholes. Filled them up and set it all aside. Tomorrow I plan on spraying satin white inside the chest/back/straps. Then wait 3 days and spray gloss white outside! A few days after that and I can velcro them together!! I also marked on the barrel where I can trim to make it more narrow (but I rounded down, since I can always trim more off if needed), and on the back of the belt to make it even with the front.
  3. After I marked up the belt and barrel, I spread putty on the chest, back, and shoulder straps. Then I applied putty to the side plates. One was WAY WORSE than the other...
  4. So I was thinking about how to fix the belt notches and came up with the idea of cutting off what's on there and trimming down 7mm (equal to the current ones) to make new notches. That would move the belt up a little, letting me wear the barrel a little lower and still bend my hips. The belt would still be wide enough for the ammo boxes. Also, I would trim that 7mm off the barrel's bottom, and even a bit more (probably 1.5cm total). There doesn't seem to be any reason to keep the current 8cm strip across the bottom, but I'd still leave some to put a few velcro squares, preventing the belt from rotating. I didn't see anything in the CRLs regulating the width of the belt, and I figured this would allow me to make the notches fit more cleanly. What do you say?
  5. Wow good tip! It's not too hot out, but maybe I'll just bring them in a little, to be safe. Thanks!
  6. Wet sanded the primer to 400. Washed them off and set them in the sun to dry. Decided to wet sand the barrel's putty to 220. It worked fine, except the water stained the barrel as it dried. Next time I try that maybe I'll use running water instead of dipping sandpaper in a bucket. No worries since it's getting painted anyways! You can see how much I filled with putty! Washed it off and set it out as well. Then I wanted to get more putty on the primed pieces. I started spreading putty across some scratches on the chest, and the primer scraped up with it!? I don't know if that's from not fully drying, but it never happened before! I wet sanded it to 400 again, washed and dried. I think I'll wait until tomorrow to apply more putty. That was weird...
  7. I had to adjust my setup so I could prime these 4 pieces. I put them each on a box and used that to move it in and out of there. I'd spray one, then switch it with another, and again, until I got them all, then wait a few minutes before hitting them from another angle. It took just over an hour but they're coated! I see a few rough spots, holes, and scratches. I'll wet sand to 400 tomorrow and putty fill again. After that, I took some putty to the barrel. I don't know what happened with this piece, but I had to fill A LOT!! I took a new approach, based on my extensive experience of puttying 5 pieces lol. I'd just rub the putty around with my Play-doh knife to spread it across the imperfections but not leave too much to sand later.
  8. Here's a pic wearing my gloves! I applied putty to the chest, since I ran out of time Wednesday. I set it in the sun and moved on, giving it 30+ to dry. I sanded and washed each piece. I applied a bit more on the oval and to a few spots I missed on the shoulder straps. Let them dry while working other pieces, then sanded and washed again. The scratches on the chest and the oval seem flush now! I hope to prime these pieces tomorrow, since I shouldn't have to trim anything...
  9. So, within the required hour, I sprayed some gloss into a little puddle on paper, then used a toothpick to poke some into the pinholes. It worked! They're still there, but much less noticeable since there's paint in them now. I cutout some squares of velcro (one hard and one soft) and stuck them on the hand plates. And they look great! I should've gotten a picture wearing them... I think they're a little big for me, which is obvious when I close my fist, or maybe the velcro squares should be larger, but I think they'll work. After that, I sanded the chest, back, and shoulder straps more attentively. I washed them off, and then applied putty to the back and straps (before I ran out of time). I probably could have filled a bit more resin, but hopefully this putty will even it out without cracking. I used a toothpick for the pinholes so I could actually fill them. I'll putty the chest and sand these pieces tomorrow.
  10. Today was productive! I finished preliminary sanding! Then I sprayed gloss white on the hand plates. It went pretty well, except for a few pinholes. I'm not sure if they'll require fixing, or if they won't be noticed... I might just dab some paint onto those spots later on. I went to putty the chest, back, and shoulder straps, but saw they needed washing first. I untaped the straps and noticed a big crack on one! I'm not sure if putty will be good enough for it... Has anyone else made Jim's fiberglass straps work, or do I need to buy plastic ones? Washing off the pieces almost made me realize I didn't fill the oval!! I'm glad I didn't throw away my resin tin...I was able to drip out just enough, add a few drops of hardener, and fill the oval! I have to prop it up while drying or the resin just swaps to one side... I'll sand that down tomorrow. I also see that I wasn't too attentive when sanding these pieces (they were the first I did and I didn't have my worklight on) so I'll sand them a bit more tomorrow too. Better to start with a smooth surface than fix later!
  11. Yeah that'd be easy enough. Shouldn't be bad since there's no return edge or anything. Thanks!
  12. I sanded a few more things today. That's the last of the major pieces! I still need to sand the boxes and the TD. Working on the shoulder bells, I'm a little worried that Jim sent me 2 lefts, or 2 rights, and not 1 of each. In the pic below, I taped the strips together and then aligned the edges so the curve makes a circle. The lower edges should go straight across so they match in the front, and then match in the back. You can see that they don't align straight across. Even in the first pic you can see the strips going the same direction, when they should be opposites. Maybe I'm scrutinizing too closely and it'll look fine once on, or maybe it'll be more obvious to see one shoulder bell look shorter than the other... Thoughts?
  13. Wet sanded to 400 and washed them off. Prepped to spray satin white inside. 2 coats and they're white. There are some pinholes, but I'm not worried about precision on the interior. Did anyone else fix interior imperfections? I might not spray gloss on the exterior tomorrow, as waiting only 24 hrs could affect the paint interactions (as depicted in my helmet spraying).
  14. Thanks @gmrhodes13. Any R1TKs have input on Jim's cover strips? I only got a little done today. It's my 11-year anniversary and apparently letting her help me sand is not "romantic" :-) Sanded the putty to 220. Primed coat #2. Tomorrow I'll wet sand the hand plates to 400 and then spray satin on the interior. Then the next day I'll spray gloss white on the exterior. Last thing will be soft velcro!
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