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  1. May the Voice Be With You! (May 4, 2024) -Bast Alpha Garrison This wasn't submitted as an official troop, so I'm not counting it, but I still want it on the record! There were so many other events on May the Fourth that I didn't think them requesting 501st participation would work out. The Leader In Me group at Belle Chasse Academy held their last family event of the school year. With 2 kids enrolled, we offered my costuming and they were thrilled! They had dozens of activities and setup a picture area. When I wasn't posing with the families, I patrolled the area. It was an exhausting 2 hours, but I really think the kids enjoyed it!
  2. FanExpo New Orleans 2024 Blast-a-Trooper fundraiser for Make-a-Wish (Jan 7, 2024) -Bast Alpha Garrison I took a 3-hour shift to be shot with NERF darts for charity! We had a combined area with Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and Droid Builders. The sets they had on hand were amazing! I explored the expo afterwards and finally found the LEGO Rancor we've needed! Lots of other vendors and celebrities (Katee Sackhoff visited the booth the day before I went).
  3. I'm in Bast Alpha Garrison in Louisiana
  4. Yes I had to trim down my barrel so it didn't stick out over the sides. Great progress!
  5. Penny Wars 3rd Grade Celebration at Covington-Harper Elementary School (Sep 30, 2022) -Garrison Tyranus, Inferno (NOVA) Squad The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) for Covington-Harper Elementary School (CHES) hosted a Penny Wars fundraiser where students, families, faculty, and staff donated to plus-up their group's jar or to reduce another group's. At the end of the week, 3rd grade won and earned a special glow dance party! About 150 kids in 6 classes came in for high fives, pictures, lightsaber battles, and some good old running around! It was only for 30 minutes, but the 3 of us (1 TK and 2 NOT Vaders) were DRENCHED IN SWEAT. Not posting pics/vids of the event to respect the children's privacy. We high fived them on the way out and then went classroom to classroom delivering glowsticks to the other grades. The audible gasp when we walked into each room is why we do this, right?
  6. Arts Alive 2022! at Hylton Performing Arts Center (Sep 11, 2022) -Garrison Tyranus, Inferno (NOVA) Squad We hung out in our private dressing room for a while and then went backstage. After the Indiana Jones theme, the orchestra performed several Star Wars themes, beginning with Duel of the Fates! On the Imperial March, we went on stage and loomed over the audience! At its end, a boy in Jedi robes came out and we fled the stage. We hung out up front for pics with patrons and performers. My first troop is in the books!
  7. You might be able to fill it with some Bondo. But then I'd probably try to coat it with fiberglass sheets and/or resin to make sure it holds.
  8. I used Bondo 3004.7858 201224-4PK All Purpose Fiberglass Resin, 28.8 Fluid Ounces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ODJ8J4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_Sq1UaC3svrgCL. It was almost not enough, but yeah I coated the inside of everything for added strength and reduced itchiness! Use disposable brushes for it, otherwise you need something special (I forget what) to rinse your brush out (water doesn't work).
  9. Looking forward to your build! I used a Dremel and some small files for the cutouts. It took patience, but Jim's helmet held up! I first coated the inside with resin for some extra strength though, so that may be the reason.
  10. Yeah I was sad to keep going back and cutting, then spraying again, but I only did gloss white. Saved me a step, but your clear coat look amazing! Nice action shot too [emoji23] just flexing, saying "don't you dare, Rebel scum"
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