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  1. Thanks, Eric. I've seen several things on the helmets. Wanted to also know about any changes on the rest of the armor, too.
  2. Rookie, Newbie, Wannabe-a- Shiny White Trooper Man working on my first AM TK build.  Determined to finish one day!

    1. gmrhodes13


      Hello and welcome to FISD

    2. Toothdoc


      I've been around for just a few months, Glen.  Just changed up a few things and added a little more to my profile.  So glad to see y'all are so quick to welcome the new guys.  Super job!


      Let me ask you a question since I have your attention.  Is it more preferred to start a build thread even if you're getting to be around 1/2 done, but coming up with some questions or is it acceptable to just ask questions here and there in the appropriate threads?


      I guess I can just show my work that I've been doing.

    3. gmrhodes13


      No issues at all starting a build thread at any stage, best way to ask questions and receive answers and feedback are in build threads, you don't normally seem much action on these profile update areas  ;) 


      Post up some images and I'm sure you will receive some feedback :duim:

  3. Hello, Troopers! I received my new boots (421s) this morning. I was pretty impressed with the quality of these new puppies! Leather smelled great and they seem like great quality. Like any new leather shoes or boots, they need to go through a break in. Other than just wearing them around in the house, is there anything else I can do to help break these in like a cream or treatment of some kind? Also, have any of you added any metal heal plates to help keep the heal from wearing out on the sides? How’d you do that? Yourself or a boot and shoe shop? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatal
  4. Welcome! I'll be interested in your build as well. I'm new and have AM armor, too!!
  5. I wonder if I could modify those to mount as mud flaps! Sweet!!!
  6. I've belonged to clubs and groups before and it has been pointed out that around 15% of the members do 85% of the work. Even though I am very new to all of this, Glen sticks out as one of those guys that is so involved and contributes so much. Good people here and it shows by the quality of leadership present. Congratulations, Glen! Maybe you can get a new badge or something to adorn your post signatures! I'm sure there is room for one more! LOL!
  7. Hahahaha! Totally get it. “Girdle of Pizza Damnation”! I’m trying so hard... Gonna get there!
  8. Yep, even though you’re a newbie like me, I’ve found it helpful to take lots of pics along your journey and DOCUMENT everything. I did with my helmet build and was able to post a pic or two and ask questions, verifying my thinking and actions along the way. There are a LOT of experienced troopers able and willing to “look over your shoulder” along your build process, but we can’t see and comment if you don’t interact. One thing you might try if you’re just not sure about trim lines is pencil in a proposed cut line and take a few pics of it. Someone more experienced can double check your ap
  9. Hello, Lucas! I'm a prior USAF dental officer. Welcome, brother, and thank you for your service and sacrifices. I'm a newbie trooper wanna be. Will soon be working on an ESB set of armor that just got ordered. Got my helmet finished first! LOTS to learn here, but plenty of great mentors! Everyone is so helpful and encouraging. Best of luck to you on your journey!
  10. I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but do any of you guys with a little bit of a belly have any luck with a compression-type "tummy control body shaper" undergarment? Recommendations? Asking for a friend...
  11. Welcome aboard, Dan. I'm a new guy, too. Really helpful and friendly bunch of guys here. Best of luck to you, Sir!
  12. Welcome aboard, Paul! I’m a newbie as well and have been doing the research thing as well. Can’t read fast enough! I’ e just completed a bucket build and am working on my waistline for the rest of the build. We all don’t have perfect bodies to become the shiny white space soldier we all know and love, but one thing’s for sure. Everyone here is SO SUPPORTIVE and helpful to help you reach your goals. Keep posting! They won’t let you fail. Hang in there, take care of yourself and family and work a little bit here and there on your armor. You’ll get there!! I’m looking forw
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