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  1. I went to Hasbro Pulse almost immediately after receiving the email announcement for preorder. I added the Boba Fett to my cart and by the time I completed my checkout, it was listed as out of stock.
  2. Definitely locate your local garrison website and sign up on the forums. You won't have access to their 501st members area until you complete your armor and are approved, but you should have access to announcements about build parties and other social events, although during this time it may be quite limited. There may even be members nearby that can lend assistance if need be. Its a good way to get to know some of the folks you will be trooping with.
  3. I believe it doesn't show up on your own post until someone has liked it. At least, this is my experience.
  4. Regarding the Velcro, it depends on where you are using it. I only used Velcro on my armor for shin closure and to mount padding and electronics in my bucket. In these cases, they were self-adhesive. I used a 3" Velcro when I sewed my belt and it was non-adhesive, as the sewing machine needle can gum up while sewing on adhesive backed Velcro. The small plastic containers will be for sorting small bits and materials as well as small tools.
  5. Welcome back! I look forward to following your build thread.
  6. Welcome, Jessica and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  7. Congrats and welcome, JP!
  8. This is exactly what I did to achieve the appropriate angle. Eric Dyke has a great AM helmet tutorial.
  9. I also recommend lightly tapping them with the weight of the hammer. When I started, I was using too much force, which caused a few to offset.
  10. Thanks Andrew! EI is in the bag, sir. I'll be posting my Centurion application VERY soon!
  11. And so it begins! Good luck on your build, Paul!
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