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  1. I haven't been on the boards regularly, so I am just now seeing this. This is heartbreaking news. Buckets off!
  2. Congratulations and welcome!!!! Looking sharp!
  3. Yeah, that's very true, but then they'll look like Sandies..lol.
  4. I'm jealous! I just started collecting and am slowly growing my collection.
  5. Jason, I believe this will be available at Target soon. Keep your eyes peeled.
  6. I found the belt tutorial with elastic here on the boards. Reworking the belt the way you have described should be an easy task.
  7. Thanks! I had a piece of ABS in the holster area but removed it because when I heated it to give some curve, it caused the elastic to bunch up some and left an impression of the shape in the canvas. Do you recommend foregoing the internal elastic then?
  8. Such an AWESOME surprise on my birthday!!!! I’m giddy!
  9. Thank you ShaSha. I used duck cloth with two layers of 3” elastic for reinforcement. I am open to suggestions on better ways And materials to construct the belt.
  10. I’M SO EXCITED!!!! Thank you so much and thanks to everyone who gave advice on my build as well as those who provided such great build threads to reference!
  11. ...and then there were these! https://www.homedepot.com/p/Plasticolor-Star-Wars-Stormtrooper-Heavy-Duty-2-Piece-27-in-x-18-in-Vinyl-Car-Mats-001482R01/207163461?
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