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  1. Their complication had a complication... (kudos if you know the reference without Googling it)
  2. Thanks Tony for volunteering to consolidate the feedback for a CRL update the way Glen did for the TKC. Want to schedule them at the same time? I think the grace period for the TKC comments are over and we can do all of them (R1 & TKC) either Friday or early next week.
  3. Me too some day. I heard that ANOVOS may (or is in the process of) losing their FOTK license, and if so this makes seeing the build even more timely. I hope you don't mind, but I tagged the thread title to make it clearer as to the make.
  4. Sweet! I work at K2 which has a big office in Joberg - happy to have you here.
  5. Amazing write-up, especially in such a short amount of time. At what point do you feel comfortable me publishing these - e.g. do you want some more time to have them reviewed or do you feel they are good enough to bake. Just wondering if you want to announce in the NL the proposed changes for people to see and do any last comments on.
  6. You can get ATA, etc. to fit a larger person, but it takes work. I think the largest fellow to get in to ANH sized armor was 6'4" 240lbs on a TE kit. He got it done, but an RT-Mod or AM would have looked better.
  7. For history - the original CRL is designed to use screen caps of the actual game to the maximum extant, as they are our best resource. Action figures much less so as we all know they take liberties on the details. Also, the skin that was supplied originally by an LFL contact is not necessarily canonical as we can't ascertain to what extent it was a guide/preview, and in the end when it's a choice between a screen cap of the game and the skin, we use the screen caps. In the original game it was essentially an ROTJ suit (plus ab detail change) and an ANH based helmet (with funky ears). Later iterations of the games where the skins are different/updated could cause us to refine the CRL, or provide two option paths to L2/L3, e.g. original game vs. newer game, if found necessary. CRL models are always a WIP and are the best we have for date. For example I was the CRL model for the TKC until Magni showed up with a better suit that mine, and so now he's the CRL model. At some point in the future there may be a better one than Magni, etc. IOW, CRL text is favored over the model when there is a conflict, and the model is the guide when there are no details in the text. Hope that makes sense, and thanks to Glen for taking on what is a thorny challenge in getting a solid recommendation out.
  8. Hiya Dan! As noted, research a lot, buy once. Some of us tried it the other way around and our wives got really angry. ;-)
  9. I think the path of going sandy once your TK is worn out is not uncommon. One thing for sure is that no matter how light the pack is, it will feel heavy after an hour. For sure go elastic vs. cordura as you will need to move. I'd also suggest that even after you get it approved, you are not done. It's one thing to walk around your house in armor and think "I look good" and get approved by your GML. It's another to go through a few troops where you have to put in on/off by yourself in a small changing room, or you want to run down a hallway for a skit or just for fun. Bending over, stairs, etc. You will likely find that you will continue to make adjustments over the first several months of trooping. As a GML I try to tell people to use Velcro at first if you are unsure vs. glue, esp. on the thighs and sometimes the forearms too until they've trooped a few times. As others mention it doesn't have to be perfect to get approved, so get it pretty good and then adjust. My $.02...
  10. Wow, that's pretty nifty. Do you have a pix of this on your kit? Maybe I'm on the skinny side, but I've also used strategically placed foam to get the look right. With the tab does it still give you flex when you bend/turn?
  11. I've not seen that suspender arrangement before. I can't wait to hear how it holds up
  12. At the end of the day, one of our primary goals is information transparency. As Tony rightfully noted it's not a detachment's place nor charter to promote or denigrate one maker or another. It is our job to ensure that people have transparent and accurate information from which to make their own choices.
  13. Very wise advice - thanks Clint for adding this.
  14. Thanks so much for doing this Rebecca - it's much appreciated!
  15. Yeah, and photos are tough as some things really stand out in a photo but are hard to tell in person, and vice versa.
  16. There used to be a tutorial somewhere too in how to make them yourself, but it seems gone. Someone may care to replicate it - basically you boil plastic and use your (gloved) thumb to make an impression, though I heard people using spoons too.
  17. For ESB the holster can cover the snaps if you can put it on upside down. Else the simple solution (which is what I usually did) was to just get a second belt.
  18. Research for sure - a few days of thinking through things will save you an awful lot of grief. Welcome
  19. The xls is great! We should definitely memorialize it on FISD, right @Ripper_L?
  20. It's looking really good Eric - never better since the earliest of days. Well done
  21. I think it was because I was typing a long reply - maybe 10 minutes or so. For sure I'll let you know if anything else goes awry.
  22. I have not with only one exception - I had one post where "Submit Reply" did nothing. I refreshed the page and everything has been fine since, e.g. every other time I do it, it's been OK.
  23. Yup, basically if we start off with the ANH stunt, the hero is basically just a separate helmet and additional rivets to hold the holster in place. EBS is also a different helmet, different holster, blaster, and hand guards. You can look at the CRLs that are online easily enough. ROTJ is a very different beast!
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