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  1. It certainly is #1 on the list, but we still have a ton load of coins/patches left over from previous runs we're still trying to dig out of. No point in creating more stuff until the stuff we already have clears out.
  2. For the baton, I see no evidence that it has to be telescoping, and agree that it's most likely the one like the patrol trooper. I'd like to udpate the CRL to reflect this, and also allow cordura for the hoslter, as again it's not clear at all that this has to be leather. Plus, I'll add a note about the silver tip being visible on the bottom. Any objections? And, if somone can get me a clear pix of one, that would be ideal, as the CRL shows the telescoping one.
  3. Ear bumps and tube stripe questions are fixed. As for the biceps & forearms, if there is a clear screen cap to show that they are using overlap, then it's an easy fix to the CRL. It's been ages since I last looked at this, so if someone is willing to play detective...
  4. yes! first person to get photos in that the LMOs can use also becomes the CRL model. I'll also send a free Phasma coin. How is that for an incentive?
  5. We are still waiting on photos. That's all we need to close out that CRL, but until people submit them it's in limbo...
  6. OK, let's get this in the July or August CRL thread and get it going.
  7. Well, they used to add new clones via paint schemes just to gives us more costumes to worry about. I heard in one instance they made a character's costume intricate just to see how fast it would be before a 501st member created it. So, there you go. We can complain, but it won't change anything, so might as well motor on.
  8. Congrats Germain! No one else will ever be the first, and this is a special honor that you will have forever. There was full support for this and it is very well deserved. While "service is its own reward", its still nice that we can say "thanks for all you do" in this fashion.
  9. Well, I hear you but the people you'd need to talk to about it are all at LFL.
  10. Well, they could and if that's the images they choose to release, and if the LFL person tells us that the images they'll use are red FOTK with a cape, that that's what we have. A writer can create a character, but if the artists depict it differently we go with the visuals.
  11. If LFL's reply is "same as FOTK armor, just in red", then I think we should presume they are regular FOTK boots, just in red. What I really want to see is how you'd describe the cape in a CRL.
  12. Wow - amazing! You look great These types of costumes are very hard to pull off.
  13. Have you thought of asking Mike Appling (TrooperBay)?
  14. GML's can now approve this costume direct! http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_rebels
  15. I'll follow-up with the LMOs - something isn't correct here.
  16. There is no such thing as a detachment approval. The LMO is the ultimate approval authority, and GMLs are authorized to approve on their behalf. Even still, as a GML when I approve someone, that can still be over-ridden by the LMO, and it's only the LMO who can assign TKIDs. Who told you there is FISD level approval?
  17. Usually GMLs will respond within 24-48 hours, though some garrisons...take longer.
  18. Here is a question wrt to return edge - before you put this in a CRL - the question is what problem are you trying to solve? Has this come up a lot? We can't put every detail in a CRL, so usually put ones where people have issues.
  19. Hey guys, Andrew – can you please update the first post so that there is a list of changes and their status as the first part? It will keep things clean for tracking. Any changes should be in keeping with the spirit of the awards, e.g. EI = a step up from base CRL that can be done for a low to moderate cost, and a moderate amount of effort. Parts/changes should be easy to come by. Centurion = as good as we can get it and builds upon L1/L2 requirements. Thus we’d never want to put something in EI that is very hard to do, or requires an extensive mod or a part that is very hard to get or expensive. Also, realize that we can’t include every possible permutation or costume flubs, e.g. just because there is a single TK on screen that does not have a holster doesn’t mean we’ll allow them to be optional, and just as there is – on BluRay freeze frame – gaffers tape and paint boo-boos doesn’t mean we’ll allow them either. CRLs should be pretty static and are usually done once a year for major changes. The ones we are doing monthly are usually small adds to L2/L3 that shouldn’t really affect people who’s builds are in flight. L1 items again if monthly are usually small items. The “official stance” is really whatever the DL & LMO agree on. Ultimately, the CRLs are owned by the LMO team and as they have trust in DLs, they allow the DL’s to make changes directly. Since I’ve been involved with the CRL process for over a decade and have written or re-written dozens of CRLs across 3 detachments, they’ve been pretty good about letting me update them directly. At some point it would be great to have a trusted FISD staff member as back-up, as at some point I’ll want to pull an Albin and retire from day-to-day. For ROTJ for the rivets on the shoulders, this is why it is a case where we start with making it optional for those who want to do it, and would only make it mandatory if for instance we only find one person without them. As noted, we do move quickly on FISD mainly as we have a very mature and seasoned team in place. I was reading chatter over at one detachment where most staff were pretty new and had little idea as to the CRL process, and as a result they spent a lot of time churning on this. For the CRL models, we change them as we get better models is really all there is to it. As for text vs. pictures, I’ve been a GML for 10+ years and can certainly say that neither on their own is adequate. The reality is that neither can really stand on their own, and if GMLs are confused to me this is a failure of training new GMLs. Sad that some garrison's just aren't that squared away.
  20. FYI, the Legacy Era Female now has a DLT-19 as an accessory.
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