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  1. Correct. Even at 1000 EI we are far short of our target with is closer to 2400 EI. It's really trying to be yet another carrot to incentivize people to go EI, in this case by helping others to get to EI.
  2. Well deserved. 1000 posts is pretty good. 10,000 means you have been very active on the boards. Yes, some people try to run up their count with a lot of "me too" and "yeah" type posts, but what makes Glen's achievement so special is not only has he hit 20,000 (the 10 tonner), but that his posts are so helpful to everyone all over the board. Glen, we couldn't be more proud of you and also thankful for all you have given to the community. A hearty THANK YOU! for all you've done and continue to do. Daetrin
  3. This is amazing! This FISD staff are incredible.
  4. Well, there *is* a Discord server for those of use who do not have a Facebook account (I do not), but it's not really used much as I think it's just not known about, and the staff used it for testing. I think as more people abandon FB it may be opened to 501st members at least.
  5. That's up to the current DL. We use to allow others to have them so long as they only used them for personal items (e.g. not make & sell).
  6. Looks like utter rubbish. If you send it to me, I'll ensure it's property disposed of. ;-) (j/k for those that are new to this type of complement, means it looks awesome)
  7. Thank you for all that you bring to this community, esp. as you provide quality posts not just the "nice" type comments to bump the count. Here's to the next 3000 :pint1:
  8. To get you to post on these boards, it must be something epic. Great seeing you here again Terrell.
  9. I am indebted to you Glen for chasing down and uncovering all this FISD history. Guys, this is hours and hours of work digging in to the past and reading old and broken forum posts, gleaning out all the little bits and such. I'll try to add a few more thoughts and memories later today. Here are some good questions: 1) Who was the first person to receive an "expert infantry" award from FISD? 2) On the (now broken) EI listing page, what is the significance of the background images? 3) Who was the only person to be approved with an FX helmet? 4) Who was the first ESB EIB? 5) Who was the first Centurion? 6) Why can't you have more than one Centurion award? 7) Why were the colors chosen for the Centurion award? 8) What was the first piece of EI merch ever created? 9) Why are EI coins numbered and why can people only buy one? 10) What FISD costumes has no one ever gotten to EI (or Centurion) OK FISD nerds, let's see what you got!
  10. FWIW, I thought I saw an email about this but...you don't have to turn your camera on. Heck, for most of my work calls (Zoom, Teams, Chime, Bluejeans, Webex, whatev) I never turn my camera on.
  11. I may be biased, but I think it was amazing. The EI history research and presentation was over the top 3000 cool. Can't cupcake enough on it.
  12. It is with great pleasure that I extend to you the distinction of being the 1000 Expert Infantry award recipient. The first was Scott M. back in 2007, so this has been 13 years in the making. What an excellent way to complete the first M peritus pedes quinos, so to speak. Yes, we'll work on a better way to describe you and your cohort in due time. Congratulations on a job well done, and may you inspire others to follow.
  13. I am blown away by the deep dive in to the archives by Glen to get the history of the Expert Infantry program unearthed, truly an immense undertaking that speaks to his dauntless character. I hope this gets copied out of the newsletter and posted to a sticky in the EI area as a memorial. A few fine points: after trying out the "Mark" system no one was happy as "Mark" didn't seem to mean anything, so we went with "Elite". This caused some to think that we were being "Elitist" so once again we had to change it. At that point I took it upon myself to create a name and theme that best matched our lineage, as much of our branding is either from the U.S. Army infantry branch, or the 501st Legion scheme seen in Revenge of the Sith. Thank you so much for doing this, as it brought a tear to my eye for the memories.
  14. A lot of units are experimenting with Discord, and FISD has created a test environment as well. It's really just a matter of getting the Legion's blessing is my understanding.
  15. It's midnight in Oz so I expect we'll hear more when the other parties wake up their tomorrow. As an aside, @GoofTrooper that picture in your avatar is sweet. You did a really nice job on your armor too (looking at your centurion thread).
  16. I'm sure they also want to be extra careful on the last of the first 1000.
  17. I can't wait for COVID to end so we can have another mass gathering of TKs. Thanks for the reminder of happier days.
  18. No need to worry. There is also distinction in being part of the second wave. Our ultimate goal is 40% of the Legion TK's as EI, which is the same percentage as MEPD. For 5686 TKs, that would be 2274 EI. Apollo 12 was not the first to land on the moon, but they certainly had fun doing so and it was a solid event. Millennium Duo (or Secundus, or II) certainly will have it's own personality and distinction. So while this is a very big victory for FISD and the Legion membership as a whole, it is not the end. There is still much more to come
  19. It will be a day long remembered, that's for sure.
  20. Originally all, or nearly all, were FX when I got in. Even in the Rose Parade (2007) it was at least 90% FX suits. Since they come pre-trimmed assembly is pretty easy, just glue the fronts and Velcro the backs. As a long-time GML, I've lost count of how many times people glued the thigh backs only to be told that they were too big (board shorts look) or else found (like I did the one time) they were too tight to do more than walk. Hence the advice to velcro the backs until you've done a few troops and really knew where you wanted them to be before doing something that is very hard to change.
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