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  1. TM makes them, and Mike Appling used to as well. If done correctly, you should be able to see out of them without headaches, etc.
  2. Glad to see this is still helpful. If there are any suggestions in how to improve the first post, do let us know.
  3. Greg beat me to it. I think with some mods you can get it to work, and would suggest you give them a go. RT's wait list can be 9 months at times.
  4. Don't shoot me, but I like it better than the ROTJ biker scout. I hope it catches on.
  5. Wow, I wonder what you guys will turn to next. IIRC TM seems to rely on it a lot too.
  6. Eric @Tolo has been with FISD a long time, including stints as DCOG and most recently as DXO. As things happen, Eric's personal life has changed for a positive for him, but for us it meant that he couldn't do what he needed and stay on as DXO. Eric - Thank You! for all you've done for FISD and we wish you the best. Fortunately on FISD, we believe in staff development, e.g. taking on new people to staff roles, and then grooming them for higher office, either here on FISD or elsewhere in the Legion. Many former FISD staff have gone on to be GCO/GXOs, SLs, and DLs. Continuing in that fine tradition, Andrew @Sly11 has graciously agreed to step up in to the XO role. Many of you know him from his solid work as a Deployment Officer, which he as rocked. Please join me in congratulating Andrew for a promotion well deserved. With unquestioned loyalty, TK-8020 "Daetrin"
  7. Really? I thought the hardest/most expensive was the chroming?
  8. He's been making kit for what - 10 years now (I had one of his old EPIII clones). I hope he gets back on track.
  9. Holy crap! We should make a special award for this. 150 troops in a TK? Amazing
  10. You look great! Thanks for a fantastic report
  11. Actually that's true. I remember a few years ago when Clone Wars was all the rage, someone talked to someone at LFL who essentially said the same, e.g. we just add new paint and stuff to make the 501st people nutty and see if they'll actually build it.
  12. Have you guys talked to @Patient0x00 about this? I know he's 3d printing out some parts for his own kit. May be worth seeing what he can offer for smaller details. Since you are painting the whole kit at the end, it should be fine.
  13. FWIW, FISD's charter is clean basic white TKs, though a white TK with paint has been fine. Dirty folks go to MEPD, and anything needed special mods goes to SpecOps. Usually...
  14. As a big aviation fan - huge thumbs up from me
  15. OK, so for the CRL, is the wording still what you want, or if you want something else, just post what it should be. What I'd like to see is just something "good enough" at L1, and we can put in more exact details at L2/L3.
  16. Don't ever be discouraged. I won't borked up some shins and had to order new ones. It happens. It's the end result that matters, and learning/enjoying as you go.
  17. Sweet! Great to see that Dave. As one of the GMLs for the garrison I'll be approving your costume. Don't worry about OCD - you are in good company. TM is top-notch, so you should be in good shape. Do post progress pix - makes the approval easier. Also, FWIW, do try to go Centurion out of the box. It's much much easier to do it right away vs. trying to upgrade later.
  18. I'd like to see how this comes out. I used Woodland Scenics which is water based and comes off. I think it will be hard to get them completely out of the crevices each time you want to go clean again.
  19. Oy, in my day the pack was required. And there were no kits - you had to scrounge Goodwill for parts. You young-ins have it too easy!
  20. Start with the TK. It's easy to make a TK in to a TD. You can't go the other way around. Or, start with a TK and when it gets all banged up, make it a TD and get a new TK. That's what I did back in the day
  21. Yeah, I agree. I know some people like doing birthday parties, but after doing 2 I will never do another one for the reasons cited. For instance it's a lot to go and suit up for just a quick 15 minute or so troop. Usually the kids move on after that. One time we were asked to be nerf targets, and I got damage to my armor as a result of all the abuse. But, I know guys who love it, so to each their own.
  22. Wow, this is much better than the crappy/basic one I did in 2006. Def worth a pin - great job!
  23. Honestly though - you should do a TK first and try the pack on as an HWT type. If it's OK, then it's pretty easy to convert from a TK to a TD.
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