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  1. Ugh. Mid forties and laziness took over. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Thanks so much for this thread! I've been installing the same setup basically, but an issue I'm having is that the fans are spinning at full speed and are very loud. I don't mean that the fans themselves are making noise, but that the wind generated by the fans is loud. Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?<br><br> Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Fingers crossed... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm modestly submitting photos in hopes of EIB approval for my Anovos ANH Stunt. Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Name: Chris Johnson TK ID: 71430 FISD Forum Name: gromitsdad Garrison: Garrison Tyranus Armor = Anovos Helmet= Anovos Blaster= HFX Hyperfirm Elite E-11 Height = 6'0" Weight = 175 lbs. Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = Kittle Hand Plates = Rubber Chemical Gloves / Latex Hand Guards (Joseph) Electronics= Craig Stultz Neck Seal = Anovos Holster = Anovos *I should mention that due to a badly broken leg skateboarding as a teenager, my left leg is 3/4" shorter than my right. This makes it appear as if I'm leaning slightly to the left. I did my best in the photos to raise my left hip up to be more symmetrical, but it's difficult at times. I've since added a 1/4" insert into my left boot to assist. Full body front: Full body back: Left arm raised: Right arm raised: Right side detail: Left side detail: Abdomen details: Action shot: Cod and butt plate attachment: Interior strapping: Helmet details: Front: Left side: Right side: Back: Hovi tip detail: Lens color: Blaster left: Blaster right: Neck seal: Holster attachment: Belt: Thermal detonator back: Additional photos:
  5. If Only You Knew: - The second time around I would probably use CA glue for obvious time constraints while using E-6000! - Be patient!!! Oops!: - I had to freeze some various pieces a few times to remove E-6000 which I was thankful for. A funny thing happened on my way to the Death Star: - After completing the kit putting it on for the first time is pretty interesting. You feel a bit like an un-oiled robot afraid to move around too much. And.....it's not pretty trying to snap the cod piece! Shout Outs: - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to UKSWRATH's (Tony's) build thread. It was my lifeline!!!!
  6. TK-71430 requesting access. Garrison Tyranus http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22150 Thank you!
  7. Hey Jim! Just sent a PM to you. THANKS!!!
  8. Hi Tony, I'm having great difficulty locating 3/16" elastic for the shoulder straps. I've been to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and checked Amazon. Do you have a link you could share? Thank you! Chris
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Yes I have them separated from the Anovos belt already. I'm going to attempt using the Dremmel slowly and see how it goes. That is some extremely hard glue, whatever Anovos used for those!
  10. Hey Tony!<br><br> I wondered if you know of any other way to clean out Anovos' glue from the rivet covers from their belt? You used a Dremmel in your section. Will acetone soften the glue at all? I'm trying to think of another way to clean them out without damaging them.<br><br> Thank you!
  11. I would really like them a little more fitted to my ankle rather than to the boot, as you suggest, so I'll probably do just that. Thank you...you've helped so much over the last several months.
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