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  1. I haven't ordered a tramp before, but 13 months sounds excessive.
  2. A tip that I learned that helped I originally used the hovi tip speakers from @ukswrath and was having major feed back when I turned the volume up. Tony suggested lining the helmet around the mic with Frost King foam pipe insulation tape. It worked wonders. But since then, I moved my speakers to the inside of my chest plate. Like Brian said, When you start trooping and spending more time in the armor you'll find what works best for you.
  3. Troop 3! Memphis Redbirds Starwars night. The mandos were up to their usual selves... got to rock my DL-19 Best picture yet is with my wife! Look at that smile! Beat part of the whole troop is when a kid asked me to tell Vader he said hi!
  4. Don't know if this helps. Heres a picture of mine.
  5. [2] 4/6/2024 Memphis Central Library Bookstock Festival. We did a little research while we where there on a Target lord Vader has us looking for at all times. Thats when we decided to take the high ground Got to meet a lady with a strange alien attached to her. And also found another mode of transportation. And many People don't realize this, a Storm Tropper's life isn't always about Shooting at rebels.
  6. The battery needs to be replaced. There's a mod that helps you change out the battery for a bigger one that holds a charge better.
  7. This is some of the best camouflage work I've ever seen done!
  8. Personally, I hate snaps, but they are necessary in most of the suit. This was one place I felt I could get away with it.
  9. One place that I found useful was gluing 2" nylon directly to my biceps and forearms. It keeps the spacing at your elbows constant and wont stretch like elastic. And don't forget to burn the ends of the nylon you cut! A 2 inch piece will turn into a 10 foot string! You can see it here without my undersuit on.
  10. Did you go with Darkside Dave's helmet fans bracket?
  11. Honestly Doggy, anything you say I take straight to the heart. I think it's your profile picture that's mesmerizing me.
  12. on it!https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/54069-1-tk-11454-troop-log-social-media-consent/
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