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  1. That's incredible! My first troop when the "whole garrison" came out it was like 15 people. Great you had a great time
  2. I think the answer of which det goes to will be interesting. If it's just an FOTK on a vehicle, it's still just an FOTK. There has to be some material difference between the CRL we have and that character to even warrant a new CRL, let alone a variation of one.
  3. Keep going - you're off to a good start
  4. Man, I'd be all over seeing a run of these, even if they are made to order.
  5. Welcome - great to see another troop from the PNW!
  6. I used to always troop in nomex unless it was a special troop, then I'd break out the rubber ones. In the end if are OK with rubber gloves/latex hand plates - go for it! But on the flip don't feel guilty if you are doing the nomex.
  7. IMHO this should be pinned and put as a TIP. Excellent info
  8. Well, as you know the reason SpecOps existed is because there was no FISD at the time, so they needed something for EU TK's. Had FISD been created earlier in the Legion's history, then BlackOps, etc. & Magma would be in FISD as they are just TKs with paint, and SpecOps would continue to have any non-base TKs. At this point though the BlackOps trooper being the first ever costume in SpecOps and the core it was built around, I just can't see this getting changed anytime soon. The RP is another example of a custom that would never have been created in any other year, and should die.
  9. The reality is, which detachment is best able to support this costume? It's pretty much an FOTK, and if this were to go to another det nearly all the trim/build/armor type threads - we have a massive knowledge base here that they do not. In the end, I think the people making the costume should have ultimate say though.
  10. 100% agreed. Just because it's on a bike doesn't mean Pathfinders is the right spot. It's clearly an FOTK with only the thighs being different.
  11. There is an old saying (like over 10 years ago) about post counts. I saw it in someone's sig when I was in my first year in the Legion and got excited to see my title change on MEPD as I jumped from 24 to 25 posts. Man, did that seem a lot! Anyway, the sig was something like: You are not your TE armor You are not your hyperfirm blaster You are not your post count TE along with AP at the time was the most accurate armor you could get. Hyperfirm was light years ahead of the crappy resin blasters many of us started with. And even 100 posts seemed like a lot. It was a piece of excellent advice as some people did - and some continue to do - believe they are "better" because they have better kit, or have been in the Legion longer, or that having a huge post count somehow makes them superior. I've always kept coming back to this as a reminder that in the Legion - especially here on FISD - we are all troopers together and no one is above anyone else. I've seen some people run up their post counts with a lot of "me too" and "welcome" posts, e.g. they seemed to reply to everything, not with anything meaningful but merely to bump up their post count. I'm not saying post counts are bad. For most, a high post count means they've been active here a long time and contributed much to the community. Even 1000 posts is a lot. 1000 is a veteran for sure, right? How about 10,000? Can you count everyone with 10,000 posts on one hand? Likely, it's a decimal of the number of members through the years. Well, if no one has noticed Glen aka @gmrhodes13 has hit 15,000. That's...that's...incredible, and speaks to his passion, dedication, and contributions to this detachment. As only the second person EVER to hit his mark, I think a congratulations is in order. Cheers Glen!
  12. The 501st is not about prop replication, but is about trooping. The movies also had paint defects, gaffer's tape, and other flaws that nobody noticed when they are on a movie screen for a few seconds and other stuff is going on. None of this would anyone want to see when you are trooping 2' away from someone. That's why we use mesh, just like in many other respects our customs are superior than what was "used in the movies".
  13. Even if you get non-TM armor, you will want to get larger shins either from RT or TM. I'm 6'0" and definitely can't use "stock" shins.
  14. If you had seen the Legion TK profiles back in they day, it was not uncommon for older Legion members to have their official 501st profile photo with a pauldron. Thankfully FISD played a very big part in getting that changed.
  15. Orange is the only one approvable as it was the only one seen in the source game. How people troop though after approval is a different matter entirely.
  16. Yes, it would be SpecOps. FISD is the home of white armor troopers (and painted white armor), using standard armor. All colored troopers go to SpecOps, as well as those troopers that have customizations. In hindsight the Sky trooper for instance should be in SpecOps, and one could argue the same for Legacy Era and perhaps even the McQuarrie trooper.
  17. Agreed - they get better looking each rev!
  18. I may be open to selling mine - TBH I don't have much time to troop this year and at least it would get used.
  19. Well, at the least we can start compiling photos which is better than we had in some years.
  20. I just hope they aren't relegated to duty beneath them like in Solo. We really need them to be something feared again, like in EP7
  21. I've been struggling with what to write. You've been a hallmark of integrity and quality for so many years, I think at this point you have the longest tenure of any active armor maker, which is quite a record. History lesson for some people - when we created the CRL and EI standards back in the day (remember, at the time out of the box FX armor was the standard before then), several armor makers complained, but you never did. You just adjusted your molds so it would comply with the new CRL. My favorite memory though was when I had to head up to a troop in Vancouver with some garrison-mates and needed a new set of shins. Not only did you help GPS me to your home tp pick them up in person, but you had them pre-trimmed and ready to go. You even glued the fronts and added the sniper plate on. That was an above and beyond courtesy that set the bar as an example of how people should help each other out. I can think of no better person to pass the torch on to than Terry (PandaTrooper). His artistry and talent is first class, and his dedication to his hobby and community are beyond question. I remember when Outer Rim was what - 3 people? Your involvement in forming that squad and growing it to where it is today is something few have matched. I could write for hours praising the work and ethics of you two gentlemen, surely. It's a blessing to all that the tradition of RT lives on. Thanks again Rob for all you have done, and thanks Terry taking the armor to the next level.
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