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  1. Why velcro, of course. That's how all the suits were put together in the FX days, even the biceps. It was only later that people started gluing them. Velcro also has a little "give", so you could make the thighs look good, and if you did some serious flexing the velcro gave it a bit of room. Same with the forearms, just open up to get in/out if the wrist opening is too tight.
  2. OK, I know I'm late to the party but wanted to put in a few thoughts... First, thanks so much for a wonderful build thread. There is so much crazy stuff in the news I can't watch it anymore, and having something deep and meaningful like this thread gives me something positive to look forward too on a Saturday morning with my coffee whilst my kids are still slumbering (aahhhh....teenagers!). The detailing and care you are putting in to the build is exquisite. One thing I always did, and also recommended when I was a GML, was to not glue the backs of the thighs or even the forearms until you've done a troop or two, or even three. The reason is that it's one thing to get a suit to fit nicely in your home as you walk around a bit, quite another when you are at a real troop and walking fast (or even running), climbing stairs, etc. The worst is the thighs, as it's not uncommon that people err on being too tight or too loose (e.g. the board short look). Some small fixes are easy to hide behind cover strips, others...once I had to order a whole new set of thighs as I glued them before really dialing them in and they were beyond fixing. Ouch
  3. I'm 52, 6'0" barefoot, and about 185. Most of the extra weight is predictably in my mid-section. There are really only two options: 1) Increase cardio 2) Decrease calories It also depends on your body type too. I'd focus less on weight and more on BMI. Muscle for instance weighs more than fat, so when I was at my physical peak working out like a gym rat I was 175lbs, but I also had a hair under 10% body fat too. That was in my 30s! Unless I really increase my cardio, the only way to lose that 10lbs of belly fat is to change my diet, e.g. I eat less at dinner, drastically cut down on beer, ice cream, cookies, etc. More veggies in my diet. I have weight targets now too, like "no ice cream/sweets" unless I get under 180 and then only once a week. Or, no beer for a month or until I hit my weight goal. The hardest part is my wife is a phenom cook (e.g. better than most restaurants), so cutting back at dinner time has been sooo hard. I realize we are all in COVID, but I think that just means we need to up our game. No reason you can't do some routine in your living room, even if it's just 15 minute/day. It can include pushups, squats, crunches, leg lifts, etc. At lunch time since I'm WFH, I put a pack on and go for a walk, even 20 minutes is better than anything you'll find on the news these days. I am up to 24lbs and that's getting too easy, so will up that weight to my target of 30lbs, which is a good backpacking weight when I go camping.
  4. Congrats on a supportive wife, it will be needed. Also, hello from another PNW trooper
  5. And the video! Kudos to @synaptyx who did the original design for the 5th anniversary this was based off, @Harbinger for making a fantastic patch, and to @Sly11 for keeping the dream alive and getting it across the finish line. This goal has been 14 years in the making.
  6. And the below from my alter-ego, TK-8020: In other words, we are very, very accurate. Any claims to the contrary are alternative facts.
  7. 99.5% there. Think of it this way, 995 people have been approved out of 1000. When you think about it that way, it's amazing.
  8. I would agree on this 100%. There is so much craziness at least here in the US, it seems this is one of the few places where you can be part of something positive.
  9. I have to be honest, if one had the cash getting a screen used ANH helmet seems reasonable at that price.
  10. I heard that some folk are holding back their applications as they are trying to time it so they can be EI#1000. I would encourage you guys not to do so, as you may find that due to how the applications get processed, you may end up as EI # 1001! :laser: So, don't delay - apply today! This is something you definitely don't want to miss out on.
  11. Man, hard to believe we just need a dozen more. How hard can it be to convince a dozen folk to just to a few small tweaks and go EI? :-)
  12. Man we are close. We are like 99% of the way there...almost.
  13. That is true - I only ever saw any of these way after the fact. Alas, it was before cell phones had cameras, else we'd have a lot more.
  14. Man, look at that sea of FX helmets. I think I was one of the few with a non-FX.
  15. Glen for the win! - Thanks for the higher res! - Thanks also for the other image - I never saw this before. - Third image - me again. This was taken at a local photoshoot with my garrison by a professional photographer - Last image - me again! Good eye and yes I was a squad leader in B Company Now, put all that together and it should be obvious I'm in the tight-end position, closest to the camera. Even better - that image where you had the caption. Priceless!
  16. Triple bonus - does anyone else have photos/videos of this event (the football, that is)? And yes, it was during the Rose Parade event...
  17. Excellent point! You can also say that we are 98.2% of the way there ;-) 1.8% left - almost there!!!
  18. Bonus if you know when/where this was taken. Double Bonus if you can pick me out.
  19. Thanks! I'm curious to see if the mug attachment actually works.
  20. Yeah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to say "I was there, I was one of the first 1000". It will never happen again, so I hope people appreciate this opportunity and get their EIB apps in ASAP :laser:
  21. Yeah, this is without a doubt the best I've ever seen. The amount of detail is just eye watering (in a good way). About how many hours do you reckon you put in the project?
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