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  1. As a big aviation fan - huge thumbs up from me
  2. OK, so for the CRL, is the wording still what you want, or if you want something else, just post what it should be. What I'd like to see is just something "good enough" at L1, and we can put in more exact details at L2/L3.
  3. Don't ever be discouraged. I won't borked up some shins and had to order new ones. It happens. It's the end result that matters, and learning/enjoying as you go.
  4. Sweet! Great to see that Dave. As one of the GMLs for the garrison I'll be approving your costume. Don't worry about OCD - you are in good company. TM is top-notch, so you should be in good shape. Do post progress pix - makes the approval easier. Also, FWIW, do try to go Centurion out of the box. It's much much easier to do it right away vs. trying to upgrade later.
  5. I'd like to see how this comes out. I used Woodland Scenics which is water based and comes off. I think it will be hard to get them completely out of the crevices each time you want to go clean again.
  6. Oy, in my day the pack was required. And there were no kits - you had to scrounge Goodwill for parts. You young-ins have it too easy!
  7. Start with the TK. It's easy to make a TK in to a TD. You can't go the other way around. Or, start with a TK and when it gets all banged up, make it a TD and get a new TK. That's what I did back in the day
  8. Yeah, I agree. I know some people like doing birthday parties, but after doing 2 I will never do another one for the reasons cited. For instance it's a lot to go and suit up for just a quick 15 minute or so troop. Usually the kids move on after that. One time we were asked to be nerf targets, and I got damage to my armor as a result of all the abuse. But, I know guys who love it, so to each their own.
  9. Wow, this is much better than the crappy/basic one I did in 2006. Def worth a pin - great job!
  10. Honestly though - you should do a TK first and try the pack on as an HWT type. If it's OK, then it's pretty easy to convert from a TK to a TD.
  11. Most people go ANH. You can look at this by seeing the Legion approved costumes by type. ESB is up there, but the vast majority are ANH. Most of it is personal preference, some is cost. It's a second helmet and hand plates, and holster at the least. I ended up getting a second belt too to make it easier to swap. Personally I don't really holster my blaster anyway, so that was never an issue for me. It's really what you want to create. My favs in order were always ANH-Hero, then ESB, then ANH-Stunt, so the vast majority of my troops were ESB for instance.
  12. The LMO team did a great job on this guys. Definitely worth a read even if you think you know what a CRL is supposed to be https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide
  13. Happy to have more people working on CRLs. Thanks for stepping up @Tolo !
  14. As a DL, GML, and former XO at 2 other dets, I agree with your position Dave. This isn't specific to FISD, this is across all Legion costumes. It is not possible to capture every single detail in the CRL and that is not the intent. Even in the CRLs there are some parts where the text essentially says "make it look like the photo". Yes, at times GMLs can be over-zealous, but the path forward then for the applicant is clear too: 1. They can provide photos on the relevant detachment board asking for other input. That input still cannot override the GML decision, but usually an agreement is reached. 2. The GML can post a concern to the GML only area of the 501st boards. Again, they get recommendations but aren't bound by it. 3. In the extreme circumstance where a GML and applicant just can't find common ground, an applicant can always appeal to LMO review.
  15. Gotchit. Then absolutely a GML can deny if the color isn't a match/close match. I would, and even self-policed my own kit to ensure it looked right.
  16. I haven't seen this combo on one suit in person, so can't say. Anyone got pix?
  17. Ouch, this may be a sticky wicket, eh? ;p The hard part is when we say "color match" is that everyone sees color slightly differently, and much can depend on lighting. It's a grey area and if there is a disagreement, the more eyes the easier it is to get a consensus. For example I wore my TE2 armor with RT shins for a long time. The color was off enough that I painted the shins to match the armor (since TE2 is HIPS and needs to be painted anyway). Wait, what do I mean by off? Well, in person they looked just fine, but in photos it was clear that they were not the same. Since we get photographed a lot, I wanted them to look right so painted to match. I also had an ATA with RT shins. In person standing 5' away it was clear they weren't quite perfect, but not that bad. From > 5' away or in photos, no one could tell so I just left them alone. So...I'd say it's worth expressing how bad the issue is. Can you tell in photos? Can you tell from a distance? If so, it's best to get them to match. The CRL doesn't specifically call this out, but CRLs can't and aren't intended to call out every exact detail, and this is why we have GMLs to evaluate the application based on the criteria. If you are looking for mediation, it's best if you two show some photos and list reasons why you think it is, or is not, acceptable. Else we're all just guessing.
  18. OK, here it is (I'm more efficient than I thought). Please do review it and lmk if there are any questions, etc. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/43616-tlj-captain-phasma-crl-thread/
  19. I think it's worth knowing that the CRL for the TLJ Phasma so far is text only. I can post it up tonight so you can see what we have so far. Since it's a new to the Legion costume, we do need pictures of each part + a model. Misty was working on them, but we haven't heard from her in awhile. For sure the chroming is brighter and shinier. There are a few parts that are different from TLJ as well.
  20. Edited original post to make the text easier to read.
  21. You can also use the FISD Pre-approval program to post your progress and also clue in your GML. That way there is everyone looking at the same thing. Most GMLs should be fine, as the reality is that for L1 you can use Velcro if you wish. As noted, they can't take anything away from you. After you get your L1, you can then do any modification to get to L2/L3 later if you want. One caution when you swap from Velcro to gluing that I found out the hard way and ruined a pair of thighs: when you use Velcro, there is thickness in the hook & pile strips, plus then tend to give as you put stress. Thus, if you simply remove the Velcro and glue them shut, you'll find that you've now narrowed the circumference. In my case, that small difference meant I could no longer bend my legs. So if you remove the Velcro, do put the part and on flex things out to ensure there is enough room. Using painters tape or some other temporary/removable tape to test fit after removing the Velcro could save you a lot of pain. And potentially $$.
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