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  1. That is true - I only ever saw any of these way after the fact. Alas, it was before cell phones had cameras, else we'd have a lot more.
  2. Man, look at that sea of FX helmets. I think I was one of the few with a non-FX.
  3. Glen for the win! - Thanks for the higher res! - Thanks also for the other image - I never saw this before. - Third image - me again. This was taken at a local photoshoot with my garrison by a professional photographer - Last image - me again! Good eye and yes I was a squad leader in B Company Now, put all that together and it should be obvious I'm in the tight-end position, closest to the camera. Even better - that image where you had the caption. Priceless!
  4. Triple bonus - does anyone else have photos/videos of this event (the football, that is)? And yes, it was during the Rose Parade event...
  5. Excellent point! You can also say that we are 98.2% of the way there ;-) 1.8% left - almost there!!!
  6. Bonus if you know when/where this was taken. Double Bonus if you can pick me out.
  7. Thanks! I'm curious to see if the mug attachment actually works.
  8. Yeah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to say "I was there, I was one of the first 1000". It will never happen again, so I hope people appreciate this opportunity and get their EIB apps in ASAP :laser:
  9. Yeah, this is without a doubt the best I've ever seen. The amount of detail is just eye watering (in a good way). About how many hours do you reckon you put in the project?
  10. Loved "In the Shadow of Vader", this should be equally good
  11. It's good work - thanks for sharing
  12. Hey all, Every guy has a "thing" they collect, whether it be hats, belt buckles, or whatever. For some reason I have like 100 coffee cups. Yeah, it's nuts but there it is. Rather than uploading my designs to Redbubble or similar and paying $15+ for a mug that I can get retail for $2, I'm thinking of getting a machine so I can do them at home for my personal use (or to give as presents to family/friends - I have no desire to sell anything). It's hard to figure out what is reasonable in terms of price but also works - I don't want to spend $100 on a machine and then find out the stuff can't be put in a dishwasher or doesn't work well. I'm trying to do research and things seem to point to this machine, as in addition to creating coffee mugs I can use it for t-shirts too, and anyone who knows me knows I also like t-shirts too (especially now that I'm 100% WFH and don't need to dress up for the office). https://www.amazon.com/F2C-Machine-T-shirt-Transfer-Sublimation/dp/B01ANF8H1K/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=FC2+PRO+6+IN+1+COMBO&qid=1592488315&sr=8-3 Are there better recommendations? Does anyone actually one one of these types of machines, and if so which model are you using?
  13. These are awesome! Are you OK if I print some of these out and tape them up in my home office?
  14. Excellent points - thanks for highlighting those Caleb. You are spot on that working with your GML on this as you go and seeing it as an educational process is much better than just tossing pix over the wall and hoping the other side understands in a vacuum.
  15. Those are awesome - always a great prop to have.
  16. I'm guessing it will be a variant vs. a new CRL. TBH if it were done today, the ANH Hero would be a variant, not a new CRL. Then again, the Reserve Pilot wouldn't exist either, and many clones would be variants too.
  17. Love the harmony here guys - now let's make it so!
  18. +1 - an Endor variant it long overdue.
  19. Good point. TBH, for the ROTJ at least, I'm not sure. Even with the TD while I have my preference, I think some variations are OK as some were squeaky clean, some were dirty on Endor. I think it's a lot of how we word it TBH.
  20. I think we just need to disagree. There were a lot of wardrobe flubs in ANH that if they had done it again would not have been missed. IOC also doesn't allow flubs in their CRLs, and I don't think we should either. The hallmark of a TK is uniformity, whereas every TD was unique.
  21. This is your last chance to be part of the first millennium, and it will never come again. Time to really just pull out the stops and get it the rest of the way there. EI was designed to be done for a modest sum of $$ (say $50 or so) and a half-day of work. It's really not a huge jump like going Centurion. Just think about it. You can say that yes, you were part of the original 1000. Any commemorative items we make - even if it's just a banner decal that goes on your armor bin, will be something to say you were part of. Really can't under play how historic this is going to be.
  22. For the shoulder bells if you use snaps you should be able to attach them to the bridges before putting on the chest/back. That is what I do, so it goes on like a shirt. For the TD, yeah that is a pain at times but you could also put your belt on sideways, add the TD and rotate it back. The belt doesn't have to be perfectly horizontal - you can see in the movies at times they move around a bit.
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