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  1. Rather than a new CRL, it will likely just be a variation of the existing one. Would really need to see a breakdown side by side to be sure.
  2. I'd like to see a prototype. Right now my helmets are infamous for being spartan, e.g. I have a single pad at the top of the dome, mesh is taped in with painters tape, lenses are similar. I mean it's pretty raw. I keep thinking about putting vox/fans in my helmet, but personally I don't like boom mikes or having wires run down my collar. One of my garrison mates was able to get everything 100% contained in his lid, which I thought and still do that it's the ideal. I'd love to hear your ideas on how to improve vox as well, as ideally I could have a toggle that would allow me the following: * No augmentation * Speaker * FRS or similar so that anything I say can only be heard by others listening in * Cell phone Even if I had to have a chin toggle, e.g. I pushed a button or similar with my thumb to a switch in the helmet chin, that would be fine.
  3. Well, we've had calls out for CRL edits for over a year and for most of my term I was doing monthly updates. If you have specific language you want to see, you are always free to submit it as: What is currently says: What it should say: Also, as you are probably already aware the CRLs - not just ours but any in the 501st - aren't meant to capture every possible variation or wardrobe issue, but the canonical character. Hence why Mr. No Stripes is not in the CRL, etc.
  4. Nice! I got one of the first - glad to see they are still going strong
  5. Nice! In the copy written my moi for the 501st trading car for the SE-14, I mentioned that it was primarily used by officers or in situations where you'd need more stopping power with a large humanoid (think Wookie), something analogous to the background of the .45 1911. Range more limited than an E-11, but more power where you need it. Will be interesting to see how they use it in the film. At any rate, it's validating to see it in a film after so many years of us using it in our branding on FISD as our unofficial mascot.
  6. He also made the one and only FISD tri-fold brochure entirely on his own time and dime so they'd be ready for Celebration (I still have a few). He worked on Albin's TE2 armor (I think he did most of it) and built a fantastic E-11 conversion. He was a maker and someone who put a lot of time in energy in helping others. You can search for his post history and this will be born out. It's tragic that he did not have access to the care that would have helped him overcome his demons. Truly sad to know, but hopefully his memory will live on as a huge supporter of our detachment and community.
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. Great work so far! You know seeing all those magnets, I wonder if at some point we'll see people using those instead of snap plates to do connections between such things as shoulder bells, etc.?
  8. ATA is excellent for replacement parts. They should be very similar.
  9. Major plot spoilers: 1. We will all watch it. 2. Most of us will enjoy it and watch it again. 3. There will be a few parts some people may not like, and they will wingh about it forever 4. Star Wars will live on, and the Legion will keep going, 'cause it's just that cool.
  10. Word - always great to see a new FOTK!
  11. Wow, these are incredibly cool. You should be especially proud - I don't think anyone has done what you have. Ever.
  12. That's what I'm saying - unless you can get a replacement with a perfect or close match in color, the last resort is to paint the full suit. TBH I've never seen a kit have mix/match colors - usually they all come out the same.
  13. Hmmm...paint as a last option? Which was normal on HIPS armor (e.g. TE2) but rare nowadays. This is always a danger when you mix/match or need to get replacement parts. I'm unsure why they would have a different color unless he is constantly chasing lowest price from suppliers using reground material. I know ATA uses only new plastic and has a very specific color he gets from his supplier, though I know not all do this.
  14. Thanks for posting these up. It's funny how much you don't notice when you're just enjoying the film.
  15. Welcome to FISD. While being able to sit easily is great - there is nothing like hanging in white armor with your mates
  16. Yes! This is a great day for our garrison!
  17. That's incredible! My first troop when the "whole garrison" came out it was like 15 people. Great you had a great time
  18. I think the answer of which det goes to will be interesting. If it's just an FOTK on a vehicle, it's still just an FOTK. There has to be some material difference between the CRL we have and that character to even warrant a new CRL, let alone a variation of one.
  19. Keep going - you're off to a good start
  20. Man, I'd be all over seeing a run of these, even if they are made to order.
  21. Welcome - great to see another troop from the PNW!
  22. I used to always troop in nomex unless it was a special troop, then I'd break out the rubber ones. In the end if are OK with rubber gloves/latex hand plates - go for it! But on the flip don't feel guilty if you are doing the nomex.
  23. IMHO this should be pinned and put as a TIP. Excellent info
  24. Well, as you know the reason SpecOps existed is because there was no FISD at the time, so they needed something for EU TK's. Had FISD been created earlier in the Legion's history, then BlackOps, etc. & Magma would be in FISD as they are just TKs with paint, and SpecOps would continue to have any non-base TKs. At this point though the BlackOps trooper being the first ever costume in SpecOps and the core it was built around, I just can't see this getting changed anytime soon. The RP is another example of a custom that would never have been created in any other year, and should die.
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