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  1. Looking good! Great to see there is still life in FX
  2. Would you mind if we put this in a HOWTO or TIP? It's amazing and should be memorialized.
  3. Or Toddo. I think he is the current record holder at 34 distinct costumes, including a TD, 6 TXs, and 7 TKs. IIRC he is the record holder for most EI awards at 7. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14008
  4. Sorry these are taking so long to process. I'm working through the changes as soon as I can. When you guys are happy with updated language, please do post to the June CRL Updates thread so I can keep it all in one place.
  5. If you are making these for personal use, I don't really see an issue. It's not like you haven't already gotten a pair and are just using it for yourself. If you intend to sell them openly, then it's *likely* not a good thing depending on whose you use. For instance using FX or CAP as a base is not a problem as those people aren't making them anymore.
  6. Just remember that awards does not mean you have to troop that way. For instance you can have rubber gloves/latex hand guards for your EI/Centurion and troops were you want ultimate accuracy, but then troop with nomex gloves and plastic hand guards the other 90% of the time for comfort. Once you get a EI/Centurion award, how you troop is 100% up to you.
  7. FYI, I'll be updating the CRL language to have these changes at L3 first. As we refine them and standard the part we can push them to L2 and then L1 as needed. Sound OK? We could really use some good pix that everyone agrees to are the 'best' for the CRL.
  8. April's is here: What is on the table: TKC, ICN, * Clarify overlap on thighs/biceps for construction like we do with other kits TFA * change chest to: "The chestplate is fixed to the backplate-part of the yokepiece under the arm. The chestplate overlaps the backplate." ICN * Update bicep detail to include updated paint detail from April thread ANH TK L2 -> butt plate snaps shall not be painted, ab: lower snaps not painted, upper right ab snap not painted ROTJ [DONE!] Restore missing back plate Overlap construction is no longer mentioned and neither is the sniper knee rivets R1 Update holster language to allow non-leather per thread and also specify silver tip
  9. For this, I can update the text but if there is a good CRL model out there (Centurion), who is willing to supply photos, we can update the CRL. Recall at the time it was our only ICN and not all are L3 at the time. Heck, we didn't even have L3 at the time.
  10. The TFA CRL clearly shows a heel, though it's not overly pronounced. http://databank.501st.com/databank/File:TK_phasma_boots.png So I think what we are trying to say is a small heel is fine, just not something that is overly big. We're open to other wording. As for TLJ, have we seen if the boots are the same as TFA or are they black FOTK? It would be great to get an answer on this.
  11. HI Sebastian, Yes, you can call it anything that you want. The only requirements from a branding standpoint is that you don't use any 501st of FISD branding. Otherwise what you call it it entirely up to you. Hope this helps, Paul
  12. Well, April has gone to June. One update I can provide is that the FN-2187 CRL is nearly done. The only hold-up is getting better photos than what were provided. The CRL model to be and the LMOs are on it - hope to have it this week but it's looking like it will be next week as they want it to be perfect before launching.
  13. This is not a cheap hobby. $700 is about as low cost as you can get and that's if you do everything yourself, e.g. make your own soft parts. Most people spend about $1300 for an original trilogy TK, and First Order TK's are over $2500 when it's all said and done. Alas, this is not a cheap hobby. Also as noted, cheap = low quality and low accuracy. Cheap, quality, accuracy. You can get 2 out of 3 at best.
  14. I think it's fantastic. I'm old (in the Legion) enough to remember trooping in out of the box FX armor and thinking we looked *great*. The first clone troopers were Glover armor and also where fantastic to see in person when they came out. Us early ARC troopers were very popular. Of course, as better references and better kit came out, those old suits look horrible now, but they were state of the art at the time. The fact that someone has something this good this early is pretty darn incredible and I'm thrilled to see it.
  15. Emphasis = mine Thanks Evan - this has always been a keystone of FISD's success. If you look back at our history, many of the original staff had never ever been on any staff positions before in the Legion. Many former FISD staff have moved on to other leadership roles Legion-wide: squad leaders, GCO's, DLs, LMOs, etc. Part of having a healthy team is to continually refresh it with new members, else it's too easy to get caught in a rut, lose their creativity, or worse stifle innovation. On the other hand, turning over staff too quickly can lead to chaos as there is no continuity and much time is lost as a new team goes through the forming -> storming phases before they even norm or perform. Personally I'd like to see term limits for all CO roles in the Legion, e.g. no more than 2 consecutive terms requiring a minimum of a 2 year break. This would people never get too entrenched in high level roles, but also allow a path for continuity for those who have support to run for multiple terms. While I'm pretty happy with how FISD has grown in 12 years, it's also a point of pride that everyone on the command team is learning how to be a DL, and all but the newest staff now have the experience and skill to be a GCO, SL, or DL easily.
  16. This is awesome - thanks! Kudos to Asia for leading the way
  17. I can't wait to see screen caps. If it's a shiny TK with a pack for sure it can be here on FISD. I'm curious if it's the exact same R1 armor or if there are any differences.
  18. Now I know what to ask for my birthday. Man, these are sweet! What I love best is in addition to the detail is not being afraid to drop it.
  19. I prefer a 2 piece undersuit as I can use the parts for different things. I use the bottoms esp. for hiking/camping in cold weather, or under my ski gear. The top has a neckseal sewn directly in, else I'd use that for out door stuff too.
  20. Nope, I'm behind. My CRL under-study had a case of real life coming in. I'll see if I can squeeze this in today.
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