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  1. Correct. If you've been watching the program from the start, those L3/L2 requirements actually do get the makers to change their kits. FX and RT changed their kits to make them easier to go Expert Infantry out of the box, e.g. replacing large black ab plate buttons, splitting the butt/back plate, offering raised bumps on the ears, etc. That is part of the advantage of an L3 program - armor vendors can see changes that aren't required but optional, and they can take that feedback and improve their kits. In the meantime, regular members can get in with as-is kits. The 501st base requirements today exceed the EI requirements when I get in, and in fact many of the original L3 requirements are now L2 or even L1 as makers have tweaked their molds over the years.
  2. Thanks - not sure how that happened. Fixed. All changes updated on first post.
  3. 1. Fixed - we can adjust if anyone tries to get in with modified AM armor. 2. Not sure this is worth mentioning? You can do an OT TK using Velcro in the backs too. 3. We did, but I need the exact text you want used. This is the same deal with the baton. Please propose exact text.
  4. 1. No, how could you tell? 2. Sorry - fixed. 3. Fixed.
  5. Yeah, it's been discussed. To get the CRL though, someone has to be willing to do the costume and submit it to the LMOs. Basically it's an unpainted TKC/ICN. You could be the first, Mike
  6. First posted updated - note the change to the shoulder straps.
  7. FWIW, that change was made last weekend. You can now cut off the back of the shoulder straps if you want. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Template:CRL-tk-anh-shoulderstraps
  8. He also makes clone boots among other things. Turn-around time was slow, but I am not aware of him not delivering.
  9. You did, but it's early morning and as you know there has been some...distractions of late. It's *highly likely* I missed something trying to go through it all in the wee hours of the morning on my first cup of joe. So, my ask is that if there is something I missed, a kindly reminder is appreciated
  10. I think I got most of the Rogue One ones done. For any other R1 changes, please post at the bottom of this thread: This way at least all R1 stuff is in one place. Yes, some items weren't done, but that is because I wasn't clear on what the "should be" text should be.
  11. Hey guys - I think I got most of the updates in. Please check out the CRL here https://origin-wiki.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_rogue_one and let me know. For changes you desire, the fastest way to get action is to post your request like this: Item Current Text: Should be Text: If you just want to ask questions & discuss, that's fine too.
  12. This is awesome! Man, I wish I had done that in my younger days. Great job
  13. You also look vaguely familiar ;-) http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero If you guys weren't aware, Gareth did such an outstanding job that we asked him to be the new CRL model. Well done Gareth!
  14. Guys - take one last look at the thighs and lmk if the rivet comment is correct. Seems it bounced around a bit, and I really want to move on to R1...
  15. Fixed! Hope it won't screw up short (5'0") or tall (6'4") troopers though?
  16. Fixed. Good idea. Also, congrats on a ten ton post count. That's rarefied air there. More people have climbed Mt. Everest, if you think about it. congats
  17. Well, we leave this a little ambiguous on L1 as people could use Velcro. Heck, even in L3 they could use Velcro instead of glue as long as it works, right? What I would like to change is that they don’t have to be painted white. They can be white latex too, like Joseph makes, and be OK. We can also say in L3 that they must be affixed without visible strapping or stitching. What do you think?
  18. We really can't do that. We can describe it in words, and if you want a photo we need to have it correctly photoshopped and then i can add it in. So...both? Either way I must have the right text, and then just shoot me the image.
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