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  1. Thanks Andrew - that is what I feared as it almost looks like it's been absorbed in to the plastic.
  2. I will sticky good replies as even for me the search doesn't always work, and the TIPS and HOWTO area hasn't been updated in ages. I have brown stains on my belt and am trying to figure out the best way to get them off. Seems almost like makeup or something. Maybe novus, but would a magic eraser also work?
  3. But if you are talking how many total FISD coins, I think I have quite a lot. Dozens...
  4. I have most of these, but not all. I'll have to check my bin this weekend and see, as most are stored away.
  5. Wow - glad to see this thread still chugging! As noted it's a great way to get to know each other
  6. Man, I wish I had known about Lexan scissors back in the day. Super awesome!
  7. Way to go @Sly11 - glad to see you in the big chair.
  8. All things considered it's pretty good. 418 TFA/TLJ costumes approved considering A, How expensive the kits are compared to OT B. How hard these kits are to put together compared to OT - it's many times harder C. How hard to find these kits are compared to OT The fact that it's the #2 TK type is really impressive.
  9. Well, didn't notice that at the time...
  10. After watching this video on what was supposedly the original storyline for ROS, TBH I think it would have made a better movie. What do you guys think?
  11. And, here it is. I'm the black pauldron wearing TD playing tight end on the right. We ended up playing 4 downs or so before we were called back. Wish someone had a video...
  12. Now the fun begins - build threads are always fun to read
  13. LOL yeah, I need to move it. But you have to admit it's been some fun feedback.
  14. And, here it is. I'm the black pauldron wearing TD playing tight end on the right. We ended up playing 4 downs or so before we were called back. Wish someone had a video...
  15. Thanks, or I can run a poll just as easily TBH. I think I'll wait until after elections though - don't want to muddy any waters.
  16. If it fits properly, you should be very mobile. I have an old photo if I can find it of us TKs playing a down of football against the TBs at the Rose Parade in 2007.
  17. I don't have the latest data, but it used to be that the time to create an FO suit from trimming->done is over 100 hours, vs. much less for an OT TK. @Sly11 & @Dark CMF, sounds like this would be a great poll to run soon? Usually once a year we have a "what armor are you wearing" poll to track this over time, I think a 'how much time did you spend building your suit' sounds good too. TBH, maybe making it a Google Form would be much easier.
  18. The #1 reason I created this place was because I was tired of people in and out of the Legion give me a lot of bad advice that was advantageous to their or their friend's pocket book, and not my best interest. There is a reason why the "where to buy" threads are so well read, and that we (FISD) was the pioneer in publishing that data. Stay on it and you won't go bad. Not saying there aren't other good makers out there, but they may or may not make our quality bar and it's at buyer beware. At the least, you should know the lineage of what you are buying.
  19. For sure - this looks promising so interested to see how it turns out.
  20. It really comes down to person's individual costume. IMHO, it's like snowtroopers that way - some people look awesome & others not so much. For sure some one will do this and we'll have a different CRL. As for various armor types, even in a modern military there can be an overlap of equipment that is fielded. Not sure how it is now, but in my era for instance we had just regular BDUs and M16A1s, while the regular army folks had summer weights & M16A2s. My first unit still had jeeps for years before humvees trickled down. It's very conceivable in a huge empire like this that older, functional armor would still be around, especially in the outer rim. Just because new armor gets fielded doesn't mean that everyone has the cash to upgrade immediately. Heck, look at the USAF - the B2 didn't exactly replace the B52 now, did it? Yup, they are flying airplanes older than 85% of the US population.
  21. As many have said, it just depends on the garrison. Like others, mine is that for formal events it's canon only, but for others you can break out the fun. Cons are an excellent example where people just go nuts at times. As for those book references, if you ever want them to be official you'd have to create the costume and help get the CRL done. It's certainly possible and we have several that are from games, etc. (e.g. Battlefront). In the end though, if it's just various add-ons but the armor is the same, that you'll likely find is that there is a single base URL with "options" for various looks.
  22. Damn - beat me to it! Truth - can't wait to see it Reece - lead the way!!!!
  23. As Andrew points out there can be some back and forth between the prop makers we rely on and our standards. There is no point in making a standard that it impossible or extremely hard to achieve without a lot of money or custom work. On the other hand, the prop makers have certainly responded to the increase in our CRL and EI requirements over time. They do not ship plastic belts, oversized black ab-plate buttons, and single piece back plates like they used to because we no longer allowed them at L1 CRL. So Andrew is correct that the positive path is to push the state of the art forward in concert with the suppliers as best they can be met.
  24. I think for reference, but man that was one awful movie. Not sure how it could be saved. Then too, I to think TROS would benefit from additional footage...
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