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  1. You are correct to post this. The reality is that it you may indeed need to file a dispute if they are unresponsive. For certain it's best that no one place any new orders at this time until there is resolution to the satisfaction of current members. If you were thinking of getting a hyperfirm, I'd suggest talking to the guys behind Praetorian blasters instead. They are still in business and make an excellent product (disclosure, I have one myself and it's my go-to trooping weapon).
  2. It can be unclear how much can be said, but I can say for certain that ANOVOS is getting grief from Disney. There are a lot of rumors floating around as to what that explicitly means, but for certain the mouse is not happy.
  3. Chris is correct. Also, no worries about your English - it reads just fine. Everyone has a typo now and then. As noted, you can use these on items for personal use, and are usually used for things like forum signatures. If you do make an item for yourself such as a coffee mug, shirt, etc. those are usually OK as long as you don't make them for others or offer them for sale. If you want to make a batch of an item, then the best way is to fill out a merchandise request form for approval. Bespoke items like coffee mugs and shirts are usually produced cheaper locally than by doing runs.
  4. I’m going off of memory, but aside from the helmet the breakdown is really like this: 1. Replace the plastic belt with a fabric one. 2. Affix the holster via rivets vs. using the loops. 3. Cut the cod off the back 4. Remove the silver tape from the TD and mount it using banker clips (or similar) 5. Replace the ab plate buttons So, about $50 or so and a few hours of your time.
  5. Well, you need a helmet to get approved. Actually you can make an FX kit to 501st acceptance for about $50 and a few hours of work. I even wrote an article once on how to get it to EI, but it may be out of date.
  6. True. I was at the library yesterday and it's amazing what people will get in a book. Remember we are aiming for canonical characters. For example sometimes they'll take an action figure and just paint it via laziness to simplify manufacturing.
  7. The bulk updates are done annually, in February, just before elections.
  8. You can thank @gmrhodes13 for that, as he was the one who put in a huge amount of time & research needed to get the TKC CRL updated to where they are now.
  9. I paid $1200 or so for an FX kit I got on Ebay from costumejunkie which included an assembled helmet. Oh wait, that was 2005! Sorry, couldn't resist a trip down memory lane. It's amazing how much better yet less expensive we have it these days than in the past.
  10. You guys look fantastic! Excellent troop and congrats
  11. That would be great! Esp. as I'm sure the LMOs will be asking about that part. Posting the links here is great as they can see this thread directly too. I've submitted the text to the LMOs and let's see what they come back with. Any other tweaks you think should be done (I keep the first post updated for easy tracking).
  12. FYI, I've sent the first post text, plus the images that we got via PM, to the LMOs for processing.
  13. Hey Brandi - just so you know I'm not forgetting or ignoring these. OK, well ignoring for a bit but I'm adding in the bits to the first post and also sending text out to the LMOs, as right now I think we have enough photos for an initial CRL. Like all CRLs, they are not static and will likely evolve over time as better images and also more accurate armor, etc. becomes available.
  14. Do you know, it's the only one we really have, and is used by ROTJ as well. If I can get a clean one to replace, I will for the lot of them that need it.
  15. OK, all the changes should be live. Please review and lmk if there is anything I missed and still needs to be corrected. Once this is complete I'll work on the ROTJ if it's ready. BTW, how Glen organized the changes made it very fast to do these, e.g. for a given section just include adds, removes, changes.
  16. Nice job - the weather looked perfect for this type of troop.
  17. I wonder who it went to. Gus Lopez is a local collector in our area that likes to get screen used items, but he's more OT than NT or NNT.
  18. It can with the right people. TBH it's just like the military, or other volunteer organizations. There are some friends I've made for life via struggles in the trenches. There are also other people I've trooped with that I prefer never to ever meet again. No matter what just like any organization there are cliques and there can be drama. You enjoyment and comradery will depend on how well you can insulate yourself from those areas and focus on having fun with people who are positive.
  19. Heya Ashton - I'll be your GML to approve your costume. Do create a build thread as you go along here so we can provide feedback earlier in the process. It will make your approval a breeze. As you can see, you're in good hands in FISD
  20. TBH, I think a cobbler can add that stitching on the inside if they don't come with them easily enough. Yeah, it's a little bit of an extra cost, but hey boots used to run $120 for a good pair of MC's back in the day, so for $61 and a bit out of pocket for stitching if needed, they seem like a work-able solution. If you GML is the flexible sort, they may even spot approve with the note that you get the stitching done in 30 days or something like that.
  21. Some really tall folks also cut the ab plate behind the belt and put in a spacer. From the side shot it looks like you may be trying to fit it too tight to your back too. I put foam behind my back and in the but plate to make it align better for instance. The back should look more straight not hug your body in a big curve when seen from the side.
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