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  1. POST 55 Book shoot, at least 2 of these were used as the basis for FISD merch. 1. 2. 3.
  2. Man, this is coming along nicely. As Romain said above, take your time. No one will remember how fast you did it, but everyone will know how it looks in the end.
  3. I can't wait to see this complete, it will be killer. Haven't seen one in person yet and it's a totally boss TK version.
  4. Well, it could have been the akamai issue... https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/22/several-major-websites-go-down-in-widespread-internet-outage.html
  5. I met Dana, one of the founders, at Celebration in Los Angeles in 2015. Seemed a nice enough guy and they understood how to make accurate props and market them. What they didn't understand was manufacturing, and that is where all their problems came in. It's one thing to make a prototype that is perfect, but can you make a lot of them, and do so without losing money? Even in the fan community, there are very few people who make money, and only a select few who make enough for it to be a full time gig. And since they have so much of that market already covered there's not much left. Then too Disney wants their license fees, and everything has to be made to their specification. Want to change the number of rivets on the TK belt to make it more accurate? Sorry, no can do unless The Mouse approves the design change. I'm disappointed, but not surprised honestly. Again, good blokes but making a business out of replicas simply required more business savvy on the production side than they had.
  6. Man, what a great build thread. You do some excellent work here.
  7. Coming along nicely
  8. The only downside of a helmet bag is...maybe...once in a while...forgetting your helmet at home as you rush out the door. Not that it ever happened to me...more than once!
  9. A good reminder I need to get my space pack operational again...
  10. @Sly11, this is my official recommendation of what Glen did
  11. This would be a great update for a 15th patch. It's similar to the 5th Anniv.
  12. Man, how time flies. Seems only yesterday we launched.
  13. Actually the original page had a filter were you could toggle to only see Centurions. IOW, same page, different filter.
  14. He used to be a reseller of AM armor. That is the last info I had from a few years ago.
  15. Q1: Correct! However due to the way the EI history page is set up though, Scott M. was the first person to be shown in the list, and in some ways really was the first EIB in that regard. You are otherwise correct Q2: Incorrect! Only the detachment founder get the Falcon as the background. Staff has the bridge of the super star destroyer. Q3: Correct! The last person though was Joey, TK MD from Bolivia IIRC. Q4: Correct! Q5: Correct! Q6: That statement is correct - the goal ever is to get more people to get EI, not Centurion, so we wanted to keep the incentives heavy for EI. People seem to go Centurion on their own. Q7: Correct! Q8: Correct! Q9: Incorrect! The reason is that the person who did the first EI coin run (tk533) made extras on the side, and was caught selling them at a nice profit on eBay. He was banned from FISD and the Legion, and we started numbering them after that to ensure it was impossible for that to happen again. Q11: Correct! Bonus! What was the first piece of FISD merchandise ever made, and who did the run? Glen, you really do win the prize for best work
  16. At least historically we've never prevented people from submitting artwork. Our first webmaster and graphics guy was V'Pier, who never owned a TK. We had another DWM who also was not a 501st TK. Not sure what reason we'd give for only allowing 501st folk/TK to submit designs....
  17. That's absolutely amazing! I think you should be featured not only in the next FISD newsletter, but also the 501st newsletter. @Sly11 @gmrhodes13
  18. Yeah, usually they replace silver with gold and 100% for sure need to be able to support numbering.
  19. Eric, as you know the EI coin is always a variant of whatever we have going on. So is it possible to see an EI version of this?
  20. True. Wish it was retroactive so we can see the end of the RP...
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